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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Sound Off! Drugs and Apartment Sharing 07 31 2013

Sound Off!  Drugs and Apartment Sharing 07 31 2013

What can we do to prevent people that live in an apartment with drug users from first becoming acclimated to the "fumes" of the drugs and then hooked on them?

What cane we do to prevent apartment sharers from seeing a "high" person and accepting it and then getting hooked on them?

People that share apartments are often poor and become victims of ruined "life" from drugs for this reason, they are exposed to it due to poverty, and should never be?

What can we do about it?

Can we say, that drug user is escorted out and still has to pay their share of that rent?  What do you think of that law?

And what if you neighbors are drug users or harboring and entertaining drug users, can we apply that same law to them?  They are unsafe for human beings to live with because they have opted to willfully and amorally comply with the legal description of someone that does not have the capacity to make their own decisions- right?  It even applies to drunks doesn't it?

It is a bigger risk to the Constitutional Rights of Americans than you could ever imagine.

And what do we indeed do when whole states in our Union have opted to comply with the legal description of people that are incapable from making their own legal decisions?  I am talking about States that legalize marijuana use?  And it is for their own good isn't it that we take issue with it?  Lest a carpetbagger mentality infiltrates the state and defrauds them?

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