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Saturday, January 16, 2016

Hollywood Propaganda and Military Service 01 16 2016

Hollywood Propaganda and Military Service 01 16 2016

So if you make it through the war, and come back to find controlled unemployment, what kind of things are you going to see on television when you sit down to relax?  That you are a monster of a person who can't be trusted with a gun, because a gun is the most effective way to kill yourself.

Take heart because usually what the beast is trying to personally sell you on about yourself is the exact opposite of the truth.

Turn off that television and go shoot at the target range; the living sissy hates it more today than when you were in high school.

Thomas Paul Murphy
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And where does it come from?  The person who acted in all those roles wanting to own that concept of manhood!  Instead of the actor realizing he never contributed to the country he attempts to convince you that you can't contribute?  "You can't do that because it is too dangerous for you and everyone else around you, her look at me this is how it is done in my acting?"  The media doesn't seem to want to believe that their creations are not about them.  So what we have here is a delusion epiphany they are attempting to fulfill?  "My acting as a person in that capacity was really greater than or equivalent to the real life work that person I portrayed did in life; hence I am the authority on that!"

Don't you just hate me!

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