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Saturday, January 23, 2016

How to attain a more flaccid and larger Penis 01 23 2016

If you want a more flaccid penis try this. But caster oil on your lower stomach before you go to bed at night. Not to much, a few drops and rub it around. When you wake up in the middle of the night to urinate you will notice that your penis is huge and flaccid. What this means is that tightness in the groin is caused by an inflammation. Likely a parasite. And if you research parasites they like the groin area. The caster oil perhaps drives them out of the stomach feeding area or neutralizes them where to the point you are your normal flaccid self. It might be the same germ that causes hemorrhoids being located in that general area. A common suppository seems to help too. It also might be caused by demonic possession body energy overlay by an Rh- lesbian. But that last part is pure speculation. What this means is that the caster oil caused increased circulation to that area. For whatever metabolic effects it has.... The effect is temporary but it will reassure you that some of our medical community is indeed fraudulent and negligent because of this! Might also be due to having sex with women in college who were unclean in that frontal area? Promiscuity therefore empowering women by disempowering men?

Caster oil is available at reputable drug stores for less than $3 a bottle.  Use only as per directed.  I believe it can also help with weight loss.

The reality is that you don't need to be that big all the time, especially if the only women you see in your area to court are mongoloid like!  Odd voices, upturned lips, bulging eyes, 2nd person cognition, fat dumb cheek smiles, evilness.  No real man wants to get something like that pregnant and have to deal with the consequences.  A bastard Englishman like William (Clinton) Blythe wouldn't have a problem with that though!

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