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Sunday, January 24, 2016

Ask yourself "What kind of a beast would give me a Crippling Burden so that they could attain wealth." 01 24 2016

Ask yourself "What kind of a beast would give me a Crippling Burden so that they could attain wealth."  01 24 2016

Isn't that what the minimum wage is today?  You have to incur a crippling burden just in order to get by!

Now the media and academia want you to believe that inflation is normal and natural.  But it isn't!  Inflation is a result of attaining higher corporate profits by raising prices to the general public!  And the Corporation is illegal per the United States Constitution but no one wants to admit it or interpret it that way.

That created inflation is used to keep the middle class from advancing!  Along with economic banking fraud such as the mortgage crisis, the medical fraud of schizophrenia, and controlled employment by the satanic, plus barriers to entry into politics!  Causing a human being to hear voices is the greatest barrier to upward mobility in the history of the world.  And it is conducted by the spoil sports!

In ancient history the Jews had a law that said you cannot incur an crippling burden to someone.  That means you can't make them work so hard that they are crippled in order to pay back what you lent them.  Now those Jews are far different than the ones that I have known in my life.  The modern ones want to give you a crippling mental burden so that their children can be inverse imprinted from your ruined mind?  And I am again talking about the medical fraud of schizophrenia!

Who would create a business structure of limited liability whereby the business cannot be sued when you have a personal injury there from being overworked or lack of safe equipment?  Only a beast of a person.  The founding fathers NEVER wanted us to have to put up with that!

And after you have to quit that job just to save your own life you become blackballed by that which attains wealth by giving what it considers its flock of people a crippling burden.

Chain the only man in the village who doesn't have a dented forebrain structure to a cemetery stone so that you can hear him wail and imprint your born separated minds from his congruent brain?  That is what the Bible tells us Jesus Experienced or rather DISCOVERED was going on when he went out to villages making his rounds!!!!!!!!!!

You are going to have to learn about the real intent of the United States Constitution in order to understand why a limited liability corporation is illegal.  But I will give you the gist of it!
1.  The Constitution has a clause that uses the direct language, Congress cannot grant a title of nobility.  (also we are not allowed to form profit groups which is what a Confederacy is.)
2.  "A King" is a title of nobility.
3.  Kings rule by a form of government known as monarchy, tyranny or communism.
4.  The form of rulership a king rules by is called DIVINE RIGHT!

 It's illegal!

So here is what I think they are trying to do.  Degrade the United States to the point where Communist from foreign countries are called in to help "restore order" perhaps under the guise of the United Nations or a peacekeeping force.  And which point instead of economic based genocide which they tried to initiate with the mortgage fraud and the Bernie Madoff fraud it will be War Against Man on our Homeland. Man defined as not having dented forebrain; which is exactly what we have been lied to and told that only schizophrenics DON'T have a dented forebrain.  The brain not expanding and developing fully in that frontal area is indeed the birth defect; not the schizophrenic who doesn't have the void!  It thinks the same way the forked tongue of a snake lies.

Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2016
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