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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

What Makes a Good Father Questionnaire 07 09 2013

What Makes a Good Father Questionnaire 07 09 2013  Questionnaire for Magog’s of all Ages 07 09 2013
1.       What would you consider to be the ideal qualities of a good father?  In other words if you got to choose what your preferred father could be like, what would those characteristics be.
2.       For women who answered, how do you compare and contrast this to how you decided to marry the man that you did?
3.       A. What do you consider to be strengths of a man?
B. What do you consider to be weakness in a man?  And how are they relevant to your sense of self and your assertion of personal rights?
The Republican concept that a woman should not be allowed to abort a child even if she is raped brings forth many interesting aberrations or outrages of “human(?)”  thought.  For example I could write a short story based on this:  One wonders if there will ever be a movement by straight women to prevent gay’s from marrying each other because she covets having sex with a man who has a large penis and the only ones left are gay?  It kind of fits in with that same Magog type of belief system doesn’t it.  Kind of rubs the nose of the beast in it doesn’t it?

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