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Friday, July 5, 2013

And a Black Man this and a Black man that 07 05 2013

And a Black Man this and a Black man that 07 05 2013

I think of this as the Trevon Martin case is in the limelight.  Isn't it really the George Zimmerman Case?  It is very interesting because if George Zimmerman had done what he did to a white person there would not be all the hemming and hawing of whether he was guilty or not would there?  We would just compare a Mexican to a White. This case is trying to define the Mexican on par with the white with regard to the rights of black people in the public's eye?  And George Zimmerman is a Mexican who thinks he is a German American?  He looks mean to me.

Any citizen in the United States that was followed by Zimmerman and confronted by him in this instance...I wonder why Trevon Martin is dead!!!  The key witness here is Trevon Martin and he is dead isn't he!!  And what evidence to we have with regard to his death?  We have the man who killed him!!! George Zimmerman!!!  No-one has the right to stalk and harass you and accost you!!! Think of it this way.  You won't see any of this argument on the television.  What if Trevon Martin were really a white woman?  You would have none of this hearsay entering the case would you?

Both Florida and Texas were Bush States and they are rotten messes because of THAT!!!!!!

There used to be a time when you weren't even supposed to use the term "black" man.  Whose idea was that exactly???  That did nothing good for racism because it just hid the nature of it.  The racism was there but you were not aloud to speak about it or call it racism.  That person was no different.

The best thing for the black people is if you use the term black man and women.  Why?  Because when you do you are not hiding the issues of racism that black men and women face!!!!  You are talking about issues they face.  How are you supposed to talk about issues that they face and help them if you do not use a term that is the easiest way to define them?


"Where did all those people go?"
"What people?  We are all the same.  I don't think anyone is missing?"

And how can you fight for your rights if you don't define yourself as being different?  When you define yourself as being of a different skin color it still implies in my mind that you are equal.

Are there definitions whereby people define themselves to be Unequal in order to assert their rights?

I am of this religion and because of this religion I am not equal????  Read that line a few times!!!

But what if there is a difference that is not based on skin color?  If there is a difference not based on skin color where does it draw the line in defining oneself as not being equal in order to assert for more rights than the rest of us have????

How do we define equality?  There is either strength or intelligence with men?  And is the less intelligent man really equal!!!!!!  What if he is stronger?  The implication is that he is equal because he is strong and can use his muscles to help out someone in need~ like a fireman. But what of the strong man who is not as intelligent as the intelligent man that seeks to hold White Collar positions in our society?  And what of the man that looks like the intelligent man but is neither strong nor truly intelligent???  He is defined as not being truly intelligent because his wife would never trust him with his life?  ~ Because he does not have his own mind???  How does the man that is neither strong nor intelligent assert his equality!!!!!!

I do not view racism as a matter of color I view as a matter of Magog versus non Magog.  And the Non-Magog are the smallest minority in the country and the most subject to racism!!!

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