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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

White Supremacy 07 09 2013

White Supremacy 07 09 2013

This is mis-defined concept.  Why?

There is a great difference from one white person to the next!  There is a great difference from one white person to the next who are of the very same nationality!  And there is also a great difference among natural born siblings of the same exact parents.

Some are indeed what are called Magog!  Meaning they do not have the capability for self reliant thought.  This mentally and emotionally race spanned the entire continent of Asia and Europe!  And when you are mentally and emotionally compromised (meaning you react with violence to the works of men) you are also humanly compromised!

The Magog live by their own laws no matter where they are living!!!  That is the only way that they have been able to survive as Magog and live along with the rest of us.  By committing acts of horror and threaten the non-magog.

And in terms of white supremacy over non white races?  It is a misnomer because their are Magog among white people.  But as a whole is the white race more supreme to non white races?  If it can be said that non white races have a higher population of Magog among them then it is true.  The evidence of this truth is in the form of Government that is resorted to or required to manage such people?  Then you get into the issue of bad leadership limiting the progress and advancement of its people for the reason that they are projecting their own insecurities and spitefulness upon them?  In other words you can't achieve because I don't want you to be successful!  Sounds like Communism.  That mocking female voice from the Bible fits right into the theme of subjective determination of who should be allowed to do what type of work.  That theme runs like an infected streak through the heart of America in terms of Union boss Control and limitation of workers Constitutional rights by Corporations.  And when they were defeated from limiting the rights of the American worker what did they do?  They hired foreign labor to subvert United States labor and Constitutional law.

The favorite form of labor by the Magog is indeed slavery.  This was defeated in the Civil War.  However it reared its ugly head back in a multi-fold series of events in the United States.  Including allowing Corporations to have limited responsibility to the country.  The advent of psychiatry as an underground war by the Magog on the human being.  And the defeat of Prohibition in the United States.  Also the climax of change occurred when President Kennedy was assassinated.  It created the factor of fear in the American public that limited our overt expressions of free speech and that limited our ability to maintain the integrity of the United States to that greater than the Magog standard.

The Magog are incapable of learning for themselves because it is too painful for them.  All that the Magog need in order to learn is one good son or daughter living in the same community whose mind they can Leach off of.  However there is no definite sign that the Magog are able to retain anything that is truly important to the human species that they have leached away from someone.  It would be counter for their form of learning for them to do so!!  It would be a contradiction to what they consider as self for them to do so.  The Magog take the cherries from our Sundays and litter the land with waste.

White Supremacy is really a faction of Magog Supremacy.

The Magog's idea of life is being a chosen person to the exclusion of that chosen person being themselves and their rights to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.  Magog's believe in human sacrifice.  The way it works is that they become insanely jealous of a human being to the point that they decide to kill him!  That might make it a good idea not to marry outside of your demographic?  Am I wrong?  Fifty percent of marriages do end in divorces.  But how do you know if you are marrying a Magog?  We have a right to know a long time beforehand!

The writings of a magog all have a commonality to them in that;
 1. They are formulaic sidewalk chalkings.   One does not study to become a writer.  One learns how to write in grade school.  And a writer writes from their own human soul.
2. The other commonality in Magog writing is that it has no element of concern for the survival of the human species in it!  And I am talking about issues of moral conscience.  And the living conditions that are needed to be precedent for the human race to survive.  Like taking great care to not litter our living environment (Earth) with pollution.
3.  The writings of the Magog also never include any vision for a better future for humanity!
4.  Hero's in Magog writings often are made to seem to be greater than human!  It is a form of weak expression and helplessness for the motivation of a human being to try and reach out and be a hero in the world!  It is a form of disincentivation.
5. The Magog also make the instance of crime not one out of the need to survive but something that should be a common and standardized element in our society.  Again it is a projection of the nature of the weak willed self unto a populous with great standards in order to lessen those standards.  Why even try is the theme!  The belief in defeatism.  I know what I am and I know what I can't be so I am going to recklessly apply that concept to everyone.  It is a primate grade reasoning?  A belief system that would have never allowed human beings to have evolved to be greater than apes.  And it is a common thread in our world today.

In writing and media entertainment the Magog like to create a world of fantasy whereby they feel good about themselves without having to get off their duff and achieve something. When a normal woman marries one she is often in great conflict with him because he has not been raised in world of reality with regard to caring for her or her children.  He very quickly becomes uncomfortable sharing family duties and being told what to do for lack of knowing what to do and it often ends in divorce.  As to a male marrying a female Magog she is often loath to want to learn even the most simple of adult concepts of caring for one self and others.  She scoffs at the idea of cooking and cleaning as if they are for the low class when the reality is she does not have the capacity to perform those duties!  Cooking and cleaning, etc, etc.  She lives in a world where if you could put a nipple on a bottle and make a fad out of it she too would adopt that as she sat in front of the television all day long!

Why are these elements presented to us in writing and movies by the Magog in the manner they are? All of these elements are a direct threat to the nature of the Magog.   It has to do with the Magog being empowered in our society and instead of vying for positive change expressing pity for their own condition.  To the human being the self pity of the Magog is based on actions that are their own fault!  Do you see wherein the human being finds the cause and solution?

Another favorite tactic of the Magog is to victimize children and then use them as a "human" shield.

The Magog victimize human beings in an effort to deny their is something wrong with themselves!   Type A personalities may well indeed all be Magog!  And the psychotic behavior of corporate executives would classify many of them as Magog too!

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