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Saturday, January 16, 2016

What part of our Government Writes the Checks 01 16 2016

What part of our Government Writes the Checks  01 16 2016

It would seem to me that that should be a centralized system.

Also the cost of every single specific item included in any government expenditure should be standardized and in a book/database.  The cost of the product should also include the cost of the raw materials used to construct it and the electricity needed to produce it on the manufacturing line.  So if a pound of scrap metal costs 6 cents....  You get the idea, this is a way to completely reverse inflation on an epic scale in an effort to reduce environmental waste.

Also:  ANYONE who WORKS for the Government should have the part of their salary they usually spend on FOOD paid to them in the form of food stamps instead of CASH.

Centralized check writing should also be placed with a voucher system for standardized purchases.  In order to be a vender who receives the voucher you have to charge the price that is standardized?  The receipt of the price of the item to be included with the voucher?

Also there should not be a register of who owns Guns in the United States but a register of who does not own a gun and also who is promoting the idea of gun control!  Those who do not own a gun will indeed receive a voucher for one, which they must use within a reasonable time period; say 3 months.  Recommendations of purchase and use can indeed be made at the governmental level.  This helps our country from becoming too effeminated. 

I beg your pardon whinning liberal.  If your spoiled kid kills itself with a gun we cross ourselves and say "Amen I am glad it wasn't my kid he killed and I am glad my kid wasn't friends with that bad kid!"..."Amen to that one, Ashes back to ashes."  Ashes to ashes being an oblique way of describing the death of a useless satanic person whose flesh hung on their face like grey mouse hair colored jello?  Don't shake those momma's fat jowls at me Mr. High School Chemistry professor."

Perhaps a Government official can only pay his mortgage with a mortgage voucher?
Perhaps he can only own an automobile made in the United States with an automobile voucher.

Do you see how this brings up quality while forcing price down?

Perhaps a Government official receives a medical voucher!!!  OOH YOU ARE GOING TO LIKE THIS!  If the costs of his medical services exceed the medical voucher then he is deemed too sick to be a Government worker!!!!  WOW!  That has a lot of bite to it!

How much should a marriage and funeral cost?  Can only be so much per the voucher system.  Takes the greed out of the Church just like Jesus Christ VIOLENTELY TORE UP THE KIOSKS IN THE CHURCH!!!  And the Church told us Jesus never sinned and that violence is a sin? Perhaps they didn't tell us violence is a sin?  Oh wait a minute, we have a competing belief system called the law that tells us that!  Somehow the Church has figured out a way to put itself above the law of this country!!!

Perhaps before you are allowed to vote for someone again you have to write a report of how they directly benefitted your life.  If that report isn't believable maybe you don't get to vote at all?"  How did this person non monetarily benefit your life?  They didn't, I couldn't stand the sight of them or the sound of their voice.  That lessened my motivation and belief in America.

Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2016
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