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Saturday, January 30, 2016

How to design a Meritocracy 01 30 2016

How to design a Meritocracy 01 30 2016

Now that would be a great college, high school or gradeschool writing assignment!

The problem with a meritocracy would be those who have no merit would attempt to ruin it as best that they could.  But isn't that the exact same thing we are experiencing with our Democracy today?

Has there ever been a meritocracy?  I doubt it.  Because if you had one it would still exist today, because it would the be best form of government.  So if there was one the study would be of how it was ruined.  Or why was it conquered?  What were the character traits of those who conquered it?

Just briefly researched it.  Confucius is given credit for inventing it in 600 BC!

So how do we transition to a meritocracy?

Every day of my life I have wondered why I am not living in a meritocracy!

I saw a black boy making a submarine sandwich today.  His hands were moving real fast.  He was helping more than one customer at once.  And what did I realize?  My racist ideas are imprinted on me by the voices!  They are not me at all!  There are good people and there are bad.  The good live in peace.  The bad are the miserable ones who are still with us.  They take issue with everything we do and think.  In a meritocracy that black boy rises to the top!  He is servicing the customer and he is happy to do so.  In a meritocracy would entertainment hold top notch?  No.  Anyone could get up on stage and dance around and act like a clown.  So how would a mentally retarded person fair in a meritocracy?  Bottom of the stinking barrel!  Amen to that!  Better it be him that is homeless than a man who played fairly by all the rules and lost his home to a banking fraud.

What is needed in a meritocracy economy?  Only things that have merit!  That means no plastic crap!  That means no drugs, tobacco or alcohol.   What about work?  We have machines that last.  We participate and help harvest crops!  How much energy would it take to harvest crops if a tractor that used 300 gallons of gasoline an hour was replaced by city to country commuters?  Perhaps in solar electric buses?

And what about that bad kid who wants to take all the other kids pants down at the harvest?  In a meritocracy he makes a good full time scarecrow?  Yeah I know it sounds a little like the Second Coming of the Roman Empire.  So be it!  There will be plenty of Romans serving as the euphemism of scarecrows.

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It say's at that link above that Napoleon formed a meritocracy.  From my reading of him, he was Adolf Hitler's Idol and Napoleon vowed to kill every black person on earth???

In a meritocracy the fast talking midget that can only do one thing in life doesn't fair well.  Those who fair well in a meritocracy are those who have many skills and can learn new ones.  Absent hearing voices that is what a schizophrenic person is!  The schizophrenic rises to the top in a meritocracy!

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