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Sunday, January 24, 2016

Nazi Germany the Jews and the Bible 01 24 2016

Nazi Germany the Jews and the Bible 01 24 2016

In Nazi Germany if you didn't lock the door on the gas chamber you were to be thrown in with the rest of them. That is how my Italian High School Humanities professor described it.

But in the Bible we learn that Jewish Villages chained someone in a cemetery that was given the label of demoniac.

Perhaps part of that religion is that either you beat the demoniac in the cemetery or you become the demoniac? Either you cause the schizophrenic to hear voices demonizing him in his head or we demonize you and you become the schizophrenic? This would indeed be why no one tells of the medical fraud of schizophrenia? Something called the silence of the lambs? The lambs are silent for fear of something? And lamb was indeed a metaphor used to describe people in the Bible!

What was that Bible Holocaust about besides chaining a demoniac in the cemetery? Holocaust means offering to God. Moses slit the throats of two of Arron's sons at the altar because they didn't get the offering to God right? Moses was the son of a white Egyptian and a black slave???? What am I getting at? If you don't want to be poisoned by meat you cook it until it is well done. If you are cannibals you do so doubly so don't you! Hence the Bible passages telling us that the living God in the tent instructed the others to just leave the charred meat at the front of the tent? We know that they didn't have any meat because they complained to Moses! Lamb a metaphor for person, so was Oxen a metaphor for person? How many football players seem like dumb oxes to you? You know it is true! So the point I am making here is if Moses is killing human beings at the altar, the sons of Arron, they are really the Holocaust aren't they! The holocausts were not animals they were people! Isn't that more horrific than you could ever imagine! Were the Romans also cannibals? Drying a person on a cross is a lot like a Polish deli hanging up meat to dry isn't it! The emperor Caligula himself was a cannibal! He ate the live testicles off of men whom he had restrained upside down. That was his favorite form of torture.

So how long does a Roman Emperor or someone like that live? Same age as a normal person right. What is the point? Look at how the fear they established in ruler-ship continues long after they are in their aging decline? What am I getting at? The people need capital punishment of such criminals in order to maintain peace, democracy and freedom. Only some kind of queer would idolize someone who committed such crimes and was allowed to be freed from prison. Only some kind of queer would accept that back into their neighborhood as one of themselves.

And now I am getting into the lies of statistics. If a statistic condemns a race you will never hear about it. Such as how many Italian men are gay? We don't know the demographics between nationalities of homosexuality. We won't be allowed to know any of the damning evidence for that very reason. It condemns all of science!
How did Criminals used to be brought to justice; when they learned that they are not as smart as they thought they are.  What happens to the human civilization when criminals are not proved to be as smart as they think they are? 

Thomas Paul Murphy
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Are there emotionally disturbed women who never developed their own minds, when someone whose mind they have thinks beyond their comprehension they take that feeling of inadequacy out on their children like pin cushions?  Effeminizing the boys!  Perhaps even limiting genetic development over a lifetime so that male sexuality is suppressed in favor of homosexuality?  Without a doubt!

At the  very least she should be restricted from drinking wine for her entire life!

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