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Tuesday, January 19, 2016

George Bush No Child Left Behind EQUALS School Shootings 01 19 2016

George Bush No Child Left Behind EQUALS School Shootings 01 19 2016

It isn't a real hard analysis.  What has changed to cause the mass shootings?  It is George Bush's no child left behind policy whereby the retard sits in the same class and is passed no matter what.

1.  Either that retard resents the normal children. or.
2. The normal children loose it just like Special Education teachers quit because of the stress.  Temporary insanity might be another terminology for stress related...for a lot of our unemployment?

What is it when a teacher can no longer teach those children due to the stress of it?  Isn't it really justified hatred of the teacher of the situation?  Let's be honest that teacher doesn't like that situation.  That teacher doesn't like those kids who are beyond the limit of human patience.  It is hatred.  But it is justified hatred.  You cannot fault that teacher!  How can you fault a teacher for not having that level of human patience!  In fact it should be a crime to fault a teacher for not having the patience to teach the mentally retarded!  Let's get it right!

Now in number 2 above isn't that the exact same stress that normal children experience when there is a bully in the classroom?

You really aren't being fair to a human being when you label the reason they snapped as temporary insanity.  What is that?  It is the desire to say that anyone who has something seriously wrong with you has a mental condition that needs to be drugged.  That isn't true!  You might just be a very hard person for ANY human beings to get along with.

So if this is indeed the cause of the school mass shootings then it also should broadly apply as the cause of all mass shootings.  So how do you remedy that problem?

You have to segregate FROM communities those who have a brain defect and also those who are mean to normal children and victimize them.

Only a mentally defective person with a spoiled fantasy type of will would come up with a different viewpoint; such  as no child left behind.

And where does this path lead you?  This segregation of them from United States Communities?  It is really a Declaration that they cannot live by the standard of the United States Constitution so they should be deported.  And wherever they are deported to is a country that we should not trade with.  Not even in any value added capacity by them; parts, services from that countries origin.  In effect where they are deported to is akin to what would have been Lower World?  Can you see an image of that place already?  A h3ll ruled by the h3llish.  And that is indeed why George Washington really didn't want us to get too involved with foreign countries; they don't have our standards.

Is there any political candidate today that want's to maintain standards of humanity?

Thomas Paul Murphy
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Can I tell you what happens when you send the emotionally disturbed child of a very wealthy family to a private school?  Somehow they figure out where the normal children are; like it is their second sight.  I wrote a short story about this I titled something like Twisted Face.

And very seldom do you see a teacher advancing a child to skip a grade.  Why? Because that gifted child (normal) helps the other lesser children learn and it makes the teachers job easier.  If they are advancing a gifted child it is because the classroom they are advancing it to really needs just one smart kid in it to help the other children learn (imprint them).  Scapegoat learning?  Wonder if any family members read this?

I need to do some research on the Roman Catholic Church versus the Christian Church.  I used to think the Christian Church came about in England a foundation of Rome as just another interpretation of Catholicism.  However the Romans are stated to have hated the Christian religion.  So there is something that doesn't make sense.  Also when a Roman Emperor was burning someone to death in his courtyard what was the reason he gave for it?  I know it sounds horrible.  But they had to have stated a reason somewhere in history.  Was it Nero who did that?  There has to be some historical literature that gets into that mind of that person from their point of view.  They usually gave speeches upon execution of someone?

It makes me wonder what a Roman Emperor would do about a Polish Pope who turned a blind eye to the sexual molestation of children by Catholic Priests.  It is stated that 90% of the Polish in Poland pre WW2 were Jewish.  What would a Roman Emperor do if church officials who were Polish were either covering up or sexually molesting "gentile"/Roman children?

You really don't want a queer monkey to have a field day of sexual molestation with your white children do you?  Please tell me that isn't what you really believe in.  Anytime a Government wants to keep things secret from its people isn't that like a monkey having a field day with you?

I believe sometimes when the son of a low grade imbecile in the core of Milwaukee was shot by cops and the mother is crying my baby my baby.  That that might have been a paid for propaganda by the media.

At any rate, if you had this policy of segregation and deportation you might not have to put up with whatever Donald Trump will bring if elected.  Why?  Because under the above scene their would be no Private Military Schools to send bad boys off to.  The Private Military school is illegal per the Constitution.  It almost makes Donald Trump an unqualified electorate; as if he wasn't born in the United States because of the unconstitutional way he was raised in this country.  Per our Constitution we are not to have a standing army for more than two years.  We don't need to bat our heads together to figure out via common sense that that also means we are not to have Military Schools.  Only a monkey would tell you that what I am saying doesn't make any sense.

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