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Sunday, July 14, 2013

Commentary on: CIA let 9/11 mastermind design his own vacuum cleaner article by Associated Press Update # 4

 Commentary on:  CIA let 9/11 mastermind design his own vacuum cleaner article by ?

You can try and give the same man a heart attack for 183 times while at the same time desiring to make abortion illegal; so that you can create more "men" that will try and give a man a heart attack 183 times?

Prisoners were tortured in Poland and Romania.  Oddly enough the Catholic Pope during the era that all the sexual abuse of boys happened was Polish.  And the one after him had ties to Nazi Germany.

Not only that the CIA admits that it desired to make prisoners "Dislocated"; it is a pseudonym for schizophrenic. This man Khalid Sheikh Mohammed "Graduated North Carolina A&T State University with a degree in Mechanical Engineering.  The article states that while in prison he wanted to design a vacuum cleaner.

The CIA is being vague when it uses the term "dislocate."  They mean that they are causing schizophrenia.  A mental illness created in the United States that has cost the economy more money than it ever fed to the coffers of corporate American management.  The term literally means split mind.  So if you are splitting a mind it means that you are giving one persons mind to more than that one person.  Why would you do that?  Because you could not raise your own children to be persons?  It is the primate way of raising children in groups lead by females resentful of being females?

It reads to me like a group of people were evicted from a Garden a long time ago.  And as a matter of survival they would catch a human being every once in a while and torture them for their human souls.  That is also somewhat consistent with an African religious belief in Zombification.  The Africans would also keep a monkey in a hot box for days and then follow it when they release it in order to find where it has fresh drinking water to drink.  Now translate that thought into the act of profiting from capitalism in the manner as was promoted by Israel to the United States.

And why did they evict people from the Garden of Eden?  Because they did not have the ability to listen?  And no one had the heart to kill them?  Was it part of differentiating the species of the Human Being from the apes a long time ago?  In other words if it had not occurred there would be no human beings of great human being standards?

I could draw a metaphor about how there is a hidden class of people today in the world that lives much like the boy raised by chimpanzees in Africa.  They found him and tried to domesticate him but the other children were afraid of him because they had to watch his hands.  The implied meaning that he liked to sexually molest.  Another form of torture.  And if you right wing people want to outlaw abortion then first you better make it a crime punishable by death to sexually molest another human being, another form of reproductive harm?  One in which a tribe of evicted primates on the edge of a village might like to listen to the pain of?  The lyrics from a song, "Can you hear him holler," come to mind.

I can tell you without a trace of doubt in my mind that every time that he was water boarded there was a cadre of people that learned everything past, present and future from his soul.

And that is indeed consistent with the stories that we have heard about Romania having the legend of the Vampyr!  Feeding on the blood of other people!!!  And what did Jesus Christ, a Jew, say to those who had betrayed him at the last supper?  "Here is a cup of my blood, drink from it and you will have everlasting life?"

It would seem to me that there has been a hidden element of horror present in our society for quite some time and it represents a small part of every religion?

The United States got the whole water boarding idea from Israel.
And in the same paper I read this morning it stated that it is a crime in France to say anything bad about Jews.  In its history France was indeed the country that Joan of Arc took her sword to and released all the dungeon prisoners who were being tortured.

I am not saying anything bad about individuals of the Jewish religion.  But I will say this there is not one true human being on earth that would condone the practice of torture.  I don't think it is cute either.

Perhaps the United States should have never given Israel to those who settled there after WWII?

I stand my ground on this.

Oh, and that Vacuum cleaner that Khalid Sheikh Mohammed invented?  I bet it looks an awful lot like this:

A device I saw in the rafters of my neighbors garage in about the year 2000.  Designed by the CIA to vacuum the minds from people and give them schizophrenia.  Schizophrenia being the greatest medical fraud in the history of the world.  And is it also part of Homeland Security?  That neighbor dry walled in the whole garage so that if it is still there it can not be seen.  Then he moved away.  He was a Lawyer named Steven James Weber.  The current neighbor is of either Lithuanian or Latvian original.  ~ Slavic.  The name comes from the word slave.  As Muslims are said to have taken more Slavics slaves than any other form of slavery in the history of the world.  The whole of Russia is Slavic.  And indeed many Chinese have the mind that knew where Jesus Christ would be when he was born and sought to victimize him?  (I have written about that before in more detail.)  Khalid Sheikh Mohammed indeed has a Slavic looking faced.  He looks like something that was kicked out of the Garden of Eden for being a substandard?

You think that I am anti-semetic?  I bet there are 9 million dead Jews in Nazi Germany who would have liked to have known what you were up to!  Maybe I speak for their dead souls when no one else would.  I do indeed also speak for the dead soul of Jesus Christ a Jew, reads about the same to me.

There are people in this world that know very well that I am right!!!!

Copyright 2013 Thomas Paul Murphy
Originally published on 07 14 2013 at:

You think that this country doesn't know how the mentally retarded are created?  Both Prohibition and Social Security went into effect at about the same time!

Hitler believed in the Principal of one.  "Ein! Ein! Ein!" he said.  And when was the Central Intelligence Agency created?   To centralize intelligence is also the principal of One or Ein isn't it!!!!!!!

Some form of our Government function should be to determine just how many experiments the CIA and Department of Defense and our Government as a whole has conducted with regard to ways to create a Schizophrenic.  It involves torture doesn't it!

Adolph Hitler was a Voyeur! It has more meaning in the world of the wealth socialite occult than you might imagine.

As I have eluded to above the Satanic do not need to kill you in order to profit from the knowledge of your soul.  All they need to do is separate your human soul from you.  They do it by torturing you.  Another way they do it is through the human soul present in your discarded semen.  They read that from a great distance away, like a Medicine man reads the white entrails of a slain beast.  Here is the clue into the nature of Adolph Hitler.  He came from a wealthy family in the beer drinking nation of Germany.  He squandered all his inheritance.  He slept in flop houses like the YMCA used to be in America; where gay's "found" one another.  ( A advocated principle of the unholy roman empire)
But here is the clue.  He wanted to be an Artist.  And he had to paint a picture in order for it to be judged and him enter art school if it was good.  The picture he painted or drew was of his naked Niece.   Pretty creepy right?   Hitler said that his sisters were dumber than geese. Hitlers goal with that painting was to try and part the semen soul of the art faculty wasn't it!!!!  Maybe even offer his niece or his geese sisters up for sex?  If he were to have successfully accomplished that he would have been able to control and influence them.  It happens in our judicial system every week in the United States.  And good God look at the Police Departments that sit around and view porn all day?  Look at how it corrupted the office of the President.  Etc. Etc. Etc.  Look at how he used it to get ~9 million Jews killed in genocide!

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