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Saturday, January 16, 2016

A Non Convicted Drug Dealer, Pimp, Child Molester or Substance Abuser Wins the Lottery I SAY NO!

A Non Convicted Drug Dealer, Pimp, Child Molester or Substance Abuser Wins the Lottery  I SAY NO!

No one who is established in Organized Crime should receive a windfall to further establish organized crime.

Perhaps on our end of year statements there should be a receipts box titled money from organized crime activity.  And it doesn't matter if it isn't organized crime today but was in the past, you have to check that box if your current business or proceeds include it.  And if you don't it could be considered treason punishable by the death penalty!!!

Did you receive money from the sale of alcohol in the prior year?  How about marijuana sales?  Did you receive money from the sale or prescription of any form of opiate/narcotic?  A narcotic defined as something that makes someone sleepy; regardless of current medical nomenclatures.  Did it say on the label "May cause drowsiness" at any point in that chemicals sale?

Did you procure drugs for sale to other people from someone in the calendar year ended_____________.  In how many years up to that year did you?______. 

Did you use cocaine, speed, marijuana in the calendar year ended__________.

Did you smoke any tobacco in the year ended_____________.

Did you drink ANY alcohol in the year ended_____________.  How much_________.  Do you have a receipt or does your alcohol purchasing card confirm with that amount?

In the prior year were you threatened in any way by a substance abuser of the presumed offspring of one?  All adopted people can be presumed the offspring of a substance abuser.  Anyone who consumes any alcohol to your direct visual knowledge (you saw them drinking or they seemed to be under the apparent influence of that or like mal spirit) can be presumed to be a substance abuser.  Any adult not of normal height or traditional sexual orientation can be presumed to be the child of a substance abuser.  Any person whom you know to be prematurely born can be presumed to be the child of a substance abuser. Etc.

As a Doctor how many of your patients died at less than their maternal longevity rating in the prior year?

As a Doctor do you think you should be concerned when you don't explain the exact specific cause of a persons illness to them?   ___If you answered yes how do you feel that the health care industry should be regulated to lessen that "egregion." (new word springing up)

Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2016
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