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Monday, January 11, 2016

No Guns in Church 01 11 2016

No Guns in Church 01 11 2016

It seems to me that the Church Priests took guns along with them to Africa in order to pave the way for slavery?

The Pope wants a one world religion? All he really has to do is say, “Look we were terrible people! We were born mentally defective because our parents drank and we didn't want to admit it. We cursed the normal human beings and created mental illness from the attrition and fraud. And we profited from it in a criminal scheme. We were just as bad as any element of organized crime. We will indeed repent and hope that humanity forgives us!”

There were 8,000 accusations of sexual victimization of children by Catholic Priests in the Milwaukee Arch Diocese alone. Maybe that number would have been a lot less if justice was not hiding behind religion? If justice was not able to use the ambiguous concepts of religion and control of it to evade justice? If there was never anyone who stated guns should not be allowed in church considering the missionaries used them. You should be allowed to take a gun anywhere that you can potentially be harmed by some odd type of person; including church.

It isn't mans fault that you were born with defects in your brain that didn't allow you to be and think like other human beings. Don't be a spoil sport to the rest of us. Don't hate man like the Devil loathed Jesus Christ. The United States was formed on the belief system that people like you don't belong here! The United States represents Freedom; not some Italian nation that was allied with Nazi Germany and also formed the basis of organized crime the world over. Pope can you even read the United States Constitution and comprehend how it represents human freedom? Barack Obama can you even read the United States Constitution and comprehend how it represents human freedom? What it stands for? It isn't about spoil sports like you! It isn't about condoning drug use like you do.

The Bible is pretty clear on the condemnation to death of those who believe in false idols. What does that really mean? It means instead of a person developing themselves and taking that initiative they are sloth minded and just want to believe that they are someone else in life. What that person is really asking for is a chance to be reborn. The mental retardation being that believe themselves to be a normal person who is not them. And what how does that transition to a psychotic hatred belief system? They convince themselves that they are really the victims of those that they wish they could be. To the point that they seek to have those peoples minds turned off with psychiatric medicines. It is illegitimacy! And our planet shows the ill effects of that empowered illegitimacy! At some point in life you either become a man that can think for yourself or you are a queer. And one more point; a daughter so mentally defective and spoiled that they had to allow her to really believe that she is a man. Pope you are a sickening shame and blight to the entire world.
I know why he wants to form one religion; because his @ss is grass and he knows it!  They have done horrible things and not properly self disciplined themselves for that.  That is an insurrection that threatens the countries that have fought for human freedom.
Do you want to know something else about that Bible?  Those seers who wrote it a very long time ago already know what is going to happen when the wrote that Book of Revelation.  They cursed and tapped into the minds they displaced from people; victimizing normal human blood lines to do it.  Those are monsters among us.  A priest who sexually molested children living in a million dollar home?  Another well off because his fur ears see the future of those children and capitalize on it for profit.  The act of one male engaged in that activity with another gets the death penalty per a Chapter in the Bible.  So the Pope isn't going to want to refer to the Bible anymore in his new religion.  Scurrying around like a mouse of a criminal to find another alibi?  Do you know what all that abuse of human beings amounts to?  Do you know what the sickening double talking bulging eyed church diatribes amount to?  Belief in anything but your self.  The only type of person who would preach like that would be out of necessity because they cannot believe in themselves.

Thomas Paul Murphy
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