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Monday, July 22, 2013

Bankrupt Detroit 07 22 2013 Update#2

Bankrupt Detroit?  So after one tribe is done with Detroit, the heart of American manufacturing it breaks down into a series of other tribes?  Are they going to be driving around with “pikes” on the front of their hoods?  Is it to be an abandoned ghost town?

For all the lobbying for and by the Corporate Community this is how they leave American cities?  They are not us and never were us.

The first tribe being your proper English Corporate tribe and the second behind your modern escapist drug user community?

What happens to the “Little House on the Prairie” family that lives in Detroit and other Inner cities?

What does Barrack Obama have to say about it????

What should be done with all the high rise office buildings of the United States is that their exterior facades be fitting with photovoltaic Solar panels that produce electricity!  All that went on in those buildings was never consistent with our Democracy and neither are those "people."

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For all the bamboozling mouthy mouths telling everyone what to do and not listening to a word this is what we end up with!  Expect to see a lot more of this happening.

And with regard to Arizona, dry earth does not absorb water it is more like a clay pot that holds water and then floods.

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