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Friday, January 15, 2016

I think Obama, a lawyer, is high on something when he gives his speeches 01 15 2016

I think Obama, a lawyer, is high on something when he gives his speeches  01 15 2016

Just compare two things.

1. What he is saying and what it means.  to

2. The emotion he has when saying it.

The emotion is always one of power.  Now that could be good but only if he was offering solutions that were accurate and powerful.

It is more of a high of enthusiasm of giving a speech rather than here is what I am saying and what it means.  It is a monotone emotion in the speech of highness!  He really offers no compelling and legitimate reasons to be emotional about what he is saying, because he can't show those emotions?

And they are probably all guilty of this.  Not writing their speeches so therefore not having the accurate emotions present in their voice to track what was written?

The high is one more of a salesmen.  A salesman doesn't become sad during his spiel; no matter what it looks like he is always being cunning.  Which means the goal orientation does not come from his personal emotions.  Which means he is a puppet.  So get that puppet up there and get him high and let him give the speech.  He either is acting like Mohamed Ali or Flip Wilson rather than a legitimate self?  A hipster that really doesn't know the meaning of what he professes?

When you say something you believe in you have to pause?  He doesn't know how to pause because he is hopped up on something and evading the emotion that way; if he can indeed dawn that emotion.

His speeches are more hopped up speeches rather than compelling for progressive change.  Do you notice he never say's here is the action we must take to stop financial abuse of Americans?  Anything he say's about most things are as if he is selling you on a point that he is doing something about them when the reality is he is going in the exact opposite direction!  It ends up worse for us.  But it is a somewhat delayed worse for us?  Little by little one after the other erodes on our rights and prosperity and sets the stage for the next one to do the exact same thing!  And that is why you would get high before giving a speech, not to make the words compelling but to make the gestalt of the speech hopped up?  It is kind of like this is what I have to do to sell this point?  Even though what you are actually doing is contrary to the point, hence be hopped up in your speech rather than tracking the emotion.  He can't track the right emotion to what he is saying because he doesn't believe in what he is saying but he doesn't know that he doesn't believe in it?

The emotion is always an illegitimate one of a carnival barker!  And this is a person who is stated to have used drugs in high school because it allowed him to distance himself from who he was.  We see that distancing in these speeches.  However he is not distancing himself from who he was because he was never who he thought he was.  He was an imposter even to himself.

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