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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Abraham Lincoln Credit 07 23 2013

Abraham Lincoln Credit 07 23 2013

Our economy runs on credit.  You would not have large businesses and stores in operation without it?

But ask yourself this,

"How many people in the United States would you grant credit to- to teach your children?"

The implications of that should be quite sobering for a lot of you.

And one could also say if there was a group of people that taught children to live a lifetime of crime that credit should not be granted to them.

Credit meaning that a person is worth the money loaned to them?  That they seek to somehow strive to succeed on their own merits to pay it back someday?

Instead of credit being an item that everyone else is doing so I get to do it to?  Instead of credit being something that is taken for granted?  Credit has been taken for granted so that Corporate profits could be made from it?  Credit has been seeded for corporate profits?  And it is indeed the management of Corporations that benefit from that credit?  I mean really ask yourself how good profits of Corporations would be if credit to the Consumer that did not have skills was not granted to him and taken for granted by him.

He thinks.  I need a house. I get a loan.  And credit is granted based on Employment or potential?  But what is the turnover rate of employment in the United States?  How quickly employees jump from one job to the next?  It is high.  And that would seem to be the recipe for economic disaster?  And also real estate boom and bust?  There is no way to fix that with the current legal business structure.  But somehow it should be addressed by a responsible person somewhere on earth?

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