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Sunday, January 17, 2016

The Village Magistrate 01 17 2016

The Village Magistrate  01 17 2016

I believe that if a person of color immigrant in the United States or even Caucasion immigrant is involved in Organized Crime here that the penalty should be as bad as it would be in their country of origin; meaning death in some cases.  No torture at all though.

And what was that on 60 minutes tonight about a the Chinese having an office of 1000 people that have stole all of the United States technology via the internet?  There have been countless Chinese who stole university secrets and sent them back to China.  A Chinaman that went to UWM with me once told me that ALL of the Chinese Americans know each other!  What does that mean?  One spy equals all spies.

What about India?  What would they do to a criminal punk?  It would not be good at all!

What about Italy?  They execute criminals don't they?

What would Kenya do if they found a person involved in organized crime there?

Freedom in the United States should not mean that they come here to victimize white people and get away with organized crime here!

Perhaps the executions should take place in the public courtyards of those foreign countries embassies to the United States here?  Send the bodies back to the country of origin.

They didn't view the United States as the land of freedom and opportunity they viewed it as place to exert their lowest level of behavior!  They view it as a place where they can put people to the test and profit from it and get away with it.

Did India Indian Americans stalk Jeffery Dahmer?  I have to wonder.  Because I see the same ones show up looking like trouble makers when I go places.  I can't be the only White American Male that they stalk.

And don't you get tired of hearing Hillary Clinton talk as if she is John Wayne?  It doesn't come out like John Wayne even though that is who she is obviously trying to be, the memory of it a few hours later is more like a begging nasally spoiled brat of a girl.  I can't believe she made it that far.  And if she is the best woman candidate then perhaps women should not even be allowed to be qualified electorates!

What is the penalty for practicing witchcraft in other countries?  "Say's here that is where you DNA is from."  Now all I need to do is find me a good friend named Kaleb to be my running mate.  (Haven't thrown my hat in yet."

Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2016
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