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Thursday, January 14, 2016

Immigrant Racism of White Americans 11 14 2016

Immigrant Racism of White Americans 11 14 2016

Okay lets say that for whatever reason I moved to a foreign country where the majority of the population which isn't white.  What are the odds that I would or could ever be elected the President of such a country?

Mexico?  Zero!
Japan?  Less than Zero!
Kenya; where Barack Obama's family is originally from?  Even less than Zero!

Why?  The only reason is RACISM!  You could never convince me of anything otherwise.

So what about America?  Those are the exact same people that immigrate here aren't they!  The exact same people!  What is the point?  It is the same racism!

Perhaps we need an amendment to the Constitution whereby only white (not Caucasian as that implies Olive skinned Italian organized crime) ...where only white Americans can be elected to a public office.

Now to be fair as someone who hears voices and can't earn a living directly because of them and the medical fraud that that is... I am never going to be elected to public office here either!

So it really isn't a consideration for me is it!

And it does indeed make one wonder what the best country to live in is?  Which country in the world are you least likely to be demonized by voices in?  Which country are you least likely to have to put up with an itinerary schedule of demons speaking to you 24 hours a day?  Which country today best represents the white standard of human freedom we used to have in the United States but no longer have?

Do you see how that double standard will only reduce the white population in the world eventually to zero?

I am not supposed to see color?  But yet the odds of me living in one of those color skinned countries and then getting elected to President of one is indeed ZERO or less!  How come we can't be fair to ourselves?

Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2016
Originally published on 01 14 2016:

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