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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Ding Dong the Witch is Dead 07 31 2013

Ding Dong the Witch is Dead 07 31 2013

That is indeed popularized and a taught to children belief isn't it?

This country needs a free newspaper Obituary that tells how everyone died, the exact cause!

And if that person raped your son or daughter then by all means you should be allowed to add it to the commentary on the bottom of the Obituary!  And when more information is made available in time it should be added to that official record of death.

Why sugar coat the Obituary of a person that should have never been born in your opinion?

Why let the record of their "great deeds" not be balanced by the evil they have done?  (As in Irish High Crosses mentioned in a previous article of mine!)

We would clean this country up faster if there were such a database/obituary newspaper.  A!  It should indeed be a part of our Democracy and open information because of the Freedom of Information Act!

"This awful person tried to push drugs on me!" etc etc etc!!!

It sounds immature doesn't it?  But honestly tell me if you don't like the sound of "Ding Dong the Witch is Dead" song,  part of the Wizard of Oz movie "don't yah know."

It is hiding family shame to do otherwise isn't it?  And it is rich family shame isn't it, that is being hidden!!!  And to be honest, wouldn't you like to look back in your own family history to know and easily find the exact causes of death?  Sure you would, you would like that going back five or more generations.  Why?  It might help you live a much healthier life!  That is if indeed you are an educated and responsible person with regard to your own health.  If not what are you doing living in my neighborhood, waiting to get the next plague so you say it really isn't and then cough all over me?

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And don't we have the right to say, "No! No! I am his son and this is how I saw that it happened and how I tried to prevent it.  And this is the opposition that I faced in doing so!"

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