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Sunday, January 24, 2016

The English tried at least 3 times to conquer the United States 01 24 2016

The English tried at least 3 times to conquer the United States 01 24 2016

What prevented them?  Your Second Amendment Right to own a gun and your right to free speech!

They could not take us because we all had guns in our homes.

So when the FBI wants to arrest someone for exerting their right to free speech how do they do so?  They do so when that person is away from their home don't they!!!!

It is almost as if it is an English insurrection isn't it?  If you wanted to conquer the United States and tried repeatedly you would go back and attempt to reverse or change everything that prevented you in the past!

Hence Obama attacking your right to own a gun.!

Also the Navy!  You would infiltrate that with as many satanic minded people as you could find.

Also allowing Gay's to serve in the military to make sexual assault look like it has a common and normal alibi.

Legalize drugs so it makes it look like you overdosed instead of being poisoned to death!  The Puritans who initially broke free from England executed anyone who attempted to poison them or did poison them!  Like it or not!  FDR's family money came from the opiate trade with China!

You would screw up the labor and dominate employment.  Unconstitutional limited liability framework.

You would send manufacturing to another country that you controlled through Hong Kong.

You would provoke War with neighbors and draw the United States into it with you.

You would create profit structures that defied borders!

You would declare that a criminals money is just as good as that of someone from the United States by making the free exchange of currencies in the Financial Markets.  That equivocation of money being equal and acceptable is a violation and lessening of your constitutional rights.

And lastly you would declare anyone who asserting you were a criminal as being mentally ill.  You would drug them!  You would even devise ways to make them have auditory hallucinations!  And that is just what the tribe of actors who came up from the south did to Abraham Lincoln at the end of the Civil war during a séance!  Would you believe that they had an electronic device that made noises placed in the room?  Now Ben Franklins son moved back to England and was against the freeing of the slaves.  I declare as I attempt to determine where that tech came from.  Our borders should have always been closed to the English!  Always!

You would slowly and insidiously whittle away every single precedent set in the Supreme Law of the Land to make it the exact opposite of what it is supposed to mean!  And that is what they have done!

Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2016
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