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Friday, January 22, 2016

Declaring Martial Law in Drug and Crime Torn Neighborhoods 01 22 2016

Declaring Martial Law in Drug and Crime Torn Neighborhoods 01 22 2016

What that would mean that you would be required to be in your home and not come out from the sundown to sunset.  I believe under the provisions of martial law you could indeed be shot for a violation of it.

It isn't something to use frivolously or subjectively or something to put to the test because you want to find a way to ruin the use of it and prevent it!  A lot of laws have indeed been weakened in that very way!  The criminal minded not wanting to allow freedom to reign and self discipline to be established.

Did you see known drug dealers, prostitutes or pimps going into a home?  I believe a search warrant should always be considered in effect for a dealer in narcotics past or present.

The Martial Law would stay in effect until those neighborhoods are cleared of all drugs, alcohol, pimps and pedophiles.

What kind of world do you really want?  Do you not want these people out of your lives because you feel that you could easily become one?  I hate to say it but you do not have the strength or willpower to live in the land of the free if that is your belief system.

Just to let you know what that is like.  A Military Police Officer once told me how he shot a United States Citizen in the back and killed him for trying to hop the fence of a military prison?  Wait a minute scratch this idea.  He might have been fleeing from a homosexual prison and a homosexual prison one where homosexual activity is going on is illegal per the United States Constitution because it is cruel and unusual punishment to put you somewhere where you will be sodomized by a queer.  A normal man understands that point.  However a homosexual or a woman doesn't seem to get it.  And that right there is why women should not be in politics, government, management, the military or allowed to vote.

This isn't hate speech; this is man speech.  That is why you don't like it!

Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2016
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Okay read that very stern paragraph above and try and honestly think.  How many school shootings have occurred because a boy or young man was placed in the same classroom as sodomizing queer homosexuals?  Do you see how that is Constitutionally illegal as cruel and unusual punishment if that person was sentenced; hence it should never even be tolerated as normality in the public setting?

The Nazi Reich would not have come to fruition if it were not for pederasty and homosexuality.    Again this isn't hate speech this is man speech and that is why you don't like it!


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