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Monday, January 25, 2016

The Black List Television Program 01 25 2016

The Black List Television Program 01 25 2016

I will admit that I have never watched a full program of this or ones like it.  But per the glimpses that I have seen it looks to me like they are propagandizing torture as legitimate.   And I am sure that if I had to review the episodes it would be proven out.  It is propagandizing something unconstitutional isn't it?  Doesn't that amount to treason?

But what would the public outcry be if on one of these programs they were torturing a black person and not a white one?

Does anyone really believe people are going to want to watch reruns of a program like that in 40 years like they do Star Trek?


Okay so a Police Officer used to only use his firearm in order to shoot to kill!  What is a Police Officer who shoots to wound or mame?  Again that person he has wounded is going to live a lifetime off pain from it!  That lifetime of pain amounts to torture!  Torture is indeed illegal per the United States Constitution because it is, with no doubt about it, cruel and unusual punishment!

Any Police Officer who shoots to wound and not kill should indeed get the mandatory death penalty for treason!  And I am dead serious!

If a Police Officer doesn't like his job, what this means, the high standard he should be held to then he should not be on the force.

One round to the chest and one to the head would seem to be survivable to me!

Okay, what about the Police Officer who wields deadly force unwarranted?  That is exactly the same as if he is defacto a member of genocidal organized crime and the punishment should indeed be death!

It isn't something a dolt drinks a 12 pack of Pabst while watching a Packer Game gets in his squad car the next day and believes he has the authority to do is it!  I know from personal experience that you can't trust someone like that to pound off a tie rod without bashing a co worker who is holding the rod steady in the wrist with the mallet.  Thank God neither of those low grade imbeciles were me!

That requires a higher level of responsibility in a man doesn't it!  We know Mr. cretin voice who likes to strut around and talk like he is sassy Cathy when he has a drink or two isn't up to that challenge and never will be!


The Purging of the Low Lifes.

I believe that all drug dealers and producers should be executed as a matter of legal justice.  How is this accomplished?  You drug test someone because you wouldn't want them driving a fork lift in your factory or crafting or selling derivatives to bilk the public.  You fit THC in their blood.  They are then required to tell you who their drug dealer is and that drug dealer is executed.

Now you come back to that drug user after two years and you test his blood for drugs.  When you find drugs you execute him!  Why?  Because he is a danger to himself and American Freedom!  You wouldn't want him to do those activities labeled professional above.  Nor would you want him to be a computer programmer.  You know a little 5417 who believes his greatest life accomplishment is creating a virus that causes 100,000 of thousands of hours of American stress and lost productivity.  Sorry that isn't someone a mother should ever be proud of either, no matter if he drives a BMW or not!

So that same principle should be applied to pimps and the prostitutes if they fail to repent.

And eventually it works its way to alcohol and tobacco producers!  Also included above is pharmaco companies, pharmacies and Doctors.  Good riddens!

I really don't care to hear a spoiled person act who takes drugs, I don't want to hear a singer who derives lyrics from drug use, I don't care to see someone play sports who is steroid doped.  I don't want any of that around.

Why am I this way?  Because I have been denied every opportunity to achieve to my level because of impish sick voices that parallel that of clown psycho killers!  So indeed social reform would include ethnic cleansing of the freakish as per the Quran; loosely rephrased ~~"You keep that up until the persecution of you stops!"  What was he fighting for?  He was a Prophet whose fight was for the sanctity of humanity and human life!  You can't be more human or righteous than that!

Thomas Paul Murphy
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