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Sunday, January 24, 2016

Martial Art's and National Integrity 01 24 2016

Martial Art's and National Integrity 01 24 2016

So you would think that with all the martial arts schools around the United States that we would not have a drug problem at all? That very courageous young man who became a black belt would beat them all up and teach them a lasting lesson!

The truth is much to the contrary of that isn't it! Martial Arts leads to drug use and drug proliferation! You would swear that it was a foreign army in the United States!

Case and point. The person believed to be the greatest martial arts person of all time Bruce Lee died of a brain hemorrhage linked to marijuana. Why was he even allowed in the United States? He should have been deported!

Because we have a prolific drug problem it really means that martial arts are used by drug dealers and gangs doesn't it! They don't man up do they they become effeminate.

So marijuana use causes a 70% decrease in vascular function within one half hour after use in lab tests. What does a pot head tell his son? Son I am sorry but I am only 30% of a man! So a white hillbilly in the south smokes pot and to put this in cracker terms he is only one half of the 3/5 they used to say a black person was. He isn't half a n1663r that implies he has two halves to him; instead how do we phrase this to be grammatically correct; he is only half the man a n1663r is.

But lets beat this point some more. If martial arts were such an effective weapon what are all these Asians doing with it in the United States? Why aren't they over in China bringing forth a Democracy?

So if they aren't in China doing that what are these cowards, read above carefully, doing here?

So the spoiled brat, person was picked on, and he gained confidence in martial arts. But that wasn't enough for him, he also has to use pot in order to relax? I think there should be a national registry of black belts for when that ultimate day comes!

Sure and you used to hear on the news oh, a karate guy saved someone? Just the opposite is more likely to be true isn't it! Those fighting skills are used to enforce drug dealers!

Could someone who is a black belt even be trusted to have a gun? Not if they are a pot user too.

A little off topic but the FBI stated they can't hire computer programmers because most of them are pot smokers and fail the drug test. What does that tell us about computer programmers? Nothing anyone how has had to reboot their operating system doesn't already know! They have no integrity and do not belong in the United States. Why else would the Queen have knighted Bill Gates? Are you telling me that someone who smokes pot isn't going to also be a hacker and ruin a United States Citizens computer? I can't tell you how many good people I have talked to who do honest work have had their computers attacked and work wiped out by that pot head hacker! I want them out of here. Now one of the smartest computer programmers in my high school class name was Jeffery Feldman, his father or mother was Jewish and he was found to have over 16 hard drives full of the most horrific child sexual victimization videos ever known.

Do we need an undersea data cable to England? We should have never allowed the English to immigrate to the United States, officially they have attacked us 3 times in the history books. The Revolutionary War, they aided the Slave owning South in the Civil War and in the War of 1812 they attacked and burnt our White House, you know the place where Barack Obama currently resides. They won't attack us today because they have already screwed us up!

So lets do the spy network dots again. FDR of English and French nationality is very wealthy, his family money comes from the opiate trade with China. Also he is stated to have looted the United States stock market in the 1929 crash via the short sale. China is effectively controlled by England through it's governing presence in Hong Kong. Nobody seemed to notice that when the Viet Nam War was here! No one picked up the phone to call the Queen to tell her to talk to her people in Hong Kong and tell them to stop it? And today that monarchy business structure called the corporation has sent all that labor to China. This is how I see it. But what did FDR do? He attempted to modify capitalism so that there would not be poor and homeless with social security.

Let me ask you this, If a Doctor has no patients should he still be paid? In a purely Capitalist country a Doctor who has no patients is no longer a doctor! Now what if that Doctor gets one patient and charges him a crippling burden of $100,000.oo for his services to him? Should we all pay for that Doctor to work just that once during the year? Or should that Doctor have been deemed to have committed a criminal act? I say that the latter is true. Would we have health care inflation without publicly traded stock market health corporations? Do you remember earlier today where I told you inflation really came from? It comes from Corporations raising prices in order to attain higher yearly profits in support of higher stock prices for the wealthy. Do you see how Barack Obama's mandatory health insurance feeds right into their hands? So Barack Obama's health insurance addresses the issue of Doctors not being disciplined by giving more to the Doctor money trail? That doesn't make sense does it? Now there was a very good point I was going to make right here but that spoiled monkey like voice cut into my thinking and blocked it.


What else? Marco Rubio? Listen to his voice, he doesn't even sound like a man! He sounds like a Sassy Cathy that has a few drinks in her. It is the tone of his voice, froglike vocal chords? I think it is an alcohol based regressive gene birth defect.


So cigarettes aren't going away are they, even though we know that they cause cancer. I suppose that I should get into the cigarette business myself marketing directly to Blacks. I think a name like Mississippi Queen might appeal to them?


But I view martial arts black belts in exactly the same manner as I do Satanic Priests. I believe that they have no place in our country and perhaps on earth. Men of integrity do not smoke marijuana, promote it or say it is okay! And I am not going to give you any more personal knowledge of it than that at this point. A man of integrity does not pretend to make his body healthy with any form of exercise while at the same time in his life use drugs or alcohol. It just doesn't work that way!


One more point? An immigrant, say karate Asian or black person moves into your suburban neighborhood. And that person is a drug dealer. Who do you think they are going to target to get hooked on drugs? I can tell you that it is whoever the wealthy three letter word from above doesn't like and finds the intelligence of a threat; perhaps a young white boy of patriarchal good Irish descent. Blacks didn't form this country and freedom, initial spoiled pouty faced Asian immigrants didn't; white people with integrity that is off the scale today did!


So if the church really serves as a basis for strong communities then that community function needs to be on a basis of fairness; and that is not how the Bible is being taught or how it is being used. We should not be having the disparity that we do in the black community of the United States. My personal opinion is that you can take the entirely of that disparity back to Africa! And you can take that 30% of a man pot smoking white person right along with you to live in the mud hut next to yours. Good riddens. Sigh of relief.

And I am indeed curious as to how the Greek demographic is fairing in the United States today? Whether it is on the decline? How was it affected in WW2?

So a young boy is taught to tease the mind of a man (satanic indoctrination). When that boy becomes 50 years old he will still be looking for where the all the men are going to be on a particular day. When he becomes 60 years old he suffers from castration anxiety because he knows he isn't one of us. Somehow you know what I am saying is true; even though you never read anything like it before in your life?

And how does he act out in relation to his own castration anxiety from not having his own mans mind?  He seeks to sexually victimize a white boy doesn't he?  Is that the character profile of a Satanic Catholic Priest?  I assert it is!

Do you see why I don't want you around?

Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2016
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