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Thursday, January 21, 2016

Take a HIke, drafting a new Army to put down your current Army 01 21 2016

Take a HIke, drafting a new Army to put down your current Army  01 21 2016

Per our Constitution we are not to have an army for more than two years after a war.  But we are always to have a militia of the people!

Can you imagine if the initial militia members of the United States declared that they wanted to be paid after they sent the British home?  They would have been told to take a hike!  They weren't in it for the money they were in it to preserve and protect basic principles of freedom!

One United States President did exactly that, formed a new army to put down their current Army (Department of Defense.)

Todays military is not self policing.  If it were you would not have drug and sexual abuse as rampant as it is.

And what about veteran suicide?  That is indicative of failed leadership at the very top  of this country.

If I were President of the United States I would immediately draft a new army to remove all the corruption from our current Armed Forces!  And the people who would rank very highly would be those who were demonized by voices!

What does our current non academic college attendee Armed forces do in its spare time?  Cause trouble with civilians!    Drink beer and hard liquor on our money and cause trouble with normal men and women on their dates!  That does not belong in the United States!

The founding fathers knew how much trouble a standing army or what is termed a military industrial complex is!  A military industrial complex is one of the greatest enemies to Democracies and human freedom!  Sure you will have people like John Kerry doing a lot of War Mongering!  But the truth is the people of this country are better protected when we don't have a standing army!

In fact the only reason we are free today is because we all had guns and they could not take us on our homeland.  Barack and some wealthy Republicans are attempting to change that!

Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2016
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