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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Lack of Community Leadership is threatening our Democracy 01 27 2016

Lack of Community Leadership is threatening our Democracy 01 27 2016

So you are a black person living in the core.  There are awful thugs all around.  And because of that you want gun control?

What does that tell us?  Our Constitution states that we are not to have gun control.

How come Community Leadership can't address that problem?  One of two things right.

1.  The people of that community are not of integrity and there is no one to rise to the top in valid community leadership!

2.  The people of that community do not believe in leadership.

Perhaps three things.

3.  There are a great many attention deficit hyperactivity people in that community who could not listen or discern...what leadership is?  How to even handle dangerous things like power tools, or cars.  How not to take drugs because in effect you are abandoning your ability to make legal decisions.

The Second Amendment isn't the threat to the Democracy it is the Democracy and the standard of Democracy!  Those mentally defective people are the threat to the Democracy and the Constitution.

Now I write something like this and I really don't see how anyone can see it any other way than how I write it but the truth is that no one see's it the way I do!

Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2016
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When the Governor of Michigan fails to prevent lead from getting in the Drinking Water the President of the United States has a Duty to Declare that a dry state!  Same goes for Scott Walker and the corruption he caused in Wisconsin.  Same with Texas and the allowance of illegal immigrants in the U.S.  Same with NY and organized crime!  Same with California as a wealthy drug user oasis. 

And the truth is that after those and other states are cleaned up they have to remain dry in order that you don't get retards in politics again.


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