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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Cost of Ridiculousness 07 03 2013 Update # 2

Cost of Ridiculousness 07 03 2013

I go into a national discount store looking for waterproof containers that will hold a cell phone.   I find one and it cost $20!!! $20 for a plastic container that has as much plastic in it as a two liter bottle of soda that costs less than 50 Lincoln Cents!!!!

What are we paying for?  Chinese Magog Engineering??  Anyone can design a box with hinges, a channel seal, and levered locks.  That is all that is too it!  A few seams of reinforced plastic ridges for strength in the casting and that is it!!!!

So that would be a business?  You take two soda bottles to a machine you pay for the electricity for the machine to convert them into a plastic box.  The seal ring and the lever locks and the hinge pins come out the Chute in a plastic bag!

That is what you do with that mountain of plastic soda bottles!  That is what you do with that Island Ocean of plastic soda bottles.

When I was a boy I went to a Zoo and it had a vending machine that poured hot plastic into molds and out came a dolphin or whatever it was.

We also need machines like this that can turn aluminum cans into aluminum hats.  The aluminum hat protecting our coveted human brains from the ultraviolet radiation from the hole in the Ozone created by the Magog????

A machine that turned those aluminum cans into padlocks to protect ourselves and our possessions from the light in the head Magog?

A machine that made it into fishing lures?

A believe an electric arc furnace that is powered by a Solar Array and backup battery is the wave of the future.  There should be an automated way that a new type of machine can cast three dimensional products from a user computer programed design.

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Theoretically if you had a needle dropper that deposited molten metal via a computer controlled actuated arm you could create a three dimensional metal caster.  The device might include magnetic force to hold parts in place or molten wall technology whereby if a plane surface is to be created as part of a structure the molten metal is deposited on the plane cooled and the structure is then three dimensionally reorientated so that other planes or surface features are created by the deposition needle.  In theory that could do it. Another way this could be accomplished is that the metal is deposited on the surface of a cooled liquid and when it comes to the deposition "String" continuing the layer orientation is dipped under the cooling surface; while the "Stringing of the structure continues.  In theory structure of metal could be created where by the string of molten metal is used to build the framework of the structure first; much like how one constructs two by fours to frame a house.  In theory complex structures could be created in this manner in one step!  Exoskeletons, etc.  A car frame, a plane, a space ship that transcends time and space?

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