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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Bill Clinton accepting Millions for speeches while his WIFE is in a Gov. function amounts to acceptance of an illegal gift 01 27 2016

Bill Clinton accepting Millions for speeches while his WIFE is in a Gov. function amounts to acceptance of an illegal gift  01 27 2016

I know what you are saying already; that is the legal term of CONSIDERATION for him doing the work of the speech.

The point here being is that because they are married they are considered the same financial entity whether or not how they declare it year end.  You can't tell me that upon death of one of them that the other doesn't get all their money; hence besides the obvious other reasons, they are one entity.  Which means it is the equivalent of a politician accepting a gift or bribe.

In politics we speak because we are given an opportunity and want to be heard!  When you start charging for it that is something different isn't it?  It is your hillbilly southern wealth buying up influence and power!  It is the creation of a Confederacy which is directly mentioned as illegal per the United States Constitution.  A Confederacy is:

Any money accepted by someone like that should be returned to the citizens.  Presumably they got into public service for the people and not wealth creation.  Gov. isn't a place to put your horse head daughter or midget voiced wife so that they have a high profile career and the false sense of self esteem that comes with it?

I really think the Clintons and Bushes should, at the very least, be deported for treason!

A Corporation having factories overseas also amounts to a confederacy!


Realistically how much should one be allowed to receive for a speech?  Here what we are seeing is a crossover of religion, whereby you can  put whatever you want in the hat, presumably the more you put the more God helps you?  Is it starting to make you sick to your stomach?  Allowing this much to be donated for a speech or accepted is above the Consideration for the speech! 

I know what you are going to say next.  It is like a book signing?  Most authors are just glad if they can sell books at one and have the opportunity.  What would it mean if an author received millions for a book signing?  Since the money isn't being received for consideration what can it be deemed being received for?   Let's say I am an author that writes a book about titled, "Marijuana is so Healthy"  What would my speech money really be for?  Promoting an criminal act!  Now we don't see how the mean brats get the jobs when their parents pony up the money for speeches but we do indeed see the effects of it on our democracy!

Thomas Paul Murphy
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