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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Jesus Christ would have a fit at For Profit Health Care 07 03 2013

Jesus Christ would have a fit at For Profit Health Care 07 03 2013

Jesus Christ would have a fit at For Profit Health Care!  This is the man who washed peoples feet!  This is the man that said render onto Cesar what bears his image!

And yet today many for profit Hospitals bear a Catholic Name!!!  And even though some of them might not for profit it is still for profit health care in the United States because it costs the American Citizen money to have health care services performed.  And Doctors do indeed make a lot of money from for Profit Health Care.

For profit health care by Hospitals is not a Catholic Function of the belief in Jesus Christ it is the belief in Cesar!  Cesar a Roman believing himself to be a unity of Church and State or God and Government.

And the Romans the race that drank Lead Wine!  And the Romans that burnt people alive.  And the Romans that tied slaughtered animal hides to people and had wild dogs chase them.  And the Romans who crucified people and nailed them to the cross.  And didn't the fact that ostensibly took the cross clear the Romans of any guilt for all the crucifixions that they did?
They could just say in the near term history from those crucifixions; those other people who were crucified too died for our sins!  What kind of a modern man is it that needs other men to die for his sins?  That is a pagan belief!  That is the belief of the Magog!  And given all the evidence the Romans were Magog!  And the earliest Jewish settlements were in Italy/Rome!  Many people say there is no difference between an Italian and a Jew.  But we sure know that Jesus the Jew was not a Magog!  But what of the Jews that wanted this good man killed.  They did not want the blood of Christ to be on their hands even though they wanted him dead?  What kind of babble talk is that?  We have no evidence of Jesus Christ ever harming anyone!  In fact they say that he never sinned.  So what did the Jews who wanted him killed want him killed for?  Envy, Resentment, Jealousy, spite.  Common emotions for a Magog?  But why?  Why did they have those emotions for him.  What is it that they could not get over concerning Jesus Christ?  Yes you already know the answer and you are ashamed to admit it and you have been ashamed to admit it.  What did Jesus Christ say about you in a circumspect manner, "He that believe in me shall never perish!"  The flip side of the meaning is that he, a Jew, thought you were all rotten!  Never perish being the opposite of rotten.  Do you follow the semantics?

Off topic.  I am not a racist!  But I am the greatest racist in the world because I know that Schizophrenics are of a different race or species in comparison to a Magog.  And the Magog profit from their lives.  If  Jesus were alive today they would not nail him to a cross for speaking against them they would figure out a semantic way to define him as being mentally ill.  Then they would give him some poison that he would have to purchase from a pharmacy and the effect of the poison would be to negate his higher brain function.  And they might have even poisoned him with that corydalis (Sp?)Chinese herb that I wrote about in the last article to make him walk with a stupor!  They might tried to PUSH lead wine on him!  (Have you ever had someone push beer one you after you have had enough?)  But what did the Chinese elite three kings push on him at his birth? Myrrh.  (They like to give people things don't they?) And also at his death.  In fact they knew the day that he would be born and brought funeral incense to his manger as a gift.  You know the old phrase, "We are doing this for you own good?"  We are medicating you for your own good?"  "We are trephinating (Sp?) your head for your own good."  I don't need my head trephinated.  I am quite capable to taking care of myself absent the Magog!  So the Magog come and live in your neighborhood and then trephinate (?) your head for your own good?  Jesus Christ was indeed one of the Jews 72 Elohim's!  Contrary to what they wanted to assert about himself that he didn't, he was indeed the king of the Jews.  They don't want you to know they have kings because it implies something about them that they do not want to admit????

Honest to God you would swear that they would have charged Jesus Christ money for nailing him to the cross!!! Isn't that the way that mind works???

Corydalis, Trephinate, Trephination, Elohim are words that are not in the Druid English Bill Gates Microsoft Spellchecker dictionary????  The Roman Magog then spread their lead wine race all across Europe.  But I do not believe they made it to Ireland.  They made a final push though to Ireland via Cromwell!  And the concurring of Northern Ireland, and the infiltration of Satanic priests into the Catholic faith and molesting boys in large numbers in Ireland!!!!  These are not Holy men they are Magog!!!

The Magog don't make good singers either.  Their was a dispute at that time near the time of Christ were there was a dispute about music.  The Magog needed to use instruments to make music whereas the purist talents could just use their voice and sing.  You take away all those instruments and the voice doesn't hold up.  And if the voice doesn't hold up neither does the message or the integrity of it.  There ought to be a law that you can't enhance a voice on a recording to make it sound better than it actually is.  You can make it a cleaner track though.  What would purist singers of the time of Jesus Christ say of the costumes and sex appeal in music today?  They would say it is pagan Magogs!  And they make a lot of Caesar coin.  Maybe some American's need to have their money exchanged for the money of Caesar and the rest of us can keep the money denominated by ABRAHAM LINCOLN!!!!! Those who do not honestly earn their own money or do their own thinking ought to have money that is as worthless as that of Caesars, so that they don't misrepresent the integrity of the United States in any way, shape or form!!!!
That Caesar coin allows you room and board.
I do indeed that everyone has a right to know the true nature of a person that they are talking to and dealing with in this world.  Are you a Magog or not?  Children should know who are Magog's and who aren't!  WE HAVE A RIGHT TO KNOW!  So you tell me how that is done???

The legend of the Roman Magog continues to this day.  If you believe you are Jesus Christ you can be labeled mentally ill.  How many young boys and lard belly men believe they are Brett Favre or Michael Jordan.  They even wear clothing that has his game numbers on it!!!  I never wanted a Packers Jersey with someone else's name on it.  I wanted one with my own name on it.  I don't think that I am someone else.  I think that I am me!  I believe in myself and not the skills of Brett Favre or Michael Jordan!  That ought to be quite common that you can have your own last name easily put on a sports Jersey because you like the looks of the Jersey and it is a stronger fabric.  And it should cost a lot less because you don't have to pay a royalty.  And the fact that your name is on it invalidates the teams royalty payment need too, because you aren't on that team!!!!  How can I pay you a royalty for that team Jersey with my name on it when I am not on that team?????  It is a rhetorically legal block isn't it?  Oh, we need a round table of Magog Supreme Court justices to argue that one right away!!!

It is blasphemy for a hospital, Insurance Company or Financial Company to bear a religious name related to Jesus Christ!!!  Blasphemy!  It is also blasphemy that the Church was allowed to keep as much money that it did as a Charity!!! Charities are not supposed to be able to build empires from donations!!!!  Charities are not supposed to build profit businesses from Donations.  Charity management is not supposed to become upper class or maintain their upper class through charitable activity!   Remember Jesus washing those feet?

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