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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

School and Money 07 16 2013

School and Money 07 16 2013

What should school have to do with money?  What am I getting at?  What if the brightest potential members of our society with the best hearts don't make it to college because they can't afford it?

Shouldn't school be more about whether you are a person of good character and grades?  And just because you went to a more expensive tuition school does that mean that you are going to be a more productive member of our society?  Does that mean that you are going to make the best contribution as compared to someone that did not have as much money? What correlation does money have to intelligence?  Can it be said that 2nd and 3rd generations of a family that have about the same amount of money as the first are as smart?  I don't believe it!

And what of all the talk about integration and 220 students?  What has happened since then?  Inner city schools have gone kaput and closed.  Wouldn't it have not been better if bad children from the suburbs got integrated into inner city schools and had to commute there in order to get an education?

What am I getting at?  Just because your parents can afford to live in the suburbs does it mean that you should go to school with the other children there?  What am I getting at?  What I have found out is that the more amount of money a family has is a poor indication that a son or daughter will be a good person!  So that kid is caught doing drugs?  What if he/she then had to go to school in the inner city?  (He might just create a gang, so depending on how manipulative he/she is it could also be a bad idea.)  And how come no one was ever successful at asking the question, "Where did you get the drugs?"

Honest to God!!!! "Where did you get the drugs?"  That question should have been answered and the supply chain closed down a very long time ago!!!!!  A very long time ago!!!

And for all the money paid to ivy league colleges for tuition and the status of going to them our country has not benefited!  By God, we just narrowly averted a Depression caused by manipulation and fraud!  Where are the people to say the derivatives need to go and the Ponzi schemes never perpetrated?  Where are the people to say, "This is ridiculous!" Where are the people to say, "We have had enough of Corporate influence?"  Where are the people to say, "We have had enough of high interest rates on loans?"  Where are the people to say, "Your kid ought to be working and not at the job he thought he should have had!"  Where are the people to say, "How did you earn your money today?" Where are the people to say, "Why was that person ever employed at what they do?  How could someone have ever let that happen?"  Where are the people to say, "What are you trying to do to us?"

Where are the people to say, "That person does not act like how you would think someone with a lot of money should act!"  Meaning that they did not have the integrity commensurate with them earning that money!"

Off topic, How many low level employees in our society like to impart their negative emotion on the customer?  Who taught them this?  For some reason they believe themselves to be better than someone with a college degree?  What is the reason for this?  Some of you know what I am getting at and some of you have absolutely no idea.  For those of you who do, that flight of fantasy belief system that has been put forth only leads to the erosion of democratic values.  Democratic values?  It sounds like an odd term.  It sounds like something the Republican Party would pooh pooh before the words came out of your mouth.  Democratic values?  What is that document that starts off, "We the people?"  It is the start of the United States Constitution!  "We the people" is the nature of our country!  "We the people," is our country and the meaning of Democratic values!  How many Republican Presidents have been sworn in and taken the oath to protect the Constitution only to deride the term Democracy!!!  Deriding the term Democracy and Democrat is the very favorite thing indeed that the Republicans like to do!  An act of Treason?

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Originally published on 07 16 2013:

What have we had to endure?  Charlatans who take the podium and act as if they know what the people of American want when it really addresses an issue with regard to their own personal nature and deluded view of what it takes to be successful, "Who you know."  Is what we are told to believe in, instead of what you know.  I think I wrote about this before.  But the who you know should never rule over the nature of a what you know belief system.  Why not?  Because with the Who you know system it is almost guaranteed we end up having to endure people that don't know ANYTHING!!!  The way it works in reality is that one accumulates knowledge like one builds a pyramid!  The greater your base of knowledge the higher you should achieve.  But what happens when we have leapfroggers?   We end up with an economy that is temporarily disobeying the law of gravity!  How do we remedy this so it doesn't crash down upon the What you knows?  We have to bring down the Who you knows that don't have foundations for being where they are!!!!

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