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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Catholicism and Mexico 07 03 2013

Catholicism and Mexico 07 03 2013

Catholicism spread to South America and Mexico by Missionaries.

89 percent of Mexicans identify themselves as Catholic.  That makes Mexico a country that is and has been dominated by Catholicism!

And where are all the illegal immigrants coming to the United States from? MEXICO!

What am I getting at?  Eighty Nine percent of Mexicans are Catholic and the country is corrupt!

You would think that with that great a percentage being Catholic that the country would be one of the best places to live!  Quite to the contrary they flee that country at every chance they can get!

 And it is indeed the Catholic Church that has wielded great influence in the United States in putting Republicans (Dare I say Magog's) in office!!!!  How by promoting policies such as alcohol use and irresponsible pro-life movement, and priest molestations of boys, and Roman drug mafia in the United States.

What is the belief in gay and lesbians?  It is a Magog belief of the horrific Roman Empire.  What mother (or father), other than a Magog, would tell her son it is okay to sleep with another man on the battlefield.  Those are children of the Magog!

It looks to me that the Catholic Church is part of the organized witchcraft of a the occult Magog.

The Catholics in Mexico were taught to turn the other cheek to the drug ruling Magog class?  That has to be how it became dominated by corruption.  The indoctrination of the belief used to control other people of turning the other cheek.  Sure you can but you must also call for justice against those who commit horrific acts that are crime against humanity.  We don't turn the other cheek to Catholic Priests that molest boys!!!  And I would like to know of the Mexicans experience with the Catholic Church in Mexico!  Why many are leaving?  As if the corruption in the 89% Catholic Church isn't enough of  a reason.  That 89% is being tended by a bad shepherd class!!!!!  So religion is indeed the structure the bad shepherd class of Magog use to manipulate human beings for wealth?

89% of Mexicans are or were Catholic and it is a terrible place to live!!!!!!  Figure it out!

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