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Sunday, January 31, 2016

What is really in Wright Patterson Air Force base; Nazi planes and subs????? 01 31 2016

What is really in Wright Patterson Air Force base; Nazi planes and subs????? 01 31 2016

That is why it is so secret not even the President can go there?

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How many of today's Millionaires + have Rh- Blood Type 01 31 2016

How many of today's Millionaires have Rh- Blood Type  01 31 2016

I would be willing to bet that most of them do!

Thomas Paul Murphy

Thomas Paul Murphy Bicycling the Oak Leaf Trail on 01 31 2016

What the United States Constitution really has to say about the Military Industrial Complex 01 31 2016

What the United States Constitution really has to say about the Military Industrial Complex 01 31 2016

The Constitution states that is there is a good technology out there that the Government can indeed use it.  For example in support of War.

We did not avail ourselves of that fact in WWII and other military conflicts did we!

Effectively what that clause means is that no one can get fat on the technology by holding out on us for profits and higher prices for it!!!!

It was meant so that the military industrial complex could not establish itself?

Once it is figured out how it is made the Gov can have anyone make it cheaper per that law.  Which really equates to the 6 cents a pound recycle rate for scrap steel?

Nor has that Constitutional clause been used as it should have so that our soldiers always have the best stuff!

This is treason!

We can also use that clause to produce photovoltaics as cheap as we want!  And also reduce the cost of pollution control technology so that we can afford it and there is not more pollution.

It should be done.

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Disadvantage of an AR-15 in Warfare 01 31 2016

Disadvantage of an AR-15 in Warfare  01 31 2016

I have written about the AR-15 before.  But here is another point to consider about it.  Excluding the sound of the powder explosion the AR-15 isn't quite mechanically like a smooth manually operated bolt action rifle is.

What is the point about this?  It immediately gives the person who shot it's location away.  Even if it had a silencer on the end of it!!!!

Why?  There is a jarring of the bolt back into the buffer ahead of the spring and a jarring noise from the bolt fixing the cartridge to the breach.

So in effect there are 3 sounds to give the position away.

It sounds like a squirrel chirping.

What did the Communist/ Soviets and Germans have?  Bolt action Mauser's and bolt action Mosin Nagants.  (Although the U.S. used something different in WW2 the point would then be what did the Chinese Viet Kong use as a rifle???

Someone who lives in the jungle and hunts squirrels all his life can pick up on that sound fairly quickly???


Looks like the Soviet Union gave them weapons.


But Obama wants gun control in the U.S. where we should have no gun control per supreme law.  How come our Government doesn't say that foreign nations who do not have our Constitution cannot have guns instead of trying to say the American people should not have them?  Doesn't that make sense?

We supplied all these weapons to foreign countries.

This should be our foreign policy!!!

1.  We won't trade with you in any way, nor will our currency be translated into yours if you do not have our Constitution and guns are legal in your country.


2.  We will not trade with your nation in any way, nor will our currency be translated into yours unless you have our Constitution and guns are legal  for everyone in your nation.

No one ever wants to assert how Our Constitution prevents tyranny!

What United States Citizen isn't hopeful that slave labor equivalent Countries Governments are overthrown?  You cannot be more American than to be of that belief system!

For a queen to declare the opposite of that is indeed supporting worldwide terror.  There is something wrong with your noggin isn't there!

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It has not been a Democracy since the 1950's it has been our Greatest enemies form of Government Capitalism 01 31 2016

It has not been a Democracy since the 1950's it has been our Greatest enemies form of Government Capitalism  01 31 2016

It has been exactly what this country was founded to prevent!

They don't want to work; they want to queer around in a man's head all day long.

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Saturday, January 30, 2016

Look at the Latin Root word Cracy in meritocracy it means "I earn" to be crazy means that you earn strength 01 30 2016

Look at the Latin Root word Cracy in meritocracy it means "I earn"  to be crazy means that you earn strength  01 30 2016

The word Crazy has to come from Cracy; meaning that if you are Cracy/Crazy you have the ability to earn!  That is what I have been telling all of those who hear voices for the longest time!

Under no circumstances did they want me to learn Latin in High School!

"Meritocracy (merit, from Latin mereō "I earn" and -cracy, from Ancient Greek κράτος kratos "strength, power")"

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How to design a Meritocracy 01 30 2016

How to design a Meritocracy 01 30 2016

Now that would be a great college, high school or gradeschool writing assignment!

The problem with a meritocracy would be those who have no merit would attempt to ruin it as best that they could.  But isn't that the exact same thing we are experiencing with our Democracy today?

Has there ever been a meritocracy?  I doubt it.  Because if you had one it would still exist today, because it would the be best form of government.  So if there was one the study would be of how it was ruined.  Or why was it conquered?  What were the character traits of those who conquered it?

Just briefly researched it.  Confucius is given credit for inventing it in 600 BC!

So how do we transition to a meritocracy?

Every day of my life I have wondered why I am not living in a meritocracy!

I saw a black boy making a submarine sandwich today.  His hands were moving real fast.  He was helping more than one customer at once.  And what did I realize?  My racist ideas are imprinted on me by the voices!  They are not me at all!  There are good people and there are bad.  The good live in peace.  The bad are the miserable ones who are still with us.  They take issue with everything we do and think.  In a meritocracy that black boy rises to the top!  He is servicing the customer and he is happy to do so.  In a meritocracy would entertainment hold top notch?  No.  Anyone could get up on stage and dance around and act like a clown.  So how would a mentally retarded person fair in a meritocracy?  Bottom of the stinking barrel!  Amen to that!  Better it be him that is homeless than a man who played fairly by all the rules and lost his home to a banking fraud.

What is needed in a meritocracy economy?  Only things that have merit!  That means no plastic crap!  That means no drugs, tobacco or alcohol.   What about work?  We have machines that last.  We participate and help harvest crops!  How much energy would it take to harvest crops if a tractor that used 300 gallons of gasoline an hour was replaced by city to country commuters?  Perhaps in solar electric buses?

And what about that bad kid who wants to take all the other kids pants down at the harvest?  In a meritocracy he makes a good full time scarecrow?  Yeah I know it sounds a little like the Second Coming of the Roman Empire.  So be it!  There will be plenty of Romans serving as the euphemism of scarecrows.

Thomas Paul Murphy
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It say's at that link above that Napoleon formed a meritocracy.  From my reading of him, he was Adolf Hitler's Idol and Napoleon vowed to kill every black person on earth???

In a meritocracy the fast talking midget that can only do one thing in life doesn't fair well.  Those who fair well in a meritocracy are those who have many skills and can learn new ones.  Absent hearing voices that is what a schizophrenic person is!  The schizophrenic rises to the top in a meritocracy!

Can you imagine how hard it would be for a young person to learn how to spell with all the Corporate Brand Name versions of words there are??

Can you imagine how hard it would be for a young person to learn how to spell with all the Corporate Brand Name versions of words there are??

Thomas Paul Murphy
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A Good Butcher would have always asked you when you are buying ground beef 01 30 2016

A Good Butcher would have always asked you when you are buying ( a pound of) ground beef  01 30 2016

"Would you like me to roughly form that into three 1/3 pound hamburger patties, separated by two layers of wax paper each, at no additional charge to you?"

He would have indeed added the German grammatical qualifier, "At no additional charge to you."

There are no good butchers today!

Instead the standard today is that when you ask them to do something different you can see them  gasp for air like a fish out of water and look like they need an immediate cigarette to calm their emotions.

Likewise a good fish market operator would also ask you, "Would you like a sprinkle of Rosemary on this fish to help prevent freezer burn, at no additional price to you."

Somehow the standard of service has become extremely low.  Why?  They don't attain happiness from the positive experience of servicing a customer, instead for them it comes from alcohol, cigarettes, and now marijuana and other narcotics.

No matter how old they are they can't fake that gasping for air and need of a cigarettes response because they don't like having to work for a customer.  Who do they think pays their bills?  The money doesn't come out of fat Loui's butt does it!

And did you notice that they have a predatorily way of servicing the customer?  When you need help they are nowhere to be found, as if they are running away from the challenge of having to answer a question and point out directions in a store if not take you right there.  When you don't need help they are all aglow like they are auditioning for a part on television in order to be made famous.

This could be called a Roman/Judea legacy detriment to our economy?

They don't want to be there do they!  So where do they want to be?  They want to be queering around in a man's head don't they!

Actually no matter what business it is in Milwaukee it is like they can't wait for you to leave the store; so that they can then form a circle join hands, dance around and sing "Who stole the Keishka"  again like they did when they were children.  They don't mature into adulthood do they!

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Friday, January 29, 2016

The Possible real reason the U.S.S. Milwaukee was towed back to port 01 29 2016

The Possible real reason the U.S.S. Milwaukee was towed back to port  01 29 2016

They didn't want to be driving that ship all around to trouble spots in the world they just wanted to stay home and collect their military welfare check???

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Humor: of the Novel Writer Type 01 29 2016

Humor: of the Novel Writer Type  01 29 2016

"Beset by an odd little race of people that didn't know any difference between comradery and homosexuality."

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New AA battery invention needed: a battery that has a solar panel on its label you take it out and just place it in the sun 01 29 2016

New AA battery invention needed: a battery that has a solar panel on its label you take it out and just place it in the sun 01 29 2016

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If it weren't for psychiatry and the monkey wealth clan we would have had a lot of this stuff 4o years ago and a lot fewer unmitigable problems and unmitigable problem people.

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Homosexuality isn't Normal; just listen to the voice it is Androgynous updated 01 28 2016

Homosexuality isn't Normal; just listen to the voice it is Androgynous 01 28 2016

They are not talking like that on purpose!  Many of us who thought that were greatly fooled and mistaken!  That is an Androgynous voice!  That is their voice!  I would say that the great majority of them have that voice.  Which means what?  It comes about from their genes!  I would assert that the population of the world that doesn't have that voice/gene is far less likely to be homosexual.  At least not in that same characteristic way.  Because it is gene based means it isn't normal!

It isn't just a sexual preference it is a different gene structure.

If science had wanted to be valid they would have sampled their voices and done the statistics, but they didn't!  For a scientist to miss that means that isn't a valid scientist.

Again they are not purposefully talking with that androgynous voice; it is their voice based on genes!

Do you get it?


Normal means what the average person is born like.  The average person is still born consistent with the human race heterosexual reproduction!  If it were not that way we would no longer be the human race!

Elephantitis has occurred in humans more than once, what is said naturally, but we don't call it normal.

So why is this relevant to schizophrenia?  We have world scientists and politicians declaring homosexuality as being normal when it isn't.  What are the they are wrong about schizophrenia in so many ways?  100%

To call homosexuality normal isn't science at all, it is spoiled wishful thinking believing it can get away with being an authority if it just asserts itself to be that!


Now that same type of androgynous voice might not be gay; but I can guarantee you if it isn't it has a fixation on men!

But where is this relevant?  In the armed forces!  I talked to a man who founded groups to help survivors of male sexual molestation of males in the armed forces and also heroin addiction attained in the armed forces.  He said male sexual molestation of males was high!

How can you not say that which would do that to another male isn't a homosexual?  The only way you wouldn't believe that and want to say it would be if you had a very evil mother?

But lets get into the analysis of this a little more.  I have declared and proved to my satisfaction ad infimum that it isn't normal.  What does it mean?  It means those who are sexually molesting men in our armed forces are not NORMAL!


Now again back to schizophrenia and why this is relevant to the fraud concerning it.  We got a lot of this doctrine that was put in college courses from supposed scientists whose names were Masters and Johnson.  Now those are English surnames.  What does that amount to?  For our country to accept untrue scientific findings from those of a foreign country that tried to conquer the United States at least three times?  It is an internal attack on our military isn't it!

And again this was the caliber and quality of research that also states that schizophrenia is not demonic possession.  What that amounts to right there is an attack on the integrity of men that think like men and write and understand things like our Constitution.

The homosexuals voice is androgynous.  It sounds like a hormonal woman.  And sometimes it sounds like a sweet talking queer.  Again they are not talking that way on purpose.  That is how their vocal chords formed.  So it is gene based.  So what are the odds if it talks like a woman not on purpose and that is gene based; that it having a sexual attraction to males when it is one is also genetically based?  100%


So how does that ruin our military?  We funnel trillions of dollars into the military.  Where does it go?  What happens when men leave the military because of being sexually molested in the military?  The people who remain in the military get more of that share of trillions don't they!  In fact that androgynous person is likely to work his way up the ladder of rank and also wealth scale!


Does this build integrity with foreign nations or does it build hatred of the United States?  We have got the Muslims who by religion don't drink alcohol (alcohol being the leading cause of the irreversible birth defect of mental retardation in the western hemisphere.) coming after us!  And who else has that androgynous voice?  Those with Down's Syndrome; with its mental retardation component.

Okay John Cary isn't going to like me for this one.  So lets generalize.  You have two armies fighting one another.  One believes in queers and tolerates sexual molestation of men by men in it as well as heroin pushing versus one that doesn't believe in drinking alcohol at all; the leading cause of mental retardation.

Who do you want to win that fight?  And don't try and false rationalize it.  I can feel a dyslexic idiot starting to turn the gears in its mind in order to evade the simple and undeniable point.

Another question.  Which of those armed forces is an army of men?  Do you even know how to be honest with yourself?  Your head is so screwed up from birth that you can't even be honest with yourself!

And if a person can't be honest with themselves can the be honest with the American Public?  So indeed this goes right to the highest levels of the United States Government!  So people who can't be honest with themselves are telling us that men who are tormented with voices really have a mental illness rather than someone out there cursing them?  Someone androgynous?  You ever bet on horses?

Again no legitimate collegiate scientist would allow those above definitions to be asserted normal.  But all of them have.

Do I have problems with homosexuals?  I am nice to most all people; it is part of respecting the rights of others and being a man.

But again what happens when we have people in this country who want to habitually disrespect the rights of human beings can we amend our Constitution to eliminate their rights?  That is what the Constitution was created for!!!!  And that is highly consistent with an amendment to the Constitution required to be consistent as to the intent and purpose of the Constitution!

Do you know that you hate this so bad that you completely want it to go away.  Again what can we say about people who can't even be honest to themselves with regard to the validity of their own thinking?

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Humor: There was a joint announcement by the CDC, FEMA and the Corporate Health Insurance Industry

Humor: There was a joint announcement by the CDC, FEMA and the Corporate Health Insurance Industry-  "Were not liable for the plague."

Also in the press release was an announcement that the roving paramedics would not be having emergency service in the event of a plague.

And the Church related Funeral and Cemetery industries stated that they do not like the plague because it leads to lot revenue opportunities.  "We operate on a more even business model."

Thomas Paul Murphy
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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Satanic Justice System Decoded 01 27 2016

Satanic Justice System Decoded  01 27 2016

Let's say a star of a science fiction series kills his wife,  he breaks her neck, bruises her body and drowns her in the pool then cremates the body.

How does the satan industry start reeling?  They have to find him not guilty otherwise the whole industry is mortally damaged!  Brand names are tainted! Money is lost!  Mortgages are not paid.

So what happens?  Somehow they need to wash that out.  Somehow in order to do that an innocent person has to go to prison for something that isn't their fault or that shouldn't be illegal.  I want to say a violation to the Second Amendment is what they are put away for.

Also in the Satanic system the criminal cannot blame himself for the crime so he has to blame someone else.  Also if he can he needs to make that person guilty of something.  Because that makes him feel better about himself.  It is kind of the way his mind ticks.

So the judge doesn't convict.  But that criminal is off the hook for the crime but he is on the hook to the satanic industry.  So how does he fulfill that debt to them?  He has to use a voice to skull system to harass an innocent person per the above way of transferring his guilt.  Somehow satan likes to keep a score sheet to show everyone?  This person is not guilty but look at these 2 what they did today?  The more low level crimes they add the less the big crime looks as bad as it was; murder?

The way this is all motivated is because satan can't blame himself for anything because he doesn't have his own soul.  That is why many are actors.  And it isn't the cream that rises to the top is it?  It is the filth!  Why?  Once at the top the filth can be manipulated more easily!!!!!  You put a good man at the top and he doesn't budge!  Why John F. Kennedy was killed!  A bad man at the top, loves it!  He loves the squirming this way and that way.  Worm holing the wood in the beams the White House.

And I know it doesn't sound believable.  But again look at how the industry is built completely on perception being reality.  Credibility is perception.

Just start to add it up.

Cosby date drug raping many.
Tyson biting the ear off Holyfield.
Obama using drugs in high school.
OJ killing his wife.
Michael Jackson sleeping with children offered to him?
And what about Robert Wagner?

So add all that up and what do you have to ask yourself.  Honestly ask yourself?  What crime did all the other famous people commit in their life to get to where they are?  Who did they hurt?  Satan likes that doesn't he/she?

And here is another aspect of this.  Women forced into unnoticeable acts of prostitution!  You don't see the life they lived but they did!  Forced to have sex at an early age.  Screwed up with guilt.  Getting jollies from being mean because of that.  Not believing in the good man and honesty.  In fact resenting the good man and a loving family.  So when we say we hear voices; look at all the bad people that there are!

But look at how much money we dump into the Department of Defense?  Where does it really go?  Satan retires from the military from a walk in the mountains at age 30?

Perhaps it is all about Moses being the son of an Egyptian white woman and a black slave but Moses turning out white?  But his brain was miscegenated and the genes didn't code to normal peaceful human properly? 

I really don't care if you don't believe it.  But just look at all the holes there are!!!  There are too many holes aren't there?  How can you have faith or believe credible something with that many holes (wrongdoings) in it?

Do you know what the G@d Damned truth is?  There should not be any drugs in any schools or anywhere in the United States.  I could never accept it!  To me it is still shocking that it exists and proliferates!  It only happens from the leadership of bad men everywhere.

I want to legally wipe that evil off the face of the earth forever and erect monoliths with instructions so that it never is born again!

Thomas Paul Murphy
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Can we Amend the United States Constitution to take away the Rights of those Who Habitually abuse the rights of others 01 27 2016

Can we Amend the United States Constitution to take away the Rights of those Who Habitually abuse the rights of others 01 27 2016

That is indeed a valid amendment as to the intent and purpose of the United States Constitution!

Not only can it be done, but it has to be done in order to protect the United States Constitution!

And I am indeed referring to confederacies who seek to curse individuals and cause the medical fraud of schizophrenia!

I am talking about people who never became individuals but instead divided the souls and minds of men and women.

I am talking about people who used nonlethal weapons to harass human beings!

I am talking about people who do not believe in individuality!  I am talking about people who have no desire to be individuals!

I am talking about people who have surrendered their legal right to make decisions because they use alcohol and drugs!

They need to leave!

Thomas Paul Murphy
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Lack of Community Leadership is threatening our Democracy 01 27 2016

Lack of Community Leadership is threatening our Democracy 01 27 2016

So you are a black person living in the core.  There are awful thugs all around.  And because of that you want gun control?

What does that tell us?  Our Constitution states that we are not to have gun control.

How come Community Leadership can't address that problem?  One of two things right.

1.  The people of that community are not of integrity and there is no one to rise to the top in valid community leadership!

2.  The people of that community do not believe in leadership.

Perhaps three things.

3.  There are a great many attention deficit hyperactivity people in that community who could not listen or discern...what leadership is?  How to even handle dangerous things like power tools, or cars.  How not to take drugs because in effect you are abandoning your ability to make legal decisions.

The Second Amendment isn't the threat to the Democracy it is the Democracy and the standard of Democracy!  Those mentally defective people are the threat to the Democracy and the Constitution.

Now I write something like this and I really don't see how anyone can see it any other way than how I write it but the truth is that no one see's it the way I do!

Thomas Paul Murphy
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When the Governor of Michigan fails to prevent lead from getting in the Drinking Water the President of the United States has a Duty to Declare that a dry state!  Same goes for Scott Walker and the corruption he caused in Wisconsin.  Same with Texas and the allowance of illegal immigrants in the U.S.  Same with NY and organized crime!  Same with California as a wealthy drug user oasis. 

And the truth is that after those and other states are cleaned up they have to remain dry in order that you don't get retards in politics again.


Bill Clinton accepting Millions for speeches while his WIFE is in a Gov. function amounts to acceptance of an illegal gift 01 27 2016

Bill Clinton accepting Millions for speeches while his WIFE is in a Gov. function amounts to acceptance of an illegal gift  01 27 2016

I know what you are saying already; that is the legal term of CONSIDERATION for him doing the work of the speech.

The point here being is that because they are married they are considered the same financial entity whether or not how they declare it year end.  You can't tell me that upon death of one of them that the other doesn't get all their money; hence besides the obvious other reasons, they are one entity.  Which means it is the equivalent of a politician accepting a gift or bribe.

In politics we speak because we are given an opportunity and want to be heard!  When you start charging for it that is something different isn't it?  It is your hillbilly southern wealth buying up influence and power!  It is the creation of a Confederacy which is directly mentioned as illegal per the United States Constitution.  A Confederacy is:

Any money accepted by someone like that should be returned to the citizens.  Presumably they got into public service for the people and not wealth creation.  Gov. isn't a place to put your horse head daughter or midget voiced wife so that they have a high profile career and the false sense of self esteem that comes with it?

I really think the Clintons and Bushes should, at the very least, be deported for treason!

A Corporation having factories overseas also amounts to a confederacy!


Realistically how much should one be allowed to receive for a speech?  Here what we are seeing is a crossover of religion, whereby you can  put whatever you want in the hat, presumably the more you put the more God helps you?  Is it starting to make you sick to your stomach?  Allowing this much to be donated for a speech or accepted is above the Consideration for the speech! 

I know what you are going to say next.  It is like a book signing?  Most authors are just glad if they can sell books at one and have the opportunity.  What would it mean if an author received millions for a book signing?  Since the money isn't being received for consideration what can it be deemed being received for?   Let's say I am an author that writes a book about titled, "Marijuana is so Healthy"  What would my speech money really be for?  Promoting an criminal act!  Now we don't see how the mean brats get the jobs when their parents pony up the money for speeches but we do indeed see the effects of it on our democracy!

Thomas Paul Murphy
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Humor: Psychiatry is a queer chasing after you with a bottle of pills. 01 27 2016

Humor:  Psychiatry is a queer chasing after you with a bottle of pills.  01 27 2016

Copyright 2016
Thomas Paul Murphy
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Humor: Both Marco Rubio and Hillary Clinton have Midgets Voices 01 27 2016

Humor:  Both Marco Rubio and Hillary Clinton have Midgets Voices 01 27 2016

You can stop reading there if all you want to do is enjoy that irony of that or you can go on from there to read the diatribe below.

So does Ellen Degenerous.

All people with Down's Syndrome have that exact same voice.

Actually it is kind of depressing.  As a person who has heard voices for 25 years hearing a voice like that reminds me of the Clint Eastwood Movie High Plains Drifter where the Town Midget is being the Protagonist to death in the center of the village.

As such I really am not delighted that someone with a midgets voice attains fame and fortune in the United States.

And my Catholic upbringing tells me that we are all human and all flawed.  But look at the gestalt of that.  A man wearing a dress is promoting the number one cause of the birth defect of mental retardation in the Western Hemisphere, alcohol/wine at every mass.

These are the people that rule the world.

I was reading in yesterdays Investors Business Daily that by the year 2050, that is 34 years from today, there will be more plastic in the Oceans than fish.

Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2016
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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

John F. Kennedy's real problem was that he could not find a valid running mate 01 26 2016

John F. Kennedy's real problem was that he could not find a valid running mate  01 26 2016

You would think that there could be at least two people at that top who think alike and get along with each other and respect each other?

Lyndon B. Johnson was from the very State Kennedy was assassinated in.

There was also a feud going on between the Governor John B. Connally and Senator Ralph Yarborough of Texas at that time.  I need to research these two some more for criminal minded character flaws.

What I find more interesting and implicating than ever is that John F. Kennedy believed his opponent in the 1964 election was going to be  Senator Barry Goldwater of Arizona.  Goldwater was Jewish/ Episcopalian and from the neighboring state Kennedy was assassinated.  Was Goldwater's wife Margaret Peggy Johnson any relation to Lyndon B. Johnson his VP?  Goldwater is really a name that the family changed from Goldwassar, in Poland.  His grandson Ty is openly gay and HIV positive.  There was a Polish family I went to Catholic School with whose eldest son is openly gay.

Goldwater was against Communism!  Did he really know what it was all about?  Those who don't have their own soul needing a host; ie the schizophrenic?   He did not vote to censor McCarthy who was having a conniption fit about communism!  This breaks one of my beliefs that most if not all Jews were pro communism!

As I am reading about Goldwater I am starting to like him!!!!  He stated, "sometimes I think this country would be better off if we could just saw off the Eastern Seaboard and let it float out to sea".

I agree with him because New York was a slave port!  Also New York is the center of organized crime!  They are stated to take 10% of every textile that comes into the U.S.  Also the potatoes that caused the Irish famine were traced to New York!!!

Goldwater who was Jewish was openly supported by the leaders of the Klu Klux Klan?

This is all very interesting because Bernie Sanders is Jewish and a leading Democratic Candidate for President.

What am I saying about genealogy and statistics?  They are not telling us the truth with regard to homosexuality!  I am asserting that its prevalence is not equal across all nationalities.  Nationality defined by genetic origin to make the matter clearer.

This is Goldwater on pollution!  Wow we could use a man like that today!!! 
"I feel very definitely that the [Nixon] administration is absolutely correct in cracking down on companies and corporations and municipalities that continue to pollute the nation's air and water. While I am a great believer in the free competitive enterprise system and all that it entails, I am an even stronger believer in the right of our people to live in a clean and pollution-free environment. To this end, it is my belief that when pollution is found, it should be halted at the source, even if this requires stringent government action against important segments of our national economy.[61]:"


Goldwater died of a stroke.  The same technology that makes a person labeled schizophrenic hear voices can also give a person a stroke.

I don't think Goldwater was in on the assassination of Kennedy.  I thought I was going to read something that might be a clue to that, aside that the basis of organized crime I'm the United States is reported to have started with a handshake between an Italian man and a Jewish man, but I came up with just the opposite belief.

There hasn't been one good man as President since John F. Kennedy.  And look at what happens to a good man who has great ideas for the people in the United States?  The devil can't stand it!

So what would  you have to do to secure a good man as President of the United States?  Better yet here it is, here is my belief.  You are going to hate it.

"How many people would you have to deport from the United States so that when a good man became president he wasn't assassinated by one of them?"

Wow do I like Goldwater another quote from him:  "I would remind you that extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice. And let me remind you also that moderation in the pursuit of justice is no virtue."

Thomas Paul Murphy
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It isn't Osteoporosis and it isn't Congestive Heart Failure it is CAVITY BONE and CAVITY BLOOD 01 26 2016

It isn't Osteoporosis and it isn't Congestive Heart Failure it is CAVITY BONE and CAVITY BLOOD  01 26 2016

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Just heard this on the radio, seeing what treatment options of depression there are for women who were recently pregnant.

So she is depressed because she has to share her life with her offspring, that she has to love and care for them?  I think if she is that way you leave well enough alone and let Darwinism have its way.  Gee she can no longer be a limited liability career woman she needs to be a loving mother and she has not clue how to do that!

Monday, January 25, 2016

Humor: If we just gave Hilary Clinton to the middle east Muslims that might solve our nations problems 01 25 2016

Humor:  If we just gave Hilary Clinton to the middle east Muslims that might solve our nations problems 01 25 2016

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The Black List Television Program 01 25 2016

The Black List Television Program 01 25 2016

I will admit that I have never watched a full program of this or ones like it.  But per the glimpses that I have seen it looks to me like they are propagandizing torture as legitimate.   And I am sure that if I had to review the episodes it would be proven out.  It is propagandizing something unconstitutional isn't it?  Doesn't that amount to treason?

But what would the public outcry be if on one of these programs they were torturing a black person and not a white one?

Does anyone really believe people are going to want to watch reruns of a program like that in 40 years like they do Star Trek?


Okay so a Police Officer used to only use his firearm in order to shoot to kill!  What is a Police Officer who shoots to wound or mame?  Again that person he has wounded is going to live a lifetime off pain from it!  That lifetime of pain amounts to torture!  Torture is indeed illegal per the United States Constitution because it is, with no doubt about it, cruel and unusual punishment!

Any Police Officer who shoots to wound and not kill should indeed get the mandatory death penalty for treason!  And I am dead serious!

If a Police Officer doesn't like his job, what this means, the high standard he should be held to then he should not be on the force.

One round to the chest and one to the head would seem to be survivable to me!

Okay, what about the Police Officer who wields deadly force unwarranted?  That is exactly the same as if he is defacto a member of genocidal organized crime and the punishment should indeed be death!

It isn't something a dolt drinks a 12 pack of Pabst while watching a Packer Game gets in his squad car the next day and believes he has the authority to do is it!  I know from personal experience that you can't trust someone like that to pound off a tie rod without bashing a co worker who is holding the rod steady in the wrist with the mallet.  Thank God neither of those low grade imbeciles were me!

That requires a higher level of responsibility in a man doesn't it!  We know Mr. cretin voice who likes to strut around and talk like he is sassy Cathy when he has a drink or two isn't up to that challenge and never will be!


The Purging of the Low Lifes.

I believe that all drug dealers and producers should be executed as a matter of legal justice.  How is this accomplished?  You drug test someone because you wouldn't want them driving a fork lift in your factory or crafting or selling derivatives to bilk the public.  You fit THC in their blood.  They are then required to tell you who their drug dealer is and that drug dealer is executed.

Now you come back to that drug user after two years and you test his blood for drugs.  When you find drugs you execute him!  Why?  Because he is a danger to himself and American Freedom!  You wouldn't want him to do those activities labeled professional above.  Nor would you want him to be a computer programmer.  You know a little 5417 who believes his greatest life accomplishment is creating a virus that causes 100,000 of thousands of hours of American stress and lost productivity.  Sorry that isn't someone a mother should ever be proud of either, no matter if he drives a BMW or not!

So that same principle should be applied to pimps and the prostitutes if they fail to repent.

And eventually it works its way to alcohol and tobacco producers!  Also included above is pharmaco companies, pharmacies and Doctors.  Good riddens!

I really don't care to hear a spoiled person act who takes drugs, I don't want to hear a singer who derives lyrics from drug use, I don't care to see someone play sports who is steroid doped.  I don't want any of that around.

Why am I this way?  Because I have been denied every opportunity to achieve to my level because of impish sick voices that parallel that of clown psycho killers!  So indeed social reform would include ethnic cleansing of the freakish as per the Quran; loosely rephrased ~~"You keep that up until the persecution of you stops!"  What was he fighting for?  He was a Prophet whose fight was for the sanctity of humanity and human life!  You can't be more human or righteous than that!

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Sunday, January 24, 2016

Martial Art's and National Integrity 01 24 2016

Martial Art's and National Integrity 01 24 2016

So you would think that with all the martial arts schools around the United States that we would not have a drug problem at all? That very courageous young man who became a black belt would beat them all up and teach them a lasting lesson!

The truth is much to the contrary of that isn't it! Martial Arts leads to drug use and drug proliferation! You would swear that it was a foreign army in the United States!

Case and point. The person believed to be the greatest martial arts person of all time Bruce Lee died of a brain hemorrhage linked to marijuana. Why was he even allowed in the United States? He should have been deported!

Because we have a prolific drug problem it really means that martial arts are used by drug dealers and gangs doesn't it! They don't man up do they they become effeminate.

So marijuana use causes a 70% decrease in vascular function within one half hour after use in lab tests. What does a pot head tell his son? Son I am sorry but I am only 30% of a man! So a white hillbilly in the south smokes pot and to put this in cracker terms he is only one half of the 3/5 they used to say a black person was. He isn't half a n1663r that implies he has two halves to him; instead how do we phrase this to be grammatically correct; he is only half the man a n1663r is.

But lets beat this point some more. If martial arts were such an effective weapon what are all these Asians doing with it in the United States? Why aren't they over in China bringing forth a Democracy?

So if they aren't in China doing that what are these cowards, read above carefully, doing here?

So the spoiled brat, person was picked on, and he gained confidence in martial arts. But that wasn't enough for him, he also has to use pot in order to relax? I think there should be a national registry of black belts for when that ultimate day comes!

Sure and you used to hear on the news oh, a karate guy saved someone? Just the opposite is more likely to be true isn't it! Those fighting skills are used to enforce drug dealers!

Could someone who is a black belt even be trusted to have a gun? Not if they are a pot user too.

A little off topic but the FBI stated they can't hire computer programmers because most of them are pot smokers and fail the drug test. What does that tell us about computer programmers? Nothing anyone how has had to reboot their operating system doesn't already know! They have no integrity and do not belong in the United States. Why else would the Queen have knighted Bill Gates? Are you telling me that someone who smokes pot isn't going to also be a hacker and ruin a United States Citizens computer? I can't tell you how many good people I have talked to who do honest work have had their computers attacked and work wiped out by that pot head hacker! I want them out of here. Now one of the smartest computer programmers in my high school class name was Jeffery Feldman, his father or mother was Jewish and he was found to have over 16 hard drives full of the most horrific child sexual victimization videos ever known.

Do we need an undersea data cable to England? We should have never allowed the English to immigrate to the United States, officially they have attacked us 3 times in the history books. The Revolutionary War, they aided the Slave owning South in the Civil War and in the War of 1812 they attacked and burnt our White House, you know the place where Barack Obama currently resides. They won't attack us today because they have already screwed us up!

So lets do the spy network dots again. FDR of English and French nationality is very wealthy, his family money comes from the opiate trade with China. Also he is stated to have looted the United States stock market in the 1929 crash via the short sale. China is effectively controlled by England through it's governing presence in Hong Kong. Nobody seemed to notice that when the Viet Nam War was here! No one picked up the phone to call the Queen to tell her to talk to her people in Hong Kong and tell them to stop it? And today that monarchy business structure called the corporation has sent all that labor to China. This is how I see it. But what did FDR do? He attempted to modify capitalism so that there would not be poor and homeless with social security.

Let me ask you this, If a Doctor has no patients should he still be paid? In a purely Capitalist country a Doctor who has no patients is no longer a doctor! Now what if that Doctor gets one patient and charges him a crippling burden of $100,000.oo for his services to him? Should we all pay for that Doctor to work just that once during the year? Or should that Doctor have been deemed to have committed a criminal act? I say that the latter is true. Would we have health care inflation without publicly traded stock market health corporations? Do you remember earlier today where I told you inflation really came from? It comes from Corporations raising prices in order to attain higher yearly profits in support of higher stock prices for the wealthy. Do you see how Barack Obama's mandatory health insurance feeds right into their hands? So Barack Obama's health insurance addresses the issue of Doctors not being disciplined by giving more to the Doctor money trail? That doesn't make sense does it? Now there was a very good point I was going to make right here but that spoiled monkey like voice cut into my thinking and blocked it.


What else? Marco Rubio? Listen to his voice, he doesn't even sound like a man! He sounds like a Sassy Cathy that has a few drinks in her. It is the tone of his voice, froglike vocal chords? I think it is an alcohol based regressive gene birth defect.


So cigarettes aren't going away are they, even though we know that they cause cancer. I suppose that I should get into the cigarette business myself marketing directly to Blacks. I think a name like Mississippi Queen might appeal to them?


But I view martial arts black belts in exactly the same manner as I do Satanic Priests. I believe that they have no place in our country and perhaps on earth. Men of integrity do not smoke marijuana, promote it or say it is okay! And I am not going to give you any more personal knowledge of it than that at this point. A man of integrity does not pretend to make his body healthy with any form of exercise while at the same time in his life use drugs or alcohol. It just doesn't work that way!


One more point? An immigrant, say karate Asian or black person moves into your suburban neighborhood. And that person is a drug dealer. Who do you think they are going to target to get hooked on drugs? I can tell you that it is whoever the wealthy three letter word from above doesn't like and finds the intelligence of a threat; perhaps a young white boy of patriarchal good Irish descent. Blacks didn't form this country and freedom, initial spoiled pouty faced Asian immigrants didn't; white people with integrity that is off the scale today did!


So if the church really serves as a basis for strong communities then that community function needs to be on a basis of fairness; and that is not how the Bible is being taught or how it is being used. We should not be having the disparity that we do in the black community of the United States. My personal opinion is that you can take the entirely of that disparity back to Africa! And you can take that 30% of a man pot smoking white person right along with you to live in the mud hut next to yours. Good riddens. Sigh of relief.

And I am indeed curious as to how the Greek demographic is fairing in the United States today? Whether it is on the decline? How was it affected in WW2?

So a young boy is taught to tease the mind of a man (satanic indoctrination). When that boy becomes 50 years old he will still be looking for where the all the men are going to be on a particular day. When he becomes 60 years old he suffers from castration anxiety because he knows he isn't one of us. Somehow you know what I am saying is true; even though you never read anything like it before in your life?

And how does he act out in relation to his own castration anxiety from not having his own mans mind?  He seeks to sexually victimize a white boy doesn't he?  Is that the character profile of a Satanic Catholic Priest?  I assert it is!

Do you see why I don't want you around?

Thomas Paul Murphy
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A Gypsy Kills Someone what is the next thing he does? 01 24 2016

A Gypsy Kills Someone what is the next thing he does?  01 24 2016

The Gypsy declares that he is really a Doctor and was treating that person.  That person was very ill and he did the best he could.  The Gypsy/Doctor takes all his money when he kills him and buries him in the back of his yard which is called "a plot."  If questions further are asked the Gypsy says that the man could not afford burial and the Gypsy/Doctor buried him out of professional courtesy.

I believe this to be what Jesus meant when he said, "Doctors only cure those who don't know them?"

But doesn't the above sound a lot like our health care system today?  Accept before the Gypsy takes you into his home you have already prepaid him for that very good treatment per Barack Obama?

Thomas Paul Murphy
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The English tried at least 3 times to conquer the United States 01 24 2016

The English tried at least 3 times to conquer the United States 01 24 2016

What prevented them?  Your Second Amendment Right to own a gun and your right to free speech!

They could not take us because we all had guns in our homes.

So when the FBI wants to arrest someone for exerting their right to free speech how do they do so?  They do so when that person is away from their home don't they!!!!

It is almost as if it is an English insurrection isn't it?  If you wanted to conquer the United States and tried repeatedly you would go back and attempt to reverse or change everything that prevented you in the past!

Hence Obama attacking your right to own a gun.!

Also the Navy!  You would infiltrate that with as many satanic minded people as you could find.

Also allowing Gay's to serve in the military to make sexual assault look like it has a common and normal alibi.

Legalize drugs so it makes it look like you overdosed instead of being poisoned to death!  The Puritans who initially broke free from England executed anyone who attempted to poison them or did poison them!  Like it or not!  FDR's family money came from the opiate trade with China!

You would screw up the labor and dominate employment.  Unconstitutional limited liability framework.

You would send manufacturing to another country that you controlled through Hong Kong.

You would provoke War with neighbors and draw the United States into it with you.

You would create profit structures that defied borders!

You would declare that a criminals money is just as good as that of someone from the United States by making the free exchange of currencies in the Financial Markets.  That equivocation of money being equal and acceptable is a violation and lessening of your constitutional rights.

And lastly you would declare anyone who asserting you were a criminal as being mentally ill.  You would drug them!  You would even devise ways to make them have auditory hallucinations!  And that is just what the tribe of actors who came up from the south did to Abraham Lincoln at the end of the Civil war during a séance!  Would you believe that they had an electronic device that made noises placed in the room?  Now Ben Franklins son moved back to England and was against the freeing of the slaves.  I declare as I attempt to determine where that tech came from.  Our borders should have always been closed to the English!  Always!

You would slowly and insidiously whittle away every single precedent set in the Supreme Law of the Land to make it the exact opposite of what it is supposed to mean!  And that is what they have done!

Thomas Paul Murphy
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Nazi Germany the Jews and the Bible 01 24 2016

Nazi Germany the Jews and the Bible 01 24 2016

In Nazi Germany if you didn't lock the door on the gas chamber you were to be thrown in with the rest of them. That is how my Italian High School Humanities professor described it.

But in the Bible we learn that Jewish Villages chained someone in a cemetery that was given the label of demoniac.

Perhaps part of that religion is that either you beat the demoniac in the cemetery or you become the demoniac? Either you cause the schizophrenic to hear voices demonizing him in his head or we demonize you and you become the schizophrenic? This would indeed be why no one tells of the medical fraud of schizophrenia? Something called the silence of the lambs? The lambs are silent for fear of something? And lamb was indeed a metaphor used to describe people in the Bible!

What was that Bible Holocaust about besides chaining a demoniac in the cemetery? Holocaust means offering to God. Moses slit the throats of two of Arron's sons at the altar because they didn't get the offering to God right? Moses was the son of a white Egyptian and a black slave???? What am I getting at? If you don't want to be poisoned by meat you cook it until it is well done. If you are cannibals you do so doubly so don't you! Hence the Bible passages telling us that the living God in the tent instructed the others to just leave the charred meat at the front of the tent? We know that they didn't have any meat because they complained to Moses! Lamb a metaphor for person, so was Oxen a metaphor for person? How many football players seem like dumb oxes to you? You know it is true! So the point I am making here is if Moses is killing human beings at the altar, the sons of Arron, they are really the Holocaust aren't they! The holocausts were not animals they were people! Isn't that more horrific than you could ever imagine! Were the Romans also cannibals? Drying a person on a cross is a lot like a Polish deli hanging up meat to dry isn't it! The emperor Caligula himself was a cannibal! He ate the live testicles off of men whom he had restrained upside down. That was his favorite form of torture.

So how long does a Roman Emperor or someone like that live? Same age as a normal person right. What is the point? Look at how the fear they established in ruler-ship continues long after they are in their aging decline? What am I getting at? The people need capital punishment of such criminals in order to maintain peace, democracy and freedom. Only some kind of queer would idolize someone who committed such crimes and was allowed to be freed from prison. Only some kind of queer would accept that back into their neighborhood as one of themselves.

And now I am getting into the lies of statistics. If a statistic condemns a race you will never hear about it. Such as how many Italian men are gay? We don't know the demographics between nationalities of homosexuality. We won't be allowed to know any of the damning evidence for that very reason. It condemns all of science!
How did Criminals used to be brought to justice; when they learned that they are not as smart as they thought they are.  What happens to the human civilization when criminals are not proved to be as smart as they think they are? 

Thomas Paul Murphy
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Are there emotionally disturbed women who never developed their own minds, when someone whose mind they have thinks beyond their comprehension they take that feeling of inadequacy out on their children like pin cushions?  Effeminizing the boys!  Perhaps even limiting genetic development over a lifetime so that male sexuality is suppressed in favor of homosexuality?  Without a doubt!

At the  very least she should be restricted from drinking wine for her entire life!

Ask yourself "What kind of a beast would give me a Crippling Burden so that they could attain wealth." 01 24 2016

Ask yourself "What kind of a beast would give me a Crippling Burden so that they could attain wealth."  01 24 2016

Isn't that what the minimum wage is today?  You have to incur a crippling burden just in order to get by!

Now the media and academia want you to believe that inflation is normal and natural.  But it isn't!  Inflation is a result of attaining higher corporate profits by raising prices to the general public!  And the Corporation is illegal per the United States Constitution but no one wants to admit it or interpret it that way.

That created inflation is used to keep the middle class from advancing!  Along with economic banking fraud such as the mortgage crisis, the medical fraud of schizophrenia, and controlled employment by the satanic, plus barriers to entry into politics!  Causing a human being to hear voices is the greatest barrier to upward mobility in the history of the world.  And it is conducted by the spoil sports!

In ancient history the Jews had a law that said you cannot incur an crippling burden to someone.  That means you can't make them work so hard that they are crippled in order to pay back what you lent them.  Now those Jews are far different than the ones that I have known in my life.  The modern ones want to give you a crippling mental burden so that their children can be inverse imprinted from your ruined mind?  And I am again talking about the medical fraud of schizophrenia!

Who would create a business structure of limited liability whereby the business cannot be sued when you have a personal injury there from being overworked or lack of safe equipment?  Only a beast of a person.  The founding fathers NEVER wanted us to have to put up with that!

And after you have to quit that job just to save your own life you become blackballed by that which attains wealth by giving what it considers its flock of people a crippling burden.

Chain the only man in the village who doesn't have a dented forebrain structure to a cemetery stone so that you can hear him wail and imprint your born separated minds from his congruent brain?  That is what the Bible tells us Jesus Experienced or rather DISCOVERED was going on when he went out to villages making his rounds!!!!!!!!!!

You are going to have to learn about the real intent of the United States Constitution in order to understand why a limited liability corporation is illegal.  But I will give you the gist of it!
1.  The Constitution has a clause that uses the direct language, Congress cannot grant a title of nobility.  (also we are not allowed to form profit groups which is what a Confederacy is.)
2.  "A King" is a title of nobility.
3.  Kings rule by a form of government known as monarchy, tyranny or communism.
4.  The form of rulership a king rules by is called DIVINE RIGHT!

 It's illegal!

So here is what I think they are trying to do.  Degrade the United States to the point where Communist from foreign countries are called in to help "restore order" perhaps under the guise of the United Nations or a peacekeeping force.  And which point instead of economic based genocide which they tried to initiate with the mortgage fraud and the Bernie Madoff fraud it will be War Against Man on our Homeland. Man defined as not having dented forebrain; which is exactly what we have been lied to and told that only schizophrenics DON'T have a dented forebrain.  The brain not expanding and developing fully in that frontal area is indeed the birth defect; not the schizophrenic who doesn't have the void!  It thinks the same way the forked tongue of a snake lies.

Thomas Paul Murphy
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The Biologically Engineered Human Parasite 01 24 2016

The Biologically Engineered Human Parasite 01 24 2016

So we don't really know why that India Indian woman out east had forged 10,000 autopsies as coroner. So I will indeed speculate. Was it to extract parasites from their dead bodies and cultivate or re-engineer them to make them stronger and more debilitating? There are a lot of Indian Indians in the medical community in the United States. They are also in the University System in Wisconsin. They are hired by Jewish professors. They can't speak English correctly to save their lives but the Jewish Professors hire them anyway? I didn't get that same sweet tenure working for a Jewish man.

Are India Indian's involved in Vaccine formulation?  Per my memory that is who was the head of that function in the U.S.

So it sounds like pure paranoia for me to assert that India Indians would be engineering parasites to infect human beings with?

Back in 1991 I stood less than four feet away from an incubator of parasites at Archer Daniels Midland! The investment firm I was hired at was bringing a company called Biosys public. They cultured and grew a parasite called a NEMATODE in these temperature controlled vats that were 10 feet high! That parasite can last for 10 years in the soil? It was marketed to wine growers in California? I read the league of Satanic tavern league children into that. That bug killed some kind of worm borer. We were told that it wasn't dangerous to humans because it couldn't survive at mammalian temperatures. The president of that company was India Indian and the vice president Jewish. I don't know how far back SEC records go on Edgar but I will run a quick check and post a link if I can find one.

But what is the belief system of the Sikh India Indian religion? To join with a higher consciousness. How do you do that? You make that person live in radiating tortured pain! What else can I say about them? That they marry for money in prearranged marriages and therefore are likely to loathe the sons of men. That they worship the rat and allow it to run freely in swarms in public temples in India.

I have been told that you have to watch an India Indian person like a Hawk in retail because they change price stickers on merchandise. And that is very consistent with Sasha Diva pilfering 30 million from Koss Corporation and buying gold that she gave to her tribal members? But the Jewish man Bernie Madoff did that exact same thing with sending gold in the mail to his friends after he looted $50 BILLION DOLLARS FROM investors! So there is indeed the equivocation again.

Do you want to know the truth? As a population they might be suffering from a genetic mutation from being rat bit! They might have a rat parasite that causes the front of their brains to have an exterior fold in it that those who hear voices are stated not to have. That which has a non congruent brain seeking to join the consciousness of that which does.

I was eating at a franchise chain sub shop on the South Side of Milwaukee. The woman owner of that shop was putting onions on it. But she gesticulated in such a manner with her fingers as she put them on it. Kind of like when someone is doing something bad to you and they want you to know and they want you to feel helpless about it in some way; like your assertion is invalid? Like you should be labeled paranoid for questioning them but... Anyhow I am 49 years old and have traveling pain in my joints. Left knee, left side of the back and now the left side of shoulder. Like something is feeding in one place for a while and then letting it heal while it feeds somewhere else in my body.

They would not engineer a parasite unless they knew how to kill it inside of them if per chance infected or during an epidemic plague of it. So indeed the way you figure out how to kill it is to review all the prescription records Doctors of that race have written and stockpiled for themselves and related entities.

Try Fenugreek. At the Indian Grocery store it is labeled something like Kali Meth?? Also one of the best ways to diminish debilitating and disabling joint pain over night is to put Vicks Vapor Rub on it before you go to bed at night. Fenugreek is very good for the lungs. A little bit on the top of a butter knife in your mouth before bed will help you sleep better by giving more oxygen to your metabolic restorative process.

Some retail convenience stores that make a lot of money off of selling cigarettes to black people are indeed...or at least there are bills to stick them with nuisance fees.

I will assert again, schizophrenia is indeed medical fraud, the voices are real and horrific however the cause of it makes it fraud.

I will also assert that anyone who suffers from being overweight, rheumatoid arthritis has a bacterial infection; likely engineered and the reason it isn't treated and cured amounts to satanic medical fraud.  Read the Utne Reader Winter 2015 Edition and Arthritis Today Nov 2014 edition.

Thomas Paul Murphy
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Saturday, January 23, 2016

How to attain a more flaccid and larger Penis 01 23 2016

If you want a more flaccid penis try this. But caster oil on your lower stomach before you go to bed at night. Not to much, a few drops and rub it around. When you wake up in the middle of the night to urinate you will notice that your penis is huge and flaccid. What this means is that tightness in the groin is caused by an inflammation. Likely a parasite. And if you research parasites they like the groin area. The caster oil perhaps drives them out of the stomach feeding area or neutralizes them where to the point you are your normal flaccid self. It might be the same germ that causes hemorrhoids being located in that general area. A common suppository seems to help too. It also might be caused by demonic possession body energy overlay by an Rh- lesbian. But that last part is pure speculation. What this means is that the caster oil caused increased circulation to that area. For whatever metabolic effects it has.... The effect is temporary but it will reassure you that some of our medical community is indeed fraudulent and negligent because of this! Might also be due to having sex with women in college who were unclean in that frontal area? Promiscuity therefore empowering women by disempowering men?

Caster oil is available at reputable drug stores for less than $3 a bottle.  Use only as per directed.  I believe it can also help with weight loss.

The reality is that you don't need to be that big all the time, especially if the only women you see in your area to court are mongoloid like!  Odd voices, upturned lips, bulging eyes, 2nd person cognition, fat dumb cheek smiles, evilness.  No real man wants to get something like that pregnant and have to deal with the consequences.  A bastard Englishman like William (Clinton) Blythe wouldn't have a problem with that though!

Thomas Paul Murphy
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Friday, January 22, 2016

Declaring Martial Law in Drug and Crime Torn Neighborhoods 01 22 2016

Declaring Martial Law in Drug and Crime Torn Neighborhoods 01 22 2016

What that would mean that you would be required to be in your home and not come out from the sundown to sunset.  I believe under the provisions of martial law you could indeed be shot for a violation of it.

It isn't something to use frivolously or subjectively or something to put to the test because you want to find a way to ruin the use of it and prevent it!  A lot of laws have indeed been weakened in that very way!  The criminal minded not wanting to allow freedom to reign and self discipline to be established.

Did you see known drug dealers, prostitutes or pimps going into a home?  I believe a search warrant should always be considered in effect for a dealer in narcotics past or present.

The Martial Law would stay in effect until those neighborhoods are cleared of all drugs, alcohol, pimps and pedophiles.

What kind of world do you really want?  Do you not want these people out of your lives because you feel that you could easily become one?  I hate to say it but you do not have the strength or willpower to live in the land of the free if that is your belief system.

Just to let you know what that is like.  A Military Police Officer once told me how he shot a United States Citizen in the back and killed him for trying to hop the fence of a military prison?  Wait a minute scratch this idea.  He might have been fleeing from a homosexual prison and a homosexual prison one where homosexual activity is going on is illegal per the United States Constitution because it is cruel and unusual punishment to put you somewhere where you will be sodomized by a queer.  A normal man understands that point.  However a homosexual or a woman doesn't seem to get it.  And that right there is why women should not be in politics, government, management, the military or allowed to vote.

This isn't hate speech; this is man speech.  That is why you don't like it!

Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2016
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Okay read that very stern paragraph above and try and honestly think.  How many school shootings have occurred because a boy or young man was placed in the same classroom as sodomizing queer homosexuals?  Do you see how that is Constitutionally illegal as cruel and unusual punishment if that person was sentenced; hence it should never even be tolerated as normality in the public setting?

The Nazi Reich would not have come to fruition if it were not for pederasty and homosexuality.    Again this isn't hate speech this is man speech and that is why you don't like it!


Investment firms selling on or off the books contracts that profit when you sell and lose money on a stock is a reality 01 22 2016

Investment firms selling on or off the books contracts that profit when you sell and lose money on a stock is a reality 01 22 2016

Putting out a contract for your loss?

That isn't America is it!  That is the beast!

Thomas Paul Murphy
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Thursday, January 21, 2016

What did Free Trade with China allow to happen 01 21 2016

What did Free Trade with China allow to happen 01 21 2016

It allowed them to pollute the whole earth with disposable products that don't last!  That is how today's history will be written.

All so that a few wealthy families could maintain that false sense of human self.

Protectionism would not have just protected the United States but the whole world!

Thomas Paul Murphy
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Take a HIke, drafting a new Army to put down your current Army 01 21 2016

Take a HIke, drafting a new Army to put down your current Army  01 21 2016

Per our Constitution we are not to have an army for more than two years after a war.  But we are always to have a militia of the people!

Can you imagine if the initial militia members of the United States declared that they wanted to be paid after they sent the British home?  They would have been told to take a hike!  They weren't in it for the money they were in it to preserve and protect basic principles of freedom!

One United States President did exactly that, formed a new army to put down their current Army (Department of Defense.)

Todays military is not self policing.  If it were you would not have drug and sexual abuse as rampant as it is.

And what about veteran suicide?  That is indicative of failed leadership at the very top  of this country.

If I were President of the United States I would immediately draft a new army to remove all the corruption from our current Armed Forces!  And the people who would rank very highly would be those who were demonized by voices!

What does our current non academic college attendee Armed forces do in its spare time?  Cause trouble with civilians!    Drink beer and hard liquor on our money and cause trouble with normal men and women on their dates!  That does not belong in the United States!

The founding fathers knew how much trouble a standing army or what is termed a military industrial complex is!  A military industrial complex is one of the greatest enemies to Democracies and human freedom!  Sure you will have people like John Kerry doing a lot of War Mongering!  But the truth is the people of this country are better protected when we don't have a standing army!

In fact the only reason we are free today is because we all had guns and they could not take us on our homeland.  Barack and some wealthy Republicans are attempting to change that!

Thomas Paul Murphy
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We need to eliminate or break up ALL Dynasty Families in the United States 01 21 2016

We need to eliminate or break up ALL Dynasty Families in the United States 01 21 2016

They are illegal in many ways!  They are both competing forms of Government representing treason and also Confederacy's. A Confederacy is a group of individuals who have a common goal that is unconstitutional.  Directly forbidden in the United States.

The worst dynasties are those of the media empire, historically known as Scribes?

Someone the other day mentioned a few of the dynasty families in Hollywood Film Production.

1. The Douglass's
2.  The Sheen's
3.  The Cates.

So what production companies do these families own and influence?

I am asserting and charging that they are the source of the medical fraud in the United States known as schizophrenia.  That they are making normal human beings ill and scribing from their minds.

Those trillion dollar costs of fraud sink democracies.

Are some of these families of Mongolian Empire genealogy?  Why is that relevant?  Because mongoloid used to be the term for someone with Downs Syndrome today.  And I am asserting that the mentally retarded are used by the scribes to split human minds.

Thomas Paul Murphy
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Carrot Peeling Salad One of the most healthy and nutritious Lunches that you can have. 01 21 2016

Carrot Peeling Salad   One of the most healthy and nutritious Lunches that you can have. 01 21 2016

How much carrots cost?  Sometimes 89 cents?

Peel off the brown layer into a trapped sink.  Then peel right into a salad bowl with that potato peeler of yours.  Add Caesar dressing that comes from the refrigerated section of the store and you are set!  You are doing something good for your body!
Observations on Home Furnaces 01 21 2016

We recently had ours replaced. It lasted about 28 years! It was not putting out real hot heat when it was working and it was shutting itself off. But it was time for a new one!!!

The installer told us that was due to the lower heat exchanger. They cannot replace the lower heat exchanger easily! The cost of that replacement would be about equal to that of a new furnace?

But that heat exchanger part is indeed a bolted in modular part! If you reach up to your vents and the air seems warm and not hot it is likely due to the heat exchanger. They will tell you that the heat exchanger is warranted for the life of the furnace but then the double talk is that the life of the furnace is really that of the heat exchanger. They will tell you that new ones are made out of stainless steel and last forever. But that isn't true either as anyone who has a gas grill with a stainless steel burner know that they have to be replaced too. The back side to where the heat exchanger could be accessed is all spot welded or light seam welded steel. So you can't get to it without taking the whole furnace apart. When you start to take a furnace apart from the side they are currently taken apart from you will find you end up with broken parts as everything gets “stuck” in place after awhile.

So what is the point? The point is that all furnaces should be made so that the heat exchanger can easily be replaced. A heat exchanger exchanges heat like a cars radiator does but not in the same manner, one uses water cooling to “exchange heat.” Do you remember how you used to have to replace a corroded aluminum car radiator? How cheated would you feel if they told you that your car only had the life of its radiator? You would be beet red in the head and angry right?

So look at the photograph below and you will see how a home furnace heat exchanger fails. It corrodes and that falling rust clogs it! There is also white scale on it that prevents it from exchanging heat? Much like a scaled coffee pot doesn't work anymore. In effect the scale insulates the heat exchanger to prevent it from exchanging heat.

But you should not have to replace a full furnace. That just creates waste! Old furnaces used to have a coating that didn't rust as easily. They were also of a heavier gauge sheet metal.

All this waste creates a future liability. Also the energy that goes into producing wasteful products pollutes. Bottom line is that those who make profits under the limited liability shield really don't earn their money because they are creating untenable future liability costs to humanity and human health!

In the future creating products that create waste could be an act of worldwide treason!

As to the photograph above; I just had to see.

Thomas Paul Murphy
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Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Instead of a person labeled Schizophrenic in medical fraud being monitored shouldn't the Homosexual be monitored in that same manner? 01 19 2016

Instead of a person labeled Schizophrenic in medical fraud being monitored shouldn't the Homosexual be monitored in that same manner?  01 19 2016

Does this make sense?  That those with homosexual DNA should be monitored rather than those who hear the voices of demonic individuals in perpetuity in their heads?

Perhaps when two homosexuals are about to commit an act a technology based voice precludes them from doing so?

Whatever the DNA genealogy is that talks to human beings nonstop and in a tribal manner based on pure envy of human beings is what should be monitored.

They have indeed found scientific evidence that the homosexual DNA has a defective serotonin regulation gene.  I am going to assert that even if a person does not claim to be a homosexual but has that gene that they should be monitored!

Do you know what happens when it works this way?  The schizophrenic no longer hears voices.  Would a schizophrenic monitoring such people be vindictive and hateful to them?  I doubt it.

Again I will assert that the lack of a prefrontal void in what is a schizophrenic brain is normal human development compared to the lie we have been told that the general population that has that dented forebrain is normal.  The dented forebrain has to be the abnormal and the schizophrenic without that dent the normal.

Does it make responsible sense that the abnormal monitor the normal.  Even a low grade imbecilic knows that has horrific consequences for the future of humanity.

That without its own mind seeking to control that which has its own mind?  That is a high maintenance emotional monster that they had to spoil rotten and still will not be happy.

Thomas Paul Murphy
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When Embracing Diversity really means you are reticent to embrace your own stupidity 01 19 2016

When Embracing Diversity really means you are reticent to embrace your own stupidity 01 19 2016

They don't really want to "Embrace Diversity" but rather they desire to "Smother your human intelligence from existence, prosperity and liberty."

The Embrace Diversity is them propagandizing that everyone should like them because it represents fairness when the truth is that it is a façade that allows them to victimize human beings unmitigated.

They don't want to embrace any diversity that is better than them; instead they want to criminalize and impoverish those white families.  Another terminology for heathenization?

Everything that they do in life is motivated out of shame to hide the real reason for their diversity.  That is not embracing diversity it is hiding it in shame!  The fact that they hide it in shame becomes an even greater source of anxiety and resultant violence by them!

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No Black Man Should EVER be allowed to have an IRISH SURNAME 01 19 2016

No Black Man Should EVER be allowed to have an IRISH SURNAME 01 19 2016

Barack Obama bears an Irish surname and he is pro gun control.  The Irish ended up flinging flaming bales of wired sod in their defense because of people exactly like Barack Obama.  For this very reason no black man should ever be allowed to have an Irish Surname. 

A BLACK MAN IS NOT GENETICALLY IRISH!  If he were he would not be black!

We need legislation that legally changes all their surnames to what they were back in Africa!  And if that impedes their upward mobility in the United States; then so be it!  Again we do not want to be put in the position of having to throw wired bales of flaming sod in our defense because of Unconstitutional Gun Control from someone like that who sneaks up in society and makes it into the office of President.

There are white Irish and their are white English.  The English were of the Druid religion that worships the monkey and they are indeed different.  They killed white Irishmen and bread the Irish woman with black men.  In fact I would lay the blame of Europe being conquered by the black Moore's directly upon the English!  That lasted for 700 years before King Alfonso came in.  There are Irish today who are not even Irish but of English genealogy and those surnames need to be changed to reflect that too.  And if there is a red headed Irishmen of that lesser genealogy perhaps he should have the male lineage patriarchal surname that is accurate like (Kunte) Kinte or something like that.

And perhaps there are Johnson and Smiths who are really genetically Owusu and Fofana.

Good God those names need to be changed back!  Think of how much better this world would be for everyone if they were!  I am going to assert that those whites with true black genealogy are the worst threat that the United States has ever faced in world history!  Those same whites are likely responsible for making everyone else poor (including decent black folk.)

Bottom line, that black person doesn't know how to behave in white skin!  He has a lot of anxiety because of that!  The black person in white skin has more anxiety and projected neurosis than anything else that walks on two legs!

And it shouldn't be a matter of oh now all of this structure comes down and we live together in peace and harmony and equality.  It doesn't work that way with the black person in white skin around.  The black person in white skin should not have authority over a white person who has their own human mind!

No more of these veiled media sponsored television commercials with James Earl Jones stating with baited breath, "A mind is a terrible thing to waste."  You are not going to be allowed to cannibalize a human mind and put it to the test and call the victim schizophrenic anymore anywhere in the entire world!  So get ready for it!  The Pope alluded to it happening too!

Thomas Paul Murphy
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Bill Clinton would never have become President if this system were in place because the Irish would not have voted for him; he is really Bill Blythe by bloodline.  And we would not have to put up with Hillary Clinton gathering Bernie Sanders and OMally by the hands in an infantile game of ring around the rosey how we need gun control.

And how many cases of autism are really due to the mixture of white/black DNA.  If there are any at all they would not tell us!  I will assert right now that the complexity of combining white and black dna in creation might lead to a pause element in the formation of a singular dna or a miscoding because of complexity that results in mental retardation.  We know that inbreeding causes genetic based mental retardation?  How many causes of autism are due to inbreeding?  They would never tell us!  Believe me they know schizophrenia is medical fraud just like they know the color of their own eyes.

Believe me the English know that all of the above is true; they are attempting to transplant the mitochondria of healthy women into their DNA.  The mitochondria is what gives you your maternal lineage.  It is another way of saying you don't like your mother.  It is another way of saying that white would should not have worshipped the monkey per the druid religion and been allowed to be promiscuous with black men.

And perhaps if there is a mongloid/Down's Syndrome/midget in your patriarchal DNA genetic lineage your surname should have a qualifier.  A Smith gets his name from being a blacksmith someone who heated up and formed metal.  When all you can do is pretend to be someone else and in effect contribute negatively to human society perhaps your surname has fraudulently conveyed who and what you are?  Some of us who can learn many skills and have our minds dunned for them might even have our surname qualifier changed to King or Superior.  Actually that is what the Murphy surname stands for per some of my research!  I am indeed Thomas Superior!

ooh!  ooh!  ooh!  That white race bread by the English of black men and white women in conjunction with the Moor's enslaving the white man for 700 years might indeed be where the SLAVIC race originated from!  Putin will or will not like that one!  The Polish are the quintessential Slavic and 90% of them were Jewish pre WWII.  Slavic means they were slaves.  I saw a black Mercedes Benz in Whitefish Bay the other day that had the personalized license plate of SLAVIC on it.  Not sure if that person was white or black.

For the record my mother's lineage is Bohemian. 

You know if I didn't hear any voices I would not feel compelled to write any of this.

What is the gestalt of the middle east secretive rularship of Syria?  Back when IRAQ was sending its jets to Syria would any American ever have assumed that leadership of Syria was White and English acting?  What role did Syria play in enslaving white people as Slavics?  Now take a few steps back and analyze the last few Presidents of the U.S. and their deeds?  The negative fruition of those deeds is indeed coming back to the U.S. isn't it!