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Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Barack what if we have to fight a War in the United States like the one Abraham Lincoln Fought 01 05 2016

Barack what if we have to fight a War in the United States like the one Abraham Lincoln Fought 01 05 2016

Did you ever stop to think about that?

And who was Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, the Puritans?  You cannot tell me that they were not Prophets!

Ever read the Bible?  Ever hear a Prophet in the Bible spewing out a diatribe like Amos did?

At some point in the history of the United States the FBI transitioned from enforcing Prohibition to victimizing those who can tell when a human being is mentally defective and are not afraid to say so?  Anyone follow that?

The Prophets today are those who have been labeled schizophrenic in medical fraud!

I believe that every Prophet should be armed by the United States Government.  All the rest are criminal minded to me.  It has to do with a schizophrenic not having an external fold in the exterior front of their brain like we are propagandized the rest of the population does.  Not having that fold would have to mean that person has more congruent thinking; like a Prophet or Prophetess.

Now back to Prohibition.

What would cause a great majority of the population to have that fold in the exterior front of their brain?  A fold on the outside that resembles a dried up raison?  A drying agent!  And what is a drying agent?  You put it in your gas tank during the winter don't you to dry out the condensation from the cold temperature, it is called alcohol.

What are other drying agents?  They are smoke!  Just like it dries out beef jerky!

The most wicked race among us would seek to prevent the advancement of the human race by propagandizing that there is no danger with regard to drinking alcohol.  It is one of the worst things you can do to your body.  If you are a woman expecting to conceive you are supposed to stop drinking it altogether three months before pregnancy.  The birth defect it causes is labeled fetal alcohol syndrome and it is the leading cause of mental retardation in the western hemisphere. 

Tell me this Barack!  A retard sits in class with the other children and can't learn.  Is he/she going to be more prone to violence against them?  Is he going to bully the normal children?  How about as an adult?  Is he going to seek to take away their modern defenses?

And good ole Barrack he worked for the Church didn't he!  A woman isn't supposed to have alcohol three months before pregnancy, but they tempt women every Sunday at Mass! With it!  Barack you are a national and worldwide shame!

The effects of it on the fetus are irreversible!  The best that they can do is victimize a normal human being and split their mind in order to inverse imprint their mentally retarded children with it!  A worldwide shame to the human race you are!

The really sad part is that a woman doesn't know if she is pregnant until six weeks after she is!  How many martinis was she drinking?  How many fuc4in9 brewskies at a Green Bay Packer, Milwaukee Bucks or Milwaukee Brewers game was she sucking down!

You are a national shame!  You could not have been a legitimate Constitutional Law Professor!  You could not have been one!

The Puritans who founded the U.S. didn't want you to drink alcohol because they knew it made you dumb as h3ll!  Someone who victimizes normal human beings and then makes up their own laws in support of their retard actions.  That is called Divine Right and we fought the Revolutionary War in order to stop it while at the same time founding this countries independence!  And we did it with guns!  And many good, good peoples lives were sacrificed!  You make me sick!

Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2016
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  1. That Second Amendment is there to protect children's lives you dimwit!