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Tuesday, January 12, 2016

A Behavior Rating System should replace psychiatry and psychology 01 12 2016

A Behavior Rating System should replace psychiatry and psychology 01 12 2016

That would rather effectively clean up the human race.

"This person is snotty, rude and mean.  No one should ever have to put up with them in the work place."

The behavior rating system would be used for all positions of authority and monetary rewards.

"This person polluted the Amazon Jungle.  They get low rung on the ladder."

"This person insulted me in this manner.  They should not be earning $100,000.oo a year."

"This person directly lied to my face about a medical issue."  Low rung on the ladder.

"This woman showed generalized hostility toward men."

"This woman had a foreign country bombed without the approval of the people."

"This woman had men falsely diagnosed as being mentally ill."

"This person made billions by promoting the credit rating of companies that caused cancer." 

"This person did not fairly compete in sports."

"This man made sexual advances to other men in a work or social setting."

"This teacher falsely graded and created negative expectations for the sons of men."

"This person advocated the generalized use of narcotics among the population."

"This son resented normal sons."

It is really getting at the root of our problem in the world isn't it!  It really isn't that hard to define Satan when you sit down and put a pen to it is it!

And I believe this is something that men need to do to assert patriarchal responsibility in the world.   I think women being in all aspects of the workforce and government clouds the issue and lessens the integrity of the country?  I don't believe they belong in the military.  I don't believe they belong in politics.  It has gone too far already to the point that we have men in politics that think like women and to the detriment of the human race!  So part of the behavior rating system would indeed classify if a man thinks like a woman or not and then classifies him as such.  Real men think in terms of responsibility.  We do not have that in the United States today!  We have a "That dirty water and air is someone else's problem in the future not mine.  I won't be in office if I bring that up."  And that is just the point, you should have never been in office because right there you think like a woman!  Do you get it?  You defer all the things that you have to future generations and there aren't going to be any!  It is like the Egyptian Cyprus Eber's tell us about you!  You were all asexual lizards.  Men giving milk and women  etc.  You might like that idea because you are soulless but it is one gene away from the age of Dinosaurs!  And you can't tell me that an act of God didn't destroy them for the reasons listed above.

Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2016
Originally published on 01 12 2016 :

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  1. When you don't tell on the bad they where you don't through attrition and then assert you were mentally ill all along. In a world of those who think like men there is accountability to this!