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Sunday, July 21, 2013

Initial Commentary on Rob Sweeney from Sunday's Headline of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel 07 21 2013

Initial Commentary on Rob Sweeney from Sunday's Headline of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel 07 21 2013

"Before long he imagined the man next door was controlling his brain?"

Just a little applied logic from the Bible.  Jesus Christ, a Jew, said that he could see when Satan entered the body of someone.  Satan is said to have no soul.  If satan has no soul it means that Satan has to get his/her soul from someone else.  The Book of Revelation and the story of the Parakleat tell that at some point this archetype of person will start to come forward.

I know that people with the "Schiz" disorders are indeed victims of soul theft.

This is a young man that scored very highly on intelligence tests.  So it would not seem too far fetched that his ideas of producing software were within his realm of capability.  In fact I believe that in his mind he has the constructual foresight to know how to create such a game from start to finish!  I believe that is the nature of his intelligence; that it is indeed synthesis!  With Synthesis intelligence one can see a solution to a problem because one understands all the foundations and premises required to accomplish that goal!  That is far different from whom is portrayed on television as being intelligent when really they are insulting one another in an effort to keep things just the way they are.

What is very interesting and a clue in the story is that when he starts to think in terms of his goals for some reason he resorts to alcohol.  I believe that a shadow of his soul encourages him away from his goals and toward the alcohol.  He needs to have introspection as to what makes him desire to drink alcohol when he does.  And what does that mean?  There is a strong personality that influenced him?  Often peoples success in life is thwarted by what they consider the successful person in life to be!!!  For example a good hearted person achieves success from an achievement and what personality are they tempted to assume that will result in their self destruction?  That of someone that pushes other around!

Jesus Christ and the Bible had nothing good to say about Alcohol.  You will read about the absent minded vineyard owner in the Bible and you will also read how Jesus Christ fed a great many people in the story of the loaves and the fishes by diluting wine!  And here is the kicker.  Germany is a big beer drinking nation.  When I was in High School tattooed holocaust victims spoke to us in the theater.  Do you know what their main complaint was?  They had absolutely nothing good to say about alcohol!!!  You put two and two together and you get to the point that the alcohol strips people of their souls.  There is an entirely different world history that is based on marketing alcohol!!!!

I have had many of the same symptoms as Rob Sweeney has had.  And all of my writing is from a person of that perspective.  The symptoms of the "Schiz" are very real and disabling.  But the cause is an entirely different issue!  No one can tell you what the cause is!  Sure they will say it is a imbalance in neurotransmitters or too much alpha and beta wave or whatever.  None of that is a cause!!!  For to know the cause also tells you the solution.  All the medicine that they sell for this has one thing in common; it limits higher brain function!!!  And I do feel that people with this disease suffer when emotions enter into their thought processes and disrupt the train of thought from proceeding to attain goals!!  Could this man be cured in one day?  I believe so.  Is there someone living this mans dreams?  I believe that is true too!  You can read through all of my articles here and on":!forum/schizophrenia-really-is

This young man has to start thinking of himself in terms of himself indeed being something better than the people of the origin of the voices that he hears!!!  Once he does that he will realize that his mind is not something that he wants to compromise in even the slightest way from drugs or alcohol!

Do you know what the crime is here?  This is a young man that is very intelligent and those voices are indeed actively preventing him from using it!  And that is indeed the nature of every employment problem in the United States!  Not that people can't get a job but that people with the "Schiz" are actively prevented from using their own human skills!

I can't give advice to someone like him in one article.  But I can tell him to read over what probably amounts to over 3 million words that I have written on the topic.  And do you know what?  I have hand written more than that which amounts to the greatest source of knowledge and advice on the subject ever and I have been actively prevented from typing it in the computer.  Do I know how to defeat the symptoms of the voices?  You bet I do, or I would not be able to write at all!

The last time I went to church the Catholic Priest leered at me and said, "Satan is all around us!"  Then he asked, "How many people hear the voice of God in their heads?"  Half the people in the mass raised their hands.  The voices that Sweeney hears is not the voice of God, what might be true is that his very own thinking serves as the voice of God for those of the archetype of Satan.

Every "Schiz" person as something that not everyone has, and it is a secret that they don't have it, that something is....."A HUMAN SOUL!"

I was kept up for one entire year hearing voices while I worked at First Analysis, an Institutional Equity Research firm that was located at the time on the 96 floor of the Sears Tower.  I believe that today they are in a green glass rounded facade building on the river in Chicago.  So how do you go to sleep finally?  It has two parts to it.

1. You have to believe that if you are being kept up by voices then you can also keep the voices up with your own thoughts!!!!  So do that!
2. Be of the belief that if God wanted you to die that you would die and just stop worrying and fall asleep.  And it is not guaranteed that you will fall asleep.  But maybe whatever is keeping you up will let you in on a little secret that you are actually more important to them than you thought you were.

Sweeney is an Irish name?  I believe that Satanic Roman empire never made it to Ireland.  England means the angled land.  It was named that by the Romans and they invaded that land of the druids.  They got tired of walking up hill and never made it to Ireland!  Not until Northern Ireland was colonized did they.  And what of the potato famine in Ireland?  Here you have an English based disease making its way into Ireland.  And then Irish being denied their own potatoes as they first went to feed England!  But more importantly, were those potato crops devastated so that the English could use that Irish land to plant grain crops for Alcohol? What did the Sanhedrin say of the reason they wanted Jesus Christ dead?  "He knows what we do!"  Does it have to do with alcohol poisoning?  Does it have to do with the Satanic mind being the quiet mind that would hear any human thinking as its own;  as something to prey on?  And did those Irish potatoes make it to Russia whereby they made vodka out of them?  And there was a great genocide in Russia too!

I could go on and on but I have already.  It is to bad that there is not a way that every article that I have written can be cataloged in one list.  Even I can not readily reference to them in this blog.  There are 1770 here.

Rob I hear voices too and have for over 22 years.  Be strong.

When I was a baby in my carriage I was attacked by those voices too.  Somehow I survived it.  You can see in the picture that my left eye looks a little tired?

If you read the Bible you will see that the voice of God speaks to many people in it.  And that voice of God is sometimes a very mocking narrators voice!!!!!

Copyright 2013 Thomas Paul Murphy
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Oh and one more point.  There is a great and secret reason that Catholic Priests are to abstain from all sexual activity!  And the reason is that a person who has shadow people that are with his soul is at his weakest point after he whacks off!  Why?  It has to do with uptake of the human soul by the Satanic and the parting of that soul from the person being demonically possessed by them.  It is essentially the same reason that women have menstrual syndrome!  It has to do with the Energy of human soul and will that is parting from their body!  A man who is demonically possessed is at his greatest point of weakness at this time.  If you think of the Starship Enterprise as being a phallic symbol you realize the same analogy was portrayed by that writer; the ships phasers needed to recharge and regain human soul libido after it had fired away.  But you are better off not trying to fire those phasers at all because the satanic will try and "put English" on them!

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