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Sunday, July 7, 2013

A Violation of Church and State 07 07 2013 Update #2

A Violation of Church and State!
Because the church committed crimes as if it was an omnipotent church/state government!  This should have ended with the fall of the Roman Empire!!!  Because it is organized crime it might qualify as racketeering?  The Church acted as if it could supersede the United States Constitution and Americans Rights!  The scope and nature of the crime might even make it an act of treason!!  It has been a vehicle for evil men to sexually torture human beings!!! 
To give some light on the nature of these criminals creation of a “Sangy Boy” is a gypsy type crime!
The crime was too widespread and covered up for this to even be called a religion; to the Contrary it is a front for Pagan Occult Witchcraft!  You better believe that every priest and the Pope know well indeed what I am writing about them is true!!!  The evidence against them is irrefutable and it condemns the Catholic Church as being a guised extension of the horror of the Roman Empire!!!
If it were a valid religion there would never have been one single incidence of this!
To be born into wealth or always knowing you will receive an inheritance creates the type of person that willfully abuses the rights of other people~ they consider themselves a church/state or dictator from the time they speak their first words.  The belief being that other people are here in this world for them to abuse.
The first amendment to the Constitution states, “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof ...." and “"no religious Test shall ever be required as a Qualification to any Office or public Trust under the United States."  This is Thomas Jefferson one of the Greatest founders of the United States way of saying no religious test is needed because religion is not valid.  And he is being very rhetorically with “Congress shall make no law respecting establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof!”  Thomas Jefferson is saying that a man of religion is no more qualified than one that isn’t.  Thomas Jefferson is not adding anything to the side of the man of religion that makes him of greater weight than the one that isn’t!  The implication being that there is no validity to it!  Thomas Jefferson was basing his opinion on the validity of his personal experience!!!  What is a religious test?  Can it really be said to be a member of a religion paying a religious authority to render a positive opinion of them?  Religions being groups that collect money and therefore need charitable status.
Thomas Jefferson knew all too well that Government’s could very easily become constructs or facades of horror to the people!  Both he and Benjamin Franklin likened leaving England as the equivalent of the Jews escaping the enslavement of Egypt!  To you get it?  Governments and leaders and as is relevant here, religions can seem very legitimate on the surface when indeed just the opposite is true!
The Pro Life belief is indeed a belief that is put forth by the Catholic Religion?  They were the main proponents of the idea?  Therefore Congress shall make no law that respects the BELIEF of the Catholic Church!”
For the Government not to step in with regard to the first amendment would mean rules (defacto operational laws) the church granted itself- the right to sexually molest would supersede our constitutional rights.  An Operational law being defined by the way an organization routinely handles a matter of procedure!  (This has profound implications with regard to the corporate structure too!)
This is also how Prohibition was defeated; the church granted itself to be free from witness and testimony to the crime by granted Confessions to priest by criminals exclusion!  The criminal confesses to the priest and what are we learning with regard to information with regard to crimes that becomes knowledge by the church?  They work together or collude to make it go away!  So when criminals confessed in confessionals what really happened?  The Church received money from them and worked behind the scenes to eliminate the evidence?  You can’t tell me it didn’t happen!  You can’t tell me that the church wasn’t a party to crime!  I am not that naive!
We need to make the sexual molestation of child by adults or under the authority of adults who look the other way when it happens a crime punishable by execution!!!!  I mean either you care that it happened and you want it never to happen to anyone ever again or you are part of the problem!  Those who object to the punishment of this type of criminal could not be considered anything but criminal themselves.  It would be of great benefit to society if we could develop a questionnaire that could weed out the beliefs of people who condoned the sexual molestation of children!  Such people we might even label with a mental defect?You know what I mean?  They answer the question a certain way not believing the implications of their answer are known?  The evil mind is one that layers itself in a quick alibi without the ability to think about the consequences of such actions and that makes it easy to discern.  Do you know what I mean?  They have absolutely no foresight because they believe themselves to know everything already.  A person might have a sixth grade equivalent education and believe that no one will be able to discern their culpability; in fact that is quite common!  What bothers me is that it makes its way through our judicial system and past the oversight of federal judges!!!  What does that tell us?  That the problem is far more entrenched than we ever realized!  The belief that a few well crafted lines of text or a well spoken sentence are all that is needed to address or dismiss the concern and inquiry of public understanding?  Some of us can read a lot better than that and don’t like what we see!
Thomas Jefferson wrote that first amendment with the implication the Church must obey Constitutional law!  I.e. The rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, etc. The Church has violated all three of those rights in this crime!!!  You can’t get any worse than that!  You can’t be any more egregious than that!  The assumption in the Constitution was that the Church violating the rights of the people of the United States would never become an issue; and that if it was that the laws of the United States would prosecute the criminals in the church.  That did not happen.  For some reason the Church was granted immunity by our judicial system.  Not only that they have been granted more due process than was ever warranted by the Constitution.  Put it this way, if a plaintiff is granted a length in regard to due process whereby the defendant has died of natural causes it is indeed an abuse of the clause of due process!!!!  And this too is a major flaw or our legal system and also of our Governments ability to enact new laws; Ie they are granted phase in’s that become negated and erased.  The contrary abuse of due process whereby a plaintiff or case is extended in time is in effect a way to escape the implications, penalty and verdict of prosecution.  We know they will be found guilty so for some reason the case is delayed?  Look at the environmental lawsuits that were never collected upon?  Had those companies been fined and forced to pay and put out of business from the liquidation of assets we would not have the issues regarding clean air, water and earth!!!  But for some reason the child wasn’t punished.   Belief in “Deferred Liability,” is a stooge concept.
Again the naive assumption (and rightfully so) was that churches or religion knew enough not to commit crimes in the United States at that time?  Was that assumption based on a backdrop of bloodshed from revolution?  (Rightfully so means that people should be allowed to be trusting Ie Naive without the fear of being victimized from their trust in other people.  Just think of how you would like your wife to be treated by other people when you are not with her!!!)
“No religious test shall be required to serve any office..”  ~ But you better believe a collusion of crime test is preclusion to Office (“or public trust.”)!!!!
Is the American public naive as to the scope of the crime and the wealth created and other forms of victimization too?  This is just the tip of the iceberg!
If we had executed all the child molesters there would never have become an issue of the Catholic Church going bankrupt and not being able to pay the victims.  And as far as whether or not the Church can collect on its insurance policies with regard to the lawsuits?  That is a balancing of the books issue.  In other words can the syndicate scrape up enough money to keep the church in business to the benefit of the insurance business?  You cannot tell me that the cost benefit analysis is not being made by the insurance companies with regard to the sustained existence of the Catholic Church!
At this point I believe that all churches of all religions in the United States belong to the general population and entire communities of the United States.  The buildings should stay in place but they should no longer be allowed to collect money.  The facilities should be used by the people and treated much like village halls or public facilities!!!
By the way those who were molested often have their minds split later in life; the nice terms they give to it is called schizophrenia.  We are not seeing evidence emerge of evil people that have hid their nature from the good have we?  And the cognitive framework of the evil person is so different than that of the good that the good never believe in their existence; and rightfully so!  - We should be allowed to trust fellow human beings without being victimized by them.  So on the one side we have beings that defy human reason and rationality by their behavior; in effect they have preyed upon it!
The validity of the Bible in religion is that it describes very accurately just those types of people!!! ; although for some very odd reason that is downplayed or not taught in church.  Self serving right?  To preach from the Bible and omit the parts that apply to you and condemn you?
Thomas Jefferson saw right through them.  If he were alive in our modern times he would be labeled paranoid!  And yet the fabric that constituted our good existence is based upon him.

We might need to be a little more proactive with regard to our Constitution in this matter in order to address this issue and protect the integrity of our country.

Copyright 2013 Thomas Paul Murphy
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Actually any woman who believes in and marries a man whose occupation is based on earning money from "deferred liability" can also be considered a stooge?

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