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Tuesday, January 19, 2016

No Black Man Should EVER be allowed to have an IRISH SURNAME 01 19 2016

No Black Man Should EVER be allowed to have an IRISH SURNAME 01 19 2016

Barack Obama bears an Irish surname and he is pro gun control.  The Irish ended up flinging flaming bales of wired sod in their defense because of people exactly like Barack Obama.  For this very reason no black man should ever be allowed to have an Irish Surname. 

A BLACK MAN IS NOT GENETICALLY IRISH!  If he were he would not be black!

We need legislation that legally changes all their surnames to what they were back in Africa!  And if that impedes their upward mobility in the United States; then so be it!  Again we do not want to be put in the position of having to throw wired bales of flaming sod in our defense because of Unconstitutional Gun Control from someone like that who sneaks up in society and makes it into the office of President.

There are white Irish and their are white English.  The English were of the Druid religion that worships the monkey and they are indeed different.  They killed white Irishmen and bread the Irish woman with black men.  In fact I would lay the blame of Europe being conquered by the black Moore's directly upon the English!  That lasted for 700 years before King Alfonso came in.  There are Irish today who are not even Irish but of English genealogy and those surnames need to be changed to reflect that too.  And if there is a red headed Irishmen of that lesser genealogy perhaps he should have the male lineage patriarchal surname that is accurate like (Kunte) Kinte or something like that.

And perhaps there are Johnson and Smiths who are really genetically Owusu and Fofana.

Good God those names need to be changed back!  Think of how much better this world would be for everyone if they were!  I am going to assert that those whites with true black genealogy are the worst threat that the United States has ever faced in world history!  Those same whites are likely responsible for making everyone else poor (including decent black folk.)

Bottom line, that black person doesn't know how to behave in white skin!  He has a lot of anxiety because of that!  The black person in white skin has more anxiety and projected neurosis than anything else that walks on two legs!

And it shouldn't be a matter of oh now all of this structure comes down and we live together in peace and harmony and equality.  It doesn't work that way with the black person in white skin around.  The black person in white skin should not have authority over a white person who has their own human mind!

No more of these veiled media sponsored television commercials with James Earl Jones stating with baited breath, "A mind is a terrible thing to waste."  You are not going to be allowed to cannibalize a human mind and put it to the test and call the victim schizophrenic anymore anywhere in the entire world!  So get ready for it!  The Pope alluded to it happening too!

Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2016
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Bill Clinton would never have become President if this system were in place because the Irish would not have voted for him; he is really Bill Blythe by bloodline.  And we would not have to put up with Hillary Clinton gathering Bernie Sanders and OMally by the hands in an infantile game of ring around the rosey how we need gun control.

And how many cases of autism are really due to the mixture of white/black DNA.  If there are any at all they would not tell us!  I will assert right now that the complexity of combining white and black dna in creation might lead to a pause element in the formation of a singular dna or a miscoding because of complexity that results in mental retardation.  We know that inbreeding causes genetic based mental retardation?  How many causes of autism are due to inbreeding?  They would never tell us!  Believe me they know schizophrenia is medical fraud just like they know the color of their own eyes.

Believe me the English know that all of the above is true; they are attempting to transplant the mitochondria of healthy women into their DNA.  The mitochondria is what gives you your maternal lineage.  It is another way of saying you don't like your mother.  It is another way of saying that white would should not have worshipped the monkey per the druid religion and been allowed to be promiscuous with black men.

And perhaps if there is a mongloid/Down's Syndrome/midget in your patriarchal DNA genetic lineage your surname should have a qualifier.  A Smith gets his name from being a blacksmith someone who heated up and formed metal.  When all you can do is pretend to be someone else and in effect contribute negatively to human society perhaps your surname has fraudulently conveyed who and what you are?  Some of us who can learn many skills and have our minds dunned for them might even have our surname qualifier changed to King or Superior.  Actually that is what the Murphy surname stands for per some of my research!  I am indeed Thomas Superior!

ooh!  ooh!  ooh!  That white race bread by the English of black men and white women in conjunction with the Moor's enslaving the white man for 700 years might indeed be where the SLAVIC race originated from!  Putin will or will not like that one!  The Polish are the quintessential Slavic and 90% of them were Jewish pre WWII.  Slavic means they were slaves.  I saw a black Mercedes Benz in Whitefish Bay the other day that had the personalized license plate of SLAVIC on it.  Not sure if that person was white or black.

For the record my mother's lineage is Bohemian. 

You know if I didn't hear any voices I would not feel compelled to write any of this.

What is the gestalt of the middle east secretive rularship of Syria?  Back when IRAQ was sending its jets to Syria would any American ever have assumed that leadership of Syria was White and English acting?  What role did Syria play in enslaving white people as Slavics?  Now take a few steps back and analyze the last few Presidents of the U.S. and their deeds?  The negative fruition of those deeds is indeed coming back to the U.S. isn't it!

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