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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Professional Sports Creates the Magog 07 02 2013

Professional Sports Creates the Magog 07 02 2013

What does a Magog think when he watches professional sports?  He likes to believe that he is that professional athlete!  (If you believed that you were Jesus Christ they would diagnose you as having a mental illness; but if you wore the jersey of a professional sports player that has the reading ability of a first grader you are popular!)

That Magog likes to think that he is the cities prima dona when he watches professional sports.  And what does he really like about it?  He likes the part where the players are offered more and more money!  It fits his personal delusion of greatness more than anything else.  When the societal truth is that he should be the one digging three sepearate lateral sewer lines for each house in the communities of the United States!  Now that would be honor! ~Not how quickly he can sell out one home town for the next.  Early professional athletes in the history of this country were not in it for the money they were in it for the love of the sport!  If a professional athlete takes steroids he is not in the sport for the love of the sport he is the son of a Magog and in it for the money.

There is nothing a Magog likes better than when another Magog gains political power.  Why?  Because it makes them feel secure.  It reinforces their false sense of self esteem in comparison to others.

Professional sports is indeed the largest promoter of Alcohol in the United States.  And Alcohol creates the Magog at birth.  China built the Great Wall to keep them out!

You could have the best form of Government in the world and it would no longer have a positive effect and therefore said to be invalid when the Magog populate it.

There is nothing that a drug user likes better than the fatherly smile he receives when he exchanges money for drugs.  That is the one time in that drug users life when he, the son of a Magog, feels like he has a father!  It does'nt matter that the drug dealer is ruining his life just like a playground bully would beat him up.  (Drug dealers and bullies are one in the same.)

A Magog will never hate you more than when you break their delusion of being a productive member of society!  Why?  Because they know without a doubt that they cannot compete with you on the level of intelligence that you are.  So therefore their only dream becomes that of professional sports or jobs where they can manipulate other people into believing they are something they are not.

The sale and consumption of alcohol is illegal per our Original Constitution whether you like it or not.  So maybe if you believe in drinking and creating more Magog children it is time for you to leave the United States of America.

Another thing that the Magog like to do is presume themselves to be religious figures!  It comes from the lead wine Romans believe in a continuity of church and state.  They wanted the world to believe for all eternity that whatever their actions were they were divinely inspired.  That is just a false self justification for being an irresponsible Magog not capable of human behavior.

I can not tell the difference between a German and a Jew today.  But I will tell you this.  We had tattooed holocaust victims speak to us in High School and they had nothing good to say about alcohol.  They knew that it created the Magog.  Another favorite profession of the Magog is psychiatry.  Why?  It is one more chance to elevate themselves above human beings.  Great power in both facilitating and determining who should be put on psychiatric medicine.  

I am going to make the statement that it was psychiatry that killed ~9 million Jews in Nazi Germany!  Why?  It had to do with people determining who they didn't like and granting themselves the power to destroy their consciousness.  Would you not shudder in fear if you heard your daughter say that she wanted to be a professional woman and be the one to test experimental drugs on human beings?

It was the psychiatrist Heath, (An English surname) that first experimented on Louisiana state prisoners with the drug Bulbocapnine.  It is derived from the Chinese herb Corydalis.  It contains the drug Bulbocapnine.  He used it to induce a stupor!  And do you know what a stupor is?  It is a sign of mental illness.  So here we have a prime example of an Englishman  creating and experimenting on people with a drug used to create mental illness!  He also performed experiments on people that were funded by the CIA and included implanting electrical implants in peoples brains.  He viewed Schizophrenia as having a physical basis and that is indeed consistent with him experimenting on ways to artificially make someone mentally ill isn't it!

Schizophrenia is caused by the Magog and her son Gog.  That is all there is to it.  Read the bible and it tells you who the Magog are and what their cognitive framework is.  They are called Satan in the Bible.

They don't characterize it much on television this way, but the drug dealer always wants to empower the person he sold the drugs to with a confident and fatherly smile!  And that is indeed a psychological principal that has never entered the manuals or textbooks!  With all the research and study done, never!  But what I am getting at is the abuser or drug hooker that first destroys a personality and then pushes to it.  It could indeed be two different people in our society that fill these roles but you should always believe that they are one in the same; the abuser and the drug pusher!  No matter if it is pot or Bulbocapnine.  I was never more sad than when I came home from Chicago at near complete physical and emotional exhaustion from my experience with the Magog than when I saw a high school friend that was put under a stupor by the likes of Bulbocapnine. 

It does not surprise me that a Chinese herb was used to create those in a stupor.  For all we know the entire Chinese working population has been put on a drug like bulbcapnine in order to make them hopeless workers that are wearing their human joints to nothing in a few years.  If you read the Bible about Saul who was from the orient and really was Paul and of the three kings from the Orient who knew where and when Jesus Christ would be born you realize that that faction of the Chinese was Satanic or the Magog!  From ancient history we also know that those in India were considered to be from the Orient and therefore some might also be considered Magog.  A Magog might just be someone that was born into poverty and sits and starves and prays until it starts to see through the eyes of another human being?  A Magog might also have had part of its brain function missing as a result of the influence of alcohol on consumption and fetal development.

One more blistering point.  In China rats are considered a delicacy!  China just bought the largest pork producer in the United States.  The Chinese farm rats!  The feed them grains like we feed cows corn!  The question becomes how soon before your American Magog tell you that rat is the best thing ever!  Can you hear that Magog who should have had a dunce hat on telling all his friends rat is the best thing ever and who knew?  What is next?  They will be farming rats from the walls of vacant buildings that Scott Walker denied money in his latest budget from being torn down?  You think it is funny?  It might not be too long before the only protein that you will be able to find is rat!  Deer in Wisconsin have chronic wasting disease!  There is mad cow disease!  And the environment is what creates these diseases and despite what a conservative media personalities want you to believe the Republican party is the one who have been pro business to the detriment of the environment!  A pro business venture would indeed be rat farming.  Even the Native Americans knew better than this!  They would burn down a tepee and everything in it if a similar vermin a mouse ran through it.

You likely will not be able to eat fish in the future because the oceans river and lakes are likely to be contaminated with nuclear meltdown.  So you can look forward to your Magog friend providing you with rats for profit.  He like the Chinese will convince you that they are a delicacy!

There are some people in this world that I don't want within 15 feet of me because their breath smells so bad!  So much for American health care.

If there was a race of people that were born and their sexual orientation was bestiality with oh I don't know, goats, would not it be a responsible society initiative that they be quarantined until we can figure that one out?   Before they get a chance to openly advocate copulation with goats and deride anyone that opposes them?  Or better yet give the Chinese herb corydalis to them?

Oh by the way we need three lateral lines per home in the United States.  One for water.  One for vegetable waste in the sink. (to be recycled to fertilizer and bio fuel.)  One for feces and toilet discharge (bio-fuel or milorganite).  And one for sinks and machines that use chemicals. (Many to be re-characterized as hazardous. You wouldn't put it in your swimming pool or water supply.  The main cost to the united States would be digging those holes.  It would be very simple the building inspector comes out with a spray can and draws the line from your house to the street.  Then the persons wearing the Brett Favre jersey's in the neighborhood come out with a shovel and dig those small trench holes!  Better that than them mis-allocating government taxpayer money in the financial industry!  Better that than them getting your kids on the path to be hooked on drugs.  Better that than them burying non-Magog for money.  In my point of view the non-Magog (Human beings) area  rare breed today.

That person with a first grade reading level should not be making millions of dollars a year they should be digging lateral lines.  And that is not communism that is maintaining the integrity of democracy and capitalism.  And to be fair I know for a fact that most CEO's of corporations also exhibit the characteristics of the Magog, so we are going to have to do something about them too.  And that something is to hand them a shovel and get them digging those lateral lines too.

Copyright 2013 Thomas Paul Murphy
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Oh lets see how long before you ethnic grocery store chain of the Axis Magog nature has a sale on the delicacy of rats?  The sale being $10 a pound!  We already know the elite only buy what they buy because it is expensive so they will be an easy sale on the Magog meal.  And they too are Magog already so there will be very little resistance to the transition  You might even see aquariums no longer filled with your choice of lobster but your choice of live rat.

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