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Sunday, July 14, 2013

Television as Religion 07 14 2013

Television as Religion 07 14 2013

The idea being to search for the mind of a viewer to create a oneness (ein) with by projecting radiation from a Cathode Ray Tube into the viewing room!  Once the thinking of that viewer is displaced via electrical brain synapse displacement from the radiation projected into the viewing room then you created a oneness with that mind!!!  (Off Topic: Do many Americans who have suffered Corneal inflexibility have a lawsuit and rebate coming to them?  Do you were glasses?)
Television did indeed come about with the fall of Nazi Germany and as a direct result of Italian Fascist Marconi's work on particle and magnetic wave spectrum!!!  (He even bragged to the Pope that he had harnessed the power of God.  Remember he was a member of the Nazi Party or its Italian Equivalent during WWII?)

Hitler himself believed in Ein meaning a oneness of Germany!  But Ein also means oneness!
Now after you have experienced the oneness of mind with a television viewer, in order to steal that mind you have that person put on medicine that limits their higher brain function!  And that is indeed psychiatry- a joint United States and Nazi Germany world initiative!!!!  A sickness created in conjunction with Nazi Germany!

You've created a way to harvest the best of human souls as if you were a farmer of people!  The Bad Shepherd if you will.  And that is indeed the same metaphor that the Jew Jesus Christ used to describe them!

The Bible tells us that Satan will have his own Church.

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