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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

On Judges Decision that Church Cemetery Funds are Off Limits 07 31 2013 Update # 3

On Judges Decision that Church Cemetery Funds are Off Limits 07 31 2013

Some Catholic Cardinals do not even believe in the reasoning that judge gave.  That would appear to be a coached and biased answer with input from theology interested parties!

That is a well crafted diatribe.  The Catholic Churches in Ireland the heart of Catholicism are said to be empty for the very reason that contradicts the Judges writing.

It is too well written, written like propaganda!  It is a fraudulent statement to make a claim to what Catholics believe.  Catholics were told not to question the Priests that abused them because all the Priests actions were said to be divinely inspired as part of the Religion.  The judge failed to consider the meaning of that.  It would appear that the judge's motivation is to maintain a local economy rather than justice?

How can a Judge say what Catholics believe?  How many Catholics have lost their belief because they or those who they knew were sexually abused?  You poll all Catholics and former Catholics who were victims of crime because of the Fraudulent belief of that judge et al. and it invalidates the judges verdict!

It would appear that verdict had a collusion of interest in the writing of it?  Like it was handed to the judge, like a packet of heroin is handed between criminals, from a prominent Catholic Law School?

Very disturbing.

You poll Catholics individually as to what they believe, even those of prominent Catholic Law Schools and you will not get an answer that supports the judges verdict.  And you can poll Catholics in a very circumspect way as to how what they say the believe actually conforms to real world examples of what they believe and you will see that the Judges verdict is not supported.

What is far more important is not what the Catholic Church states that it believes in this case it is how the beliefs of Catholics were betrayed by that formulated belief system.  This judge should be disbarred, removed from the bench and prevented from working in public service ever again.

The core of the issue is how Catholics who believed in the Church were abused by believing in the Catholic Church! Does anyone get it besides me?

He is protecting a local economy honey pot of money rather than upholding justice.

The Judges name is Rudolph T. Randa.

You are not free to set up a front of religion in order to abuse people under the guise of religion.  The judge should have base his ruling under the spirit of law in the United States rather than faulted reasoning that defies the Constitutional rights of Human Beings in the United States.

That is what is called a "spoil system" verdict.  This misuse of law does not have a place in the United States of America!

In summary to create or foster principals of religion that defy human rights is a matter of fraud!  Human rights trump the rights to abuse them self granted by religion in all cases.  Religion does not have an exemption from United States laws based on our Constitution.  Nor can one set up principals of religion and then in practice not conform to those stated principals of religion.  For to do so changes the religious belief.  And a change in religious belief such as condoning and cover up of sexual molestations of children by adults creates an entirely new religion doesn't it?  Let's see not many people would opt in to a religion like that unless they knew it wasn't their children that were going to be molested.  The only people that would opt into a new religion like that would be those who were guaranteed that their children would not be the ones to be sexually molested and the members children who were would be kept in the dark about it.  So what we have here is a division of religious belief don't we?  Where not all the members of the religion know what the true religious belief being practiced is?  And that does not conform to the requirement of  a religion openly stating its belief in order to be granted Constitutional favor ship?  Am I  correct to say that you can not set up a religion that is in effect a criminal entity that commits crimes in the United States that violates the Core Constitutional Rights the Constitution was created in order to protect?  That is indeed the spirit of the law of the Constitution and how every judge in the United States should interpret this!

A cadre of the wealthy of a Community can not set up a religion that physically abuses people not of that cadre.  The fear created maintains a power structure that goes against every fiber that Constitution was written on.  It goes against every belief that the United States was founded on.  Randolph should have considered that early forms of religion were really tribal laws meant to govern tribes, in as such he would have had the intelligence to figure out that the Constitution of the United States is the greatest religious document in the history of the world  And it States in no uncertain terms that a religion is not allowed to raises itself up in empowerment so that it compromises the Constitution of the United States and the rights of the We the People it was meant to protect.  The Constitution does not start off with the phrase, "We a cadre of Mequon and Milwaukee Elite."  It means just the opposite of that!

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In the same vein as the judges verdict one could set up a religion that states such judges do not belong in the United States of America?

It is like saying that the proven victims of a criminal do not have a valid opinion in declaring that was a criminal, even after the criminal has been  convicted.

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