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Monday, July 8, 2013


Freeing the Black Man 07 08 2013
There has been a lot of talk about freeing those guilty of non violent crime in Milwaukee so I thought I would weigh in on it in a broad scale.
Here is how you FREE the black man imprisoned and innocent of violent crime.
You give him a battle axe with a tracking device in it (so that he will have to turn it in when he is done with it)  And you send him out to destroy every can and bottle of alcohol in the United States with it.
He has been deputized to do that.  And indeed obstructing him from doing so would be an obstruction of justice.  And also getting in his way would be the same as encouraging people to enter a building that has been rigged by dynamite and is ready to be demolished.
Then after that you give him a scythe and send him out to every marijuana and poppy field in the world.  And in this case he has reached the level that he can kill those who interfere with his efforts with his scythe.  You can also send him after every person in the drug chain.
It is Unconstitutional to sell a person an addictive substance because it deprives them of Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.  For the following reasons. 
1.       Life?  You have deprived them from living their own life by giving them an addictive form of escapism from it.  Not only that the addictive substance will kill them earlier than if he had not used it as he escapes from adult responsibilities slowly into death.  It also deprives him of the principal of continuation of life as his children are born metabolically compromised from the substance abuse.
2.       Liberty?  By the nature of the definition of the words (Seem’s odd that it would seem to be a new concept doesn’t it? Because we have been inundated and overpowered with Magog legalese?) when you give or sell a person an addictive substance they are not at the LIBERTY to stop taking it because that is how addiction is defined!  So you have unequivocally deprived them of their Constitutional right to Liberty!!!!  Can the willful disregard for the Constitution of the United States be considered an act or War?  Not only can it, but it should be!
3.       The Pursuit of Happiness?  Because you have given that person an alternate form of happiness you have indeed compromised their Constitutional right of “The Pursuit of Happiness” in an unequivocal way!  You have substituted a substance they pay you money for and also their life’s future for as a form of happiness.  You have sold yourself as being a dark father to them haven’t you?  In place of the beliefs of the Good Shepherd fathers of the United States who believed that you do not deprive someone of their Pursuit of Happiness.  They believed it so much they wrote it into the law of the land; The United States Constitution!!!!

At this future time if there are still “Authoritative individuals” advocating the legalization of narcotic class drugs you can send him after them in order to have a debate with them on the benefits of clean living.
After that he is entitled to land to become an organic farmer.  He can grow healthy food on former tobacco and grain for alcohol fields.  A new form of land grant if you will.  And he will be the most proud member of the world their ever was for doing so.  (How much corn is used in the production of alcohol of various sorts designed for human consumption and how did this crop benefit from Government aid to farmers?)
But the real question becomes, can someone freed from a prison sentence for committing a crime be a reformed and productive member of society who will as Jesus Commanded “Go forth and sin no more?”
You have to eliminate that which would influence a man not to be a man or that which compromises a man from being a man in order to give a person like this a chance!  And this is not something to be subjectively determined by one who isn’t.
And I know all too well that there is a race of women in the United States that likes to demonically possess men in order to steal their souls and defeat them, that is another issue or item to consider topically in this article but not today.
And sure you can add the white boys not guilty of violent crime into this anti-satan force if you want to.  You are not going to have to worry about foreign enemies and attacks on our Homeland if you do this if very well indeed you explain to the world what is going to happen and why it is going to happen!  After that the United States wields a force of integrity that cannot stop the world domination of the FREE man!
Copyright 2013 Thomas Paul Murphy
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Yesterday I read how steal roofing was environmentally friendly.  I once talked to a man who was the President of a national environmental group concerned with water.  And he told me that some runoff was tar based.  As you look at the brown lakes and rivers can you not say that asphalt “Tar” shingles should be banned??  What happens to them after you put them on your house?  They are slowing destroyed by a process of bleaching away their bond by the sun and then the tar leaching into the groundwater via rainfall.  The better way would be metal roofing.  It would also bring back the steel industry in the United States!  I don’t know what to do about roads.  How about metal roads?  Or tracks of metal that a car’s tires ride upon?  They would indeed be a lot smoother and therefore less car wear?  Interesting concept to visualize and imagine logical implementations of.

Like melting scrap metal in order to make a LIBERTY BELL?  I can feel it already someone is going to make a good short story out of this idea and it won't be me and nor will I be given credit for it.

The truest and most horrific form of racism by the Magog is not based on color it is based upon someone being a human being. All other overt forms of racism hide the racism by the Magog and the nature of how their victims are stigmatized by them.

Wait a minute some women in the United States practice the religion of voodoo!  And some Catholic Nuns, some nuns are black, practice speaking in tongues.  I take it all back the black man can not be freed because of this practice and the not owning up to it! Taluood Jewish women of a fertility occult do this to, so black men will not be freed.  Sorry!!!

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