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Saturday, January 9, 2016

The Core of the Jewish Belief System is Enslavement and Communism 01 09 2016

The Core of the Jewish Belief System is Enslavement and Communism 01 09 2016

So how did I discover this?  At some point in Jewish history they changed to a matriarchal lineage.  Meaning who they are depends on their mother and mothers mother etc.  And that is where the mitochondrial DNA of every human being comes from their mother.  They had to do so because the patriarchal lineage was lost due to war?  So some scholars put that shift happening at the time of Ezra.  Ezra is indeed a chapter in the Bible.  So I started to read that and a recurring theme I had seen expressed very subtlety in other parts of the Bible and world history emerged rather rapidly.

The Book of Ezra is indeed part of the Old Testament.  The distinction to be made because they do not believe in the New Testament.  Here is what the preface to the Chapter of Ezra in the Bible States about it.

"The combined work of Ezra-Nehemiah is our most important literary source for the formation of the Jewish religious community after the Babylonian exile. "  "The genealogy of Ezra (7, 1-5) traces his priesthood back to Aaron, brother of Moses."  Page 444. St. Joseph Bible.  "...the Talmud even regards him as a second Moses."

Per chapter 2  There were 42,360 people in that restored Jewish community and they had 7,337 SLAVES!!!!!!

Chapter 3 is the clue in to the communist idealism.

"Now when the seventh month came, after the Israelites had settled in their cities, the people gathered at JeruSALEM  AS ONE MAN!"  AS ONE MAN isn't just symbolic speech to mean that they were all of the same belief system it really means that they were all of the same persons human soul shared against their will.

This is a letter that was sent regarding the danger it presented.  Chapter 4

"In the historical records you can discover and verify that this city is a rebellious city which has proved fatal to kinds and provinces, and that sedition has been fostered there since ancient times."

I don't like monarchies and Kingships either but when you compare that to enslavement it is better.  And a good King can considered to be like a good President?  A bad King like a bad President?  The tipping point is that they enslaved!

After their Babylonian Exile they were reestablishing a horrific form of Government.  I don't know what Babylonian Exile refers to, so I will have to research that.

But lets look at how that Jewish form of Government functioned.  Sacrifices of food were to be laid on the altar to their Lord or God.  We never really know who that is do we?  The Bible makes us believe that it is really a supernatural being that comes and takes the food just like we are told Santa Clause comes in the night to deliver presents and take the cookies.  But what do we know about that ritual from other readings in the Bible?  That the food sacrifice was indeed put before the tent of what was called a Living God.  That living God likely to be Moses in those times?  But you were never supposed to see the Living God because if you did you were to die?  "One cannot see the face of God and live!" 

It states that they were all of one mind?  Where they all of one mind of Ezra their second Moses?  If you remember about Moses from the Bible he slaughtered some of the lineage of Aaron who were effectively altar boys that didn't get the sacrifice right.  He slit their necks.  So why all the disciplinary ritual?  To create fear!  I would like to say because draining the blood and charring it makes the food more kosher, but that isn't the reason.  It is really to create fear among the people so as not to mutiny!

But laying sacrifices and holocausts on that altar is really enriching that King Ezra.  That makes it a monarchy.  He comes and gets it during the night like we are told Santa Clause takes the cookies.

Analysis of what necessitates or motivates a belief system like that.  But what does it mean to be of one mind?  It really means that you don't have the capacity to be of your own independent mind as a human being does.  To be of one mind or the goal of being of one mind means that you need one mind as a crutch because in and of each of you by yourself you are of no mind.  And the rabbis did indeed used to refer to their people as sheep.  "I am the good Shepherd" Jesus stated.  It is a metaphor for a teacher (What the word Rabbi) means as being a good teacher.

So take a step back from this again.  The strict discipline for not getting the sacrifice right.  All the aggrandizement of a large house for a Lord they don't want to say who it is.

Who were they really all one mind of?  That of their very own slaves.

Who are they all of one mind of today?  That of a normal person made ill by mental attrition as their mind has been split (what the word schizo means, phrenic means mind.)  But what have we learned about the schizophrenic brain that makes it better?  It doesn't have a split in it to begin with!  We have been told that the general population has an exterior fold in the front of their brain that those of the schizophrenic do not have.  The general population has a general split in their brain whereas the schizophrenic doesn't!  They can't split and share one of their own because it can't be don't because it is naturally defective.

(They might have only been released from exile after they were heathenized; and all the real men murdered.)

And I believe that is a medical fraud that the statement posing as scientific fact that ALL of the general population has that exterior fold.  It is self serving to that race.

So what is the horror of this belief system?  A brain without that defect would be a universal mind to split.  Which means that they can imprint those who were born mentally retarded with it.  And they do that by demonizing the normal human being (no frontal Neural Tube Defect exterior brain cleft)  with voices in order to dissipate their conscious congruent mind from them!

So who were the real Jews?  The bible has an ancient belief system of lower and upper worlds.  The lower worlders would be the mentally retarded and represent hell.  To be demonized by a mentally retarded person is indeed hell!  Sorry Pope Francis you like to 8 billion people!

Back to matriarchal lineage.  The Ashkenazi Jews do not even have a Middle East (read Israel lineage).  The best they can do is track their maternal lineage and it goes back to Europe as the origin.  What did the English (foundation of Roman empire) do?  They killed Irish men and bred the women with blacks to create that red headed race.  So it is likely like that.  And I have some red haired patriarchal lineage in me.

It was the druid monkey worshipping English who brought those blacks into Europe and miscegenated white races.  But why?  Because they were jealous of the capability for independent human thought.  ie man!

But why did they do that to the Irish.  We only know remnants of the Irish belief system because the English burnt everything.  But what did the Irish believe in that the ancient and true Israelites believed in?  Upper and lower worlders!!!!  And what did they discover about the Irish?  Their descent comes from the middle east whereas the Ashkenazi Jews does not.

That upper and lower worlder belief system is the greatest threat to communism and monarchies that has ever existed in world history.  They hate anyone who has it or see's it.

So I was reading about the holocaust.  90% of the Polish in Poland pre WWII were Jews.  What does that really mean?  All Polish are likely to be Jews today.  But why does that bother me?  Because it was under a Polish Pope that many were sexually molested.  The Catholic Church doors in Ireland were stated to be empty because of it.  And under a Polish Bishop in Milwaukee there were over 8,000 accusations of priest sexual abuse of children that they attempted to cover up and sweep under the rug.  So why were they molested?  Because they had normal minds that which didn't have one wanted to split.  But what did we learn from Oprah's show when she interviewed a sexual molester?  The sexual molester stated that after he molested someone he saw their whole life flash before him.  So indeed if you divine the future in that way you can make lots of money can't you!  But why would you commit a crime against humanity like that to people?  You would have to have a mental defect from the start wouldn't you!  And it is that cleft in the front of the brain that medicine tells us is normal.  It is more consistent with a Neural Tube Defect whereby part of the brain is missing and that gap is filled with cerebral spinal fluid instead.  And that is how you would define a lower worlder.

They have indeed enslaved a great many human minds right under the nose of everyone in the world; and the name for their mentally enslaved victims is schizophrenic.  I don't mind taking the cross for this belief system.  Make sure you accurately relay to everyone though when you martyr me.

Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2016
Originally published on 01 09 2016 at:

To reiterate the point.  You create grand structures in order to hide the fact that you don't have your own mind.  You create skyscraper banks to better hide the fact that you rigged the interest rate in an attempt to bankrupt the country into another economic genocidal depression.  Why do they do it?  Because at some point in their lives after they have used a human mind as a template to imprint their own they need a means to get rid of people like that which seems plausible to society and history.


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