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Thursday, December 29, 2016

May Academia always be "Truth based knowledge." 12 29 2016

May Academia always be "Truth based knowledge."  12 29 2016

The real reason you want to sue someone is because the truth hurts.  It means that you did not learn anything in school because academia is supposed to be the development of "Truth based Knowledge!"

Our Constitution is meant to be iron clad protection against people like you!

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Humor: Who is that on the recent cover of "People" magazine that looks like he sh1t his pants and doesn't belong there? 12 29 2016

Let's spell out the Constitution a little bit better and add an admendment with this language 12 29 2016

Let's spell out the Constitution a little bit better and add an admendment with this language 12 29 2016

"We are never to be subjected to or victimized by the will of Satan in the United States."

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When Mike Pence is speaking and thinking who does he pretend he is having a mental dialog in his head with? 12 29 2016

When Mike Pence is speaking and thinking who does he pretend he is having a mental dialog in his head with? 12 29 2016

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How Psychiatry is like Nazi Germany 12 29 2016

How Psychiatry is like Nazi Germany  12 29 2016

"Cursing you because you can think and then giving (mandating to) you a mind numbing substance as if 'YOUR LIFE WAS UNWORTHY OF LIVING!'"

Oddly enough on a Jewish website I read that Rabbis were said to have spent their entire lives cursing entire family lines throughout history.  Which would make Psychiatry a function of "Jewish Nazi Germany!!!"  And I did indeed hear Howard Stern once assert that Adolf Hitler was Jewish.  Something called the "Duality of Enemies" going on here?

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Humor: Make Warren Buffet Your Diabetic Savior 12 29 2016

Humor: Make Warren Buffet Your Diabetic Savior 12 29 2016

Yesterday there was an internet article telling how he made $12 billion doing nothing last year.  It featured a photograph of him drinking a can of Coke in a setting that looked like he was a pupil in church.  Coca Cola is one of his largest holdings.

If you ever think you are going to get diabetes remember that photograph and how Warren Buffet is offering to be your Diabetic Savior for you and instead of you!;_ylt=A0LEVy2tKWVYDyUA1clXNyoA;_ylu=X3oDMTEyOGplbWhxBGNvbG8DYmYxBHBvcwMyBHZ0aWQDQjI5MTNfMQRzZWMDc3I-

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In fact no matter what ailment you have just turn on that television and the first bobble head you see talking consider that person to be a savior for that illness for you and then quickly turn the boob tube off!

Humor 12 29 2016 A

Humor 12 29 2016A

That straight A kid you taught to make farting noises with its brain is going to grow up to be a drug addicted adult onset retard.

Now the not so funny!

What is Alzheimer's? It is retroactive mental retardation! Satans way of finally catching up to where it should be in life!

How can you tell who is going to get it? They live under the Greek satanic philosophical principle of creating FURY! In politics they think of things to say to invoke hatred for them, such as; “A white woman raped by a drug addicted black man must keep that baby!” It is an uncanny predictor of who will get retroactive mental retardation and you are not a sick person to enjoy watching Satan mentally degrade after asserting a lifetime of its spoiled will!

You will also notice that all of those who placated them will have early symptoms of the same poetic fate! It is foretold of in the Dead Sea Scrolls and it is indeed Gods will for it to happen!

We should be ready to discredit and annul any changes a person like that was able to make to our countries laws once the diagnosis has irrevocably established itself in them!

“What's that you say you can't wait to write the article in the village paper about the next odd looking Jewish family who is going to move to our village and live in our home after you evict us for not being able to pay property taxes because we were disabled by hearing ooh so mysterious voices?”

“What's that you say you are going to take away all of America's guns and place us all on psychiatric medicine?”

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And when they say matters of Fury to you they always act like they "Thunk real hard about it " before they say it and they pontificate the point as if they are pointing at you with a booger on the tip of their finger.

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Who Shorted the 1929 Stock Market Crash and why? 12 28 2016

Who Shorted the 1929 Stock Market Crash and why?  12 28 2016

It is a Zero Sum game in the stock market.  Meaning when you buy a stock a market maker short sells it if he doesn't own it.  When it goes down he makes money when he buys to cover.

A tremendous amount of money had to have been made in the 1929 Stock Market Crash.

FDR made some of it per my research.  But it would be great if a government agency could validate who made money in that crash.  Who shorted that market?

So you have a U.S. political family doing something very unpatriotic and unamerican.  In fact funding their campaign for President with the proceeds made from robbing the American public.  But look at the other side of the issue here.  A foreign country is standing up to stock market corruption at that very same time aren't they!  In effect that foreign country and its leader were really standing up for the American people in doing so?

So you have a foreign country declare War on our Country and our Countries leadership because they are participating in Stock market corruption just like the other countries that country is at War at?  (And just take all the party names out of it and country names and look at the generic gestalt of it.)

Was the United States building up its military with money made from the 1929 market crash?

FDR really wanted to defeat Prohibition!!!  But why?  It has to do with alcohol being the number one cause of mental retardation in the Western Hemisphere.  It has to do with the retards becoming very wealthy because they can only learn via the stolen soul of a normal human being?

It has to do with the 21st amendment being invalid because it was not valid as to the intent and purpose of the U.S. constitution.  (FDR got the rights to sell foreign whisky in the U.S. in the background of him creating the 21st amendment.

It has to do with FDR being English and England up to that point considered to be the greatest enemy of the United States.

It has to do with England being a Wiccan nation we declared our independence and religious freedom from.

It has to do with a sceance being part of wiccan religion and the desire of it being to join with a higher conscious.

It has to do with FDR's wife being a lesbian.  And here we go.  There is research that indicate that homosexuality is caused by a defect to the gene that regulates serotonin.   Serotonin is responsible for how one feels they attain happiness.  If it is screwed up you don't attain it from personal achievement?  A defect to that gene would seem to be the hallmark of mental retardation.  And I have always believed the homosexual to be mentally retarded.  It is my belief and I have a right to believe it and express it, and scientific evidence supports it.

But FDR was into Eugenics.  And Nazi Germany was into it too.  They were also into high tech forms of torture.  They were also into psychiatry.  We don't know what our soldiers found over their in those medical records because it was sealed.

But if you can't attain personal happiness through achievement because you have defective gene that regulates serotonin how do you attain happiness?  Through the use of alcohol!  And that is why they wanted it.  Don't really care what you do to get money when you can have a drink afterwards do you.  Completely numbs the human conscience of any wrongdoing at all doesn't it!  And hence you can't have organized crime without it can you!  Because without it there would be no absence of human conscience.  Hence you couldn't short the market make billions and run for President of that country at the same time.

There are those who can talk a blue streak and are verbally manipulative they are thought to be highly intelligent but some of them have low IQ's as in Wilsons Syndrome.

Now contrast that to someone who is diagnosed with autism.  They are thought to be highly intelligent however cannot verbally express themselves well.  Some even have schizophrenia too.  I am telling you that it is the mentally retarded who are sponging that soul away from them.  Verbally manipulate means knowing when to well place an insult in order to prevent an intelligent person from asserting themselves and asserting their inalienable rights.  I am telling you that the autistic are demonically possessed by the retarded.

But lets go to Biblical times and the story of the type of woman named Lilith.  She is stated to be able to steal the soul of a human baby while still in the womb?  How can someone do that?  I will explain that to you right now.  Lets say that you grew up learning verbal ability by listening to the mind of a man or woman being tormented with voices.  You wouldn't really develop your own cognition would you.  In fact your mind would be pure programmed to eavesdrop wouldn't it.

Now lets say that when that persons Holy Spirit ejaculated from them you found it to be a great rush to you!  Why?  Because it was like a concentrated form of what you had been gleening from hitting you.  Lets say your race learned to just wait and learn from that which we will call the Holy Spirit. 

You would be very attenuated to who had that Holy Spirit among us and who didn't.  The Holy Spirit really amounting to who had a normal brain and the energy pattern and life energy pattern of that person.  Normal meaning a hippo campus involved in memory and learning not being deformed at birth from alcohol at all.  Normal meaning to genetic brain abnormality from inbreeding.  Normal meaning no missing parts to the caudate nucleaus or no extra gap in the exterior front of the brain.  What would a Holy Spirit of a person like that be to you?  Pure energy!  Euphoria!  The Gravy train.  The goose that laid the golden egg.  And in Biblical times I will assert that those who were born normal and could figure things out like a normal person can were called Prophets.  And there were said to be over a million of them and they were all Jews!!   But that is what the schizophrenic is today.

I am asserting that that which talks to the schizophrenic and also gleens from its disseminated holy spirit easily has the ability to sponge a soul away from a prophet baby meaning normal baby.  In fact I can remember being in the baby carriage and facing a demon voice attack by a Lilith type woman somewhere.  Deafening and mean.  And indeed some Russian/Slavic women have been found to be able to project magnetic waves from their heads.  If my parents had not moved from that downtown Milwaukee apartment when I was about 1 years old I too would likely be autistic today; because of that beast.  By the grace of God there go I! 

Is there a way to eke out of an autistic child if a voice is talking to them?  I bet I could figure out a way to do it whereby the child would not be lying in answer.

But that beast see's that human baby about the same as it does your normal holy spirit ejaculated from you, something to feed off the energy of.

So is there biblical evidence that supports my belief?  How did the three asian wise MEN know where the prophet Jesus Christ would be born?  Again it has to do with have a blank predatory brain that therefore picks up on human thinking because that part of its own brain does not function properly.  Much of mental retardation from fetal alcohol syndrome being caused by a defect to the hippo-campus which is responsible for memory and learning.  What does it mean?  It means they can't form their own conscience.  So how do you get by without your own?  You live off the conscience of someone who has one.  You curse and split that soul.  You displace it in time and space with voices so it can't think for itself.  And when it can't think for itself you are indeed reading its future!  And that is how the gambling houses are able to set the odds.  And that is how the blue bloods who never changed the oil on a car even once are able to pick stock prices.  And that is who made a killing in the 1929 stock market crash and why.

Anyone notice that Germany took its money and gold out of the United States stock market a few years ago, and lots of it, took it back to Germany?

But again I would like to know who made a lot of money in that crash.  Some people are quoted as bragging about it in history books.  Would we have been in a Great Depression if it didn't happen?

But what I am also asserting here is that FDR discovered technology that allowed the wealthy to split and displace a human soul with very little effort, microwave displacement.  A microwave signal from a magnetron generator being modulated by a voice speaking into a microphone negating the synapses of someones human thought process.  And when they do that, distract and molest that thinking I am asserting that the mentally retarded are inverse imprinting their minds from it as well as reading that persons future and taking all it has to offer.  But what you don't realize is that when they steal one persons future they have also stolen the whole future of humanity at the same time!

If you look at all the horror in this world and find it incomprehensible so do I and I am asserting who is to blame in this article.

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Okay I'll Bite: Trump on Veterans 12 28 2016

Okay I'll Bite:  Trump on Veterans  12 28 2016

So today I saw that Brad Schimel didn't want some videos he made made public because he thought it was a threat to the state.  The Supreme Court agreed with him.  So who knows what was in them?  We will never know even though we have more than every right to.

But Tommy Thompson the former Governor of Wisconsin visited Donald Trump and he said that he talked about Veterans and other important stuff.

But what does Donald Trump really believe about Veterans?  This is the story that I was going to write but didn't, so I will today.

In a video where Donald Trump has his own Business School and is teaching it he stated that he would never hire anyone smarter than himself because something bad is going to happen when you do and you are not going to like it.

So what can a Veteran expect when they come home from the service with new skills that they attained in the military?  As per the Corporate Management video Trump made a while back they should not be hired if they are smarter than the employer.

That isn't fair.  And this country is supposed to be about fairness.  Our Constitution is written so that our inalienable rights cannot be infringed.  But that limited liability framework which makes it possible not to hire people that are overqualified isn't fair, it has no place in this country.

But to take the other side of the issue.  We are not to have a military in times of peace.  But that is neither here nor there because a Veteran served his country whether or not our Government was corrupt or not.  They put themselves in harms way.  The opportunity was there and they took it.  But the opportunity for that should never have been there instead there should have been opportunity for them in this country to work at their level and the potential level they would reach as is certain by the skills the rose to attain while in the service.

But look at how this contrasts to Gun Control.  They want to take away our guns too don't they.  It is like the switchblade they are all made somewhere else and the technology isn't what it is supposed to be.  So lets say you had guns all made somewhere else because we can't have them in the United States anymore?  What does that make us?  That is one of the greatest threat to Homeland Security that there is.  Let every other country make them?  How naive can you get.  So you say you don't need them in the U.S.?

Just last week two coyotes dragged a dog away from a house not a mile from mine in Milwaukee County.  Some dogs are a lot bigger than small children aren't they.  So right there we are to find another means to keep our children from being dragged away by coyotes?  This is an infantile belief system.

But what about Brad Schimel and his video material?  Do you know what I now think of him?  It is this, there are some things that a man know and not still be considered a man if he doesn't tell them.  Keeping secrets is the equivalent to organized crime and corruption.  If we were about Freedom and not about money hoarding we would not have to worry about Freedom or money.  That is a principle of integrity the weak minded never comprehend.

And what about Tommy Thompson? (He has a reputation for being a drunk and the adultery from bars thing in Wisconsin?  The washed up face is one of an alcoholic.  A hobo!) I look at him and I wonder how he ever got in Government.  And you look at Donald Trump on the recent cover of People and what do you think?  He knows without a doubt he doesn't deserve to President!

The main point of this article is that we elected someone who does not believe in hiring those smarter than himself.  So you were a good boy.  You listened to the teacher and learned.  You self developed.  You wanted to be somebody.  And you come upon the wall of rats...  Story of my life.

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Monday, December 26, 2016

News that would actually be of some benefit to us 12 26 2016

News that would actually be of some benefit to us  12 26 2016

The following type of news should be mandatory reported.

1.  "XXXX"  who killed a family of three had been drinking "YYYY" brand of beer that he had purchsed from "ZZZZ" business; the owner of "ZZZZ" business is "FFFFF."

2.  Gravestone should read, "VVVVV" died of lung cancer, her favored brand of cigarette was "DDDDD"

3.  "XXXX" died of aids that he contracted from having homosexual sex with known aids infected person "YYYYY."

4."VVVV" has fetal alcohol syndrome/Downs Syndrome Sepctrum disorder, his mother drank "GGGG" brand alcohol while she was pregnant.

This would all be consistent with matching of costs to sources of revenues as the Republican Party is fond of promoting.

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Do you know why you never will ever see number one above?  Because the next sentence the Anchorwoman would have to read with the same fake smile would be, "You will see there product on our next television commercial!"

One late edition:

5. "DDDD" who was just convicted of criminal racketeering was confirmed a "Catholic" by "EEEE" priest at "HHHHH" parish.

Friday, December 23, 2016

Inventions Needed: Semi Automatic Slide Based Handgun Improvements 12 23 2016

Inventions Needed: Semi Automatic Slide Based Handgun Improvements 12 23 2016

If I were engineering a new slide or OEM slide for these types of guns I would put an aiming hole in the upper left hand corner of the slide as you are looking at the gun from the rear.  This hole would extend the entire length of the slide and out the front end of the slide in the same place.

This would allow for a more fail safe handgun.  Sights tend to go out of alignment, however an aiming hole running the length of the slide parallel to the barrel would never go out of alignment.

Sights can also fly off of these types of guns if not properly attached.

This would be a great addition to a military model of this general type of gun.

That aiming hole would allow for far more rapid target acquisition!!

It would perhaps be about 1/16" in diameter and would not take up much more room.

I also believe this type of sight is what should be used on top of these guns to replace the sight system that is there already  One tube running the entire length of the slide, on top of the slide as a gun sight.

Many decades ago I reconfigured the front sight on my shotgun.  I had never shot Skeet before.  But with that new sight I was able to shoot better than a friend who had shot skeet quite a bit.

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Two 1911 plunger tubes aligned and mounted/swaged for and aft on top of a slide might indeed be a very inexpensive way to get a highly accurate sight.  Bore sight/laser align them, tap the slide, swage them, may have to countersink for the width and it would be set.  Never have to worry about it drifting!  In fact if I could pick up a very inexpensive slide I would attempt it.

Sunday, December 18, 2016

Invention Needed: Fogproof Eyeglasses 12 18 2016

Invention Needed: Fogproof Eyeglasses 12 18 2016

If they can make a riflescope fogproof then they ought to be able to make eyeglasses fogproof.

I don't know what makes a fogproof riflescope fogproof.  Perhaps the inside is gas filled?

If it is a coating on the lense then eyeglasses should have that coating too.

If it is trapped gas then somehow you could figure out the dynamic and create the same in eyeglasses.

Copyright 2016 Thomas Paul Murphy

Thursday, December 15, 2016

The Chinese Army was built with American Dollars

Thanks to the United States Congress the Chinese Army was built with American Dollars! Our Constitution declared that we had the right to declare the value of foreign currencies but they failed miserably on this issue!
Their population expansion, which is subject to their draft was also funded by American Dollars.

So we naively believed in universal equality and they did not?  And when we end up getting in a war with them will that principle be proven wrong once and for all?  The fact that we get in a war with the Chinese logically means that they are not equal to us?

~"That's right send the clown head to keep badgering me for the answers."

© 2016 Thomas Paul Murphy

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

It's like a MASON 12 14 2016

It's like a MASON  12 14 2016

If you want to make the country great again you have to start with a good genetic stock;  it is like a mason, you start laying bricks straight and you stay straight.  You start straight and you stay straight.

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Humor: Here is....12 14 2016

Humor:  Here is....12 14 2016

"Here is how dumb you are.  We could deport you to a foreign country and they would register your name as being 'J@ck D@n1els'; because that is what it said on your shirt and you didn't know any better!"

© 2016 Thomas Paul Murphy

Monday, December 12, 2016

So why would the medical community tell you that you can't change your blood oxygen level by changing your breathing; because you can! 12 12 2016

So why would the medical community tell you that you can't change your blood oxygen level by changing your breathing; because you can!  12 12 2016

Believe me when I tell you that you can!  If you breath through your abdomen you can increase your blood oxygen level by 2 percent in less than a minutes time.

So why would they tell you that you can't?  Why would they profess research that say's you can't?

Because it is very healthy for you!  When you do it helps you metabolize chemicals.  The increased oxygen nourishes cells.  It vitalizes the mitochondria.

So why would they tell you that you can't?

The implications of that are pretty horrific.

How do I know that you can?  Because I never believed that you couldn't and I bought an oximeter a long time ago and prove it all the time.

So why don't they want you to take deep breaths, increase your blood oxygen content and relax?

I worked with someone in the Investment Business and one of his favorite idealisms is that if you can't trust someone on the specific you can generalize and say they are lying about everything?  Something like that.


What this also makes me wonder is how the idea applies to cigarette smokers?  Is a cigarette smokers blood oxygen level generally less than one that isn't?  Do you see how the above gives one the inclination to believe that it doesn't matter if you smoke or not?

Here is a quote to links about that.

What does it seem to propagandize into existence?  Zombie nation!

But think about it.  What else don't they want you to know?  This paint or this chemical will decrease on average your blood oxygen content by such and such percent.

Do you know that protecting the health and welfare of the United States Citizen is the fabric of this nation?

So indeed every product that does decrease your blood oxygen content should have the percent it decreases blood oxygen content by.

Which brings me to the next point, inebriation and driving.

Alcohol lowers blood oxygen content too or they would not want to add it to alcohol to make you sober up quicker.

What is all that like?  What is that high like?  Seems like suffocation to me.  Again Zombie nation!

© 2016 Thomas Paul Murphy
Originally published on 12 12 2016 at:

But what does it tell us? 

1. There are a lot of people dumber than that can of varnish that has been in your garage for over two decades.
2. They want to bring you down to that level.

3.  Why do they want to bring you down to that level?  Because they are extremely sensitive about it!  In fact fragile because they live the life of perdition of a mentally retarded person?


Who wants to be around a person that reaches for a substance that partially suffocates themselves every time they feel comparatively lesser?  That in and of itself is a psychotic self harming behavior.

Sure they want to give you research that states alcohol doesn't cause any brain damage.  And then they also tell us they can't figure out why plaque forms in a persons brain as in Alzheimer's?  What are those dead pockets in the brain in Alzheimer's.  Oh no they have nothing to do with low blood oxygen content causing substances do they.

You know what the best part about that is?  When someone who is the pied piper propagandizing those things cause no harm ends up in that state of perdition from the effect of their own, willful, spoiled, unsubstantiated advice.  That has to be the best of just go along with what everyone tells you to do and you will be okay in life.  They NEVER see the poetic justice of that coming their way.  NEVER!


I don't like to bash Trump because I want him to do great things for this country.  But the Secretary of State issue has prompted me.  So his father believed in Eugenics.  However as it concerns his very own son that principle doesn't apply does it or he would not have sent him away to the New York Military Academy.  If I hold my tongue I get sick.  Our Constitution does not want you to hold your tongue either.  But read the above and ask yourself who wants you to hold your tongue?  What character profile can you draw up on someone like that?


So I glance at the television on my way to the kitchen sometimes and what do I see?  Those old farts who are supposed to be authorities on everything on the news shows look dumber than that can of varnish that has been in your garage for over two decades.

A Special thanks to Microsoft with regard to American Productivity and Eyesight 12 12 2016

A Special thanks to Microsoft with regard to American Productivity and Eyesight 12 12 2016

When you increase the font size so that you can see it everything on your screen gets bigger and it doesn't fit on the screen workspace so you can't use it.

Great, yeah retire and pursue special interests relating to genocide?  While at the same time you are blinding Americans.

Copyright 2016 Thomas Paul Murphy

Saturday, December 10, 2016

Invention Needed: 1/2" x 28 teeth thread onto the muzzle front gun sight 12 10 2016

Invention Needed: 1/2" x 28 teeth thread onto the muzzle front gun sight  12 10 2016

There are so many attachments that you can screw on a threaded rifle or handgun barrel but not one of them is the one that makes the most sense; a gun sight with a peep hole in it!

It really bothers me!  They can put defective scope on AR-15 and send young men off to die with them because they don't center the outer ring, when indeed the purpose of that specific type of sight is that you should not have to center the outer ring with it when you aim.

Just a simple threaded end barrel protector with a peep sight protruding from it.

How many American lives would that have saved?  It would have only cost about $3.

The reason no one (DOD etc.) thought of it is because they didn't have the human conscience to care about American peoples safety.  Perhaps their motive was to the contrary.

Fixed front and rear sights with perhaps a magnifier if desired.

It is deer hunting season so I start to think about this stuff more.  I was an Expert Marksman on the Whitefish Bay High School Rifle Team!!!  A Letterman!

Copyright 2016 Thomas Paul Murphy

Post Script.  Some of the kids didn't think that the Rifle Team was as good as worthy as the football, basketball team, etc to receive those Letters on the jacket.  To that I reply I once asked a big kid why he wasn't on the High School Football team, he told me that his father wouldn't let him because it would ruin his knees for life.  Then later in life when I worked at an Investment Firm one of the favorite quotes I heard someone say is, "The biggest problem we have today is what to do with those big dumb jocks."  So you have bad needs and you would not have had the personal integrity and merit to be responsible for a rifle at that age?

Friday, December 9, 2016

Flash Fiction: After I Leave the Room 12 09 2016

Flash Fiction:  After I Leave the Room  12 09 2016

"After I leave the room there is a guy named Jimmy coming in with a box of markers to paint your face; are you scared?"

© 2016 Thomas Paul Murphy
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Really bad humor 12 09 2016

Really bad humor  12 09 2016

"I call the Chinese Restaurant, 'The House of Fang.'"

And what the voices then said to me,

"That cracker your eating, ' I call that the crumbly oat.'"

© 2016 Thomas Paul Murphy
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Humor: There would be a lot less Doctors if 12 09 2016

Humor: There would be a lot less Doctors if  12 09 2016

There would be a lot less Doctors if they were required to check fat people for hemorrhoids on each and EVERY visit to the hospital or Doctors office.

© 2016 Thomas Paul Murphy

Serious Humor is 12 09 2016

Serious Humor is 12 09 2016

The complimentary steak knife in the Styrofoam box of steaks that does not want to cut but rather bent around and bite you like a snake or spit a cracked flying piece into your eye.


More humor:  It looks like they disambiguated one word into two today, "complementary" and "complimentary."

For what purpose?  So that Miss Snodgrass can pretend to be smarter than everyone else?

© 2016 Thomas Paul Murphy


Question: I wonder what would happen if you froze brats in beer as soon as you got them home from the Grocery 12 09 2016

Question: I wonder what would happen if you froze brats in beer as soon as you got them home from the Grocery 12 09 2016

© 2016 Thomas Paul Murphy

Flash Horror Fiction 12 09 2016

Flash Horror Fiction  12 09 2016

A man struggles all his life, wanting to be a neurosurgeon working for a psychiatric institute.  When he finally makes it, at 49 years old, his first patient is list mandated to be the loving son that he adopted.

© 2016 Thomas Paul Murphy
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There were no men in The Garden of Eden 12 09 2016

There were no men in the Garden of Eden 12 09 2016

There is a story in the Bible about man who had a great many different skills.  He wanted to come to a village and be a part of it, a citizen of it.  I believe that village was the Garden of Eden.

However they did not want to let him in because he was good at everything.  By inferred comparison it means that everyone in that village was only good at one thing at best.

To be a man, to make the right of passage, I assert that you have to think like a man.  And that means that you seek to personally develop as many skills as possible.  You constantly desire to learn and grow.

However in that village there was not one person like that

Hence there were no men in The Garden of Eden.


Another way to look at this is not that Adam and Eve were banished from the Garden of Eden but rather Adam, and therefore MAN, (he was the first human) was FREED from the Garden of Eden!!!  A place of perdition because those who can only do one thing in life, if they can do that, by definition live in perdition; Ie. HELL!

© 2016 Thomas Paul Murphy
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Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Invention Needed:Rifle Barrel Stabilizer 12 07 2016

Invention Needed:Rifle Barrel Stabilizer 12 07 2016

The handguard on an AR-15 is somewhat of a barrel stabilizer.  Why?  Because their is constant high spring pressure around the guard in the direction of muzzle aim.

A shotgun shroud is similar to the concept I am thinking of.

But a rifle tends to be whipping at the end of the barrel.

So what is needed is a screw on device that is heat stable but light that comes back a distance from the muzzle and takes the whip out of the end of the barrel.  Thereby allowing for a light barrel but a very stable barrel.

I have not seen such a device on the market yet.

Such a device could be both female threaded and male threaded on the end so that a muzzle break could still be added to the end of it.

Likely material to be used?  Advanced synthetics such as carbon fiber, Kevlar or Dynema.

So how thin and light and yet more stable and strong could you make a rifle with such a device?  That would be the engineering crux of the issue.

Copyright 2016 Thomas Paul Murphy

Invention Needed: Bubble Pen 12 07 2016

Invention Needed: Bubble Pen  12 07 2016

A common disposable type of pen whereby on the end opposite the writing end is a simple air valve bubble that can be depressed once or more to pressurize the ink in the pen and make it flow immediately.

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Monday, December 5, 2016

"You can't write like that only General Mattis is allowed to." 12 05 2016

“You can't write that way; General Mattis is the only one allowed to think that way!”

The reasons they use to put someone on psychiatric drugs in the United States are probably different and opposite of the reasons they would in a Communist Nation?

In fact I talked to a man from China once and I know that assertion is true!

So what does it mean? It means when you believe what you want to, such as freedom and individuality rather than what a Government, Church or wealthy individual does you are placed on them! It means that psychiatric drugs are a universal demonic tool of political censorship!

It means that you are the normal one and the odd bird with the hateful stare desiring to restrain and poison you is the abnormal one!

But in that first sentence there is a picture of a defiant or petulant hyperactivity type of person?

Who came to mind when you read it? A spoiled wealthy black person? Barack Obama?


The human race needs to milestone and move far past the great impostors and eliminate the drugs that create them and foster their ill fated control over humanity!

That is the only brave new world that results in peace and survival of the human species; instead of a mentally retarded child on a box of cereal label or shirt brand icon/label. There should be obscenity laws to prevent that.

Images like that should be banned on obscenity charges rather than the human being who thinks they are obscene being dragged away from their homes and poisoned by what amounts to be genetic homosexuals; a defect to the gene that regulates what one experiences happiness from (serotonin.)


“Doctor I realized that I am living someone else's life and I don't want to stop! Can you put them on psychiatric drugs for me?”


“How about if I give you a Mercedes?”



Pride in personal achievement versus hatred, envy and resentment of those who have the natural ability to achieve by their own developed means, “MAN!”; born and raised in a loving family that didn't use or consume controlled substances!

If the substance is controlled how come there is no control over the people who are born ill/ mentally defective from the use of it during conception and pregnancy? Do you see who doesn't think like “Man?”

“Voice; you believe there is absolutely no one that could like or believe in someone like me don't you!”

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More on Teams 12 05 2016

More on Teams  12 05 2016

You are in an Army Troup.  You look around the room right away and you know who is going to get all of you killed.

The team should decide who is not on the team.  But what happens when the "Army" team decides you should not be on the "Army" team because you said someone else should not be on the "Army" team?

Then you get kicked out of that!  Either.

1.  You go home and are freed from service for asserting your Constitutional right to Free Speech, what everyone is fighting for in this country as part of the Supreme Law.

2.  You end up being allocated to a new Army team.  And what happens?  That first Army team you were on will not have your back in war.  In fact they might even be shooting at it; because of what you said about "Tilly?"


Let's say that I am the coach of your Football team and I call you a derivation of the word Negro (whether you are black or white) because you tried to poke an opposing team members eyes' out.

Now you become mentally ill from depression because I asserted my free speech and said it to you.  Did I cause your mental illness?  No!  You were already predisposed to it because you were the type or person that doesn't know how to play a simple game without poking someone's eye out.  You were screwed up long before we crossed paths!

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In a true team the team members decide who is and who isn't on the team 12 05 2016

In a true team the team members decide who is and who isn't on the team  12 05 2016

Hence there are really no team sports today.

I believe a true team would have a winning record.  But right there what did I hear the Devils Advocate of teams sports complain about?  You can't do it that way because certain people would be excluded from being on the team and that would be unfair.

So what the team player really fears is the team or team members saying they cannot be on the team because they are not a team player?


I wonder how many coaches who won a Superbowl invite all the team players who won it to an annual feast?  I doubt it!  Why not?  Because to do that you would have to have really been a team and you weren't.  You were a collection of "me" individuals with a defect to the gene that regulates personal happiness just as the homosexual is.

Vince Lombardi?  Would he throw an annual feast for players on his team?  Who would ever want to come when a diminutive monster like that is allowed to berate you for money?

So a Priest named Father Tim came to visit Vince Lombardi in his Lambeau field office and not too soon afterwards Vince comes out of the office wearing the priests clothes?  That is the way I read the Wikipedia article on Vince.

So why did Vince Lombardi ever marry a woman?  He verbally abused her!  She developed a drinking problem from it.  To marry a woman and then abuse her; to me that means that you are a homosexual.  Why?  Because you don't love the woman you married.  You married in heterosexual fashion only to be mean to the opposite sex rather than human heterosexual love.

So this is indeed what I find to be the mentally defective origin of Professional Football in Wisconsin.

Lombardi the kind hearted man we are told he was would fire anyone from the team who made fun of a homosexual on the team?   And yet by all accounts above the diminutive Italian Lombardi was one.

So Lionel Aldrich, a black man, goes to play for such a monster and ends up homeless with what we are told is schizophrenia?  Who stole his human soul?  It isn't all to hard to figure out who that was!  A street is named after him in Green Bay Wisconsin!

What I am getting into is people with disabilities who cause disability in other people.... in order for what?

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Saturday, December 3, 2016

Does the United States support the Dictatorship and Police State in North Korea? 12 03 2016

Does the United States support the Dictatorship and Police State in North Korea? 12 03 2016

We don't have a lot of trade with them however they exports raw materials into South Korea and China.  And we are a big buyer from South Korea and China.

It does matter where our stuff comes from and how people are treated there.

So the answer is yes.  The United States does indeed support the Dictatorship and Police State in North Korea.

US trade balance with North Korea:

Who North Korea Trades to:

US trade balance with China:

US trade balance with South Korea:

You will never read or hear any of this on homo media!

It does matter!

Did it ever occur to you that those in our country who make money and profits from this trade might not care about the people of the United States either?  "Oh it is all in his head,"  thee criminal race would say.


Did you ever meet anyone who was giddy mean?  Psychotically mean but in a happy way?  As if they believed that is the way to be?  How did they learn that?  Where they 'funned' by an evil parent or relative?  Where they queer warped to be that way?  That is what the personalities behind the voices that torment human beings are like.  So that can only occur with unaccountability between who is a parent and who is a child.  Ie. the Pro-Life, adoption, foster care network.  An orphanage of thieves in and among our population.

It is the personality of, "I don't care what I do to you and I don't care what happens to you because you are meaningless."  And that is exactly what the secretary of an Investment firm I worked for said about the President of the firm, "He views people as a piece of meat."  That does not belong in the United States.

Someone like that would be more happy in the bed of a mongoloid foreign dictator than they are in the land of the free!

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Want to end Schizophrenia and get better Health Care in the United States 12 03 2016

Want to end Schizophrenia and get better Health Care in the United States 12 03 2016

Dispute every single payment that you make to a Doctors office.

You went in for pain.  They were not able to even find the cause or treat it.  Dispute that payment!!!

Every single United States Citizen that ever was FORCED to pay one cent for psychiatric treatment for hearing and being disabled by cursing voices should get a refund of that money plus treble damages for fraud!  No money like this or banking fines should not go into the General pot they should come to the Citizens affected by the crime!

Fine a bank and what happens?  That money just goes right back to the Bank; The Federal Reserve!  What a mockery of our freedom and values!

Do you get your home back?  No!  Monkey mouth gets a new Mercedes!

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So a warehouse party fire in Oakland California?  Were they smoking, vaping?  To light that vape you need to use a lighter.  I say you fine the tobacco company in strict product liability for those deaths!  No the taxpayer should not have to pay when a building goes up in smoke because someone was smoking a cigarette the tobacco company should.  The taxpayer pays for that today because Insurance companies foot the bill to us when they are merged with banks and the banks go bankrupt and we the taxpayer bail them out.  It is the business of promising someone money that you don't have in order to take some of the money they are paying you for that promise while at the same time deferring that ultimate balance sheet liability to the taxpayer in the perpetual Ponzi scheme above!  This comes from European expansion into the United States!

"I dispute this psychiatric bill again!  The psychiatrist declared that the voices were of my own brain/mind and I know that isn't true!  I do not hate myself like those voices are intent on me believing!"

So you want to provide that to me for free?  You are not allowed to lay one hand on me!  My Constitutional Rights protect me from that!

Congress Needs to Declare the Value of the Following Foreign Currencies Worthless 12 03 2016

Congress Needs to Declare the Value of the Following Foreign Currencies Worthless 12 03 2016

It is written in our Constitution that Congress has the power to set the value of foreign currencies in the United States.  It is about time we had a man step up to the plate and assert the difference!

Columbia: Being complacent with drug production, profiteering and transfer into the United States where many U.S. deaths have been caused by heroin poisoning.

Mexico: Same as Columbia.  But also pot!  Pot leading to mental retardation and therefore the criminal mind in many young Americans.

England: Spying on United States Citizens and a constant threat to the United States throughout our history.  Gun control propaganda in the United States stemming from the monarchy.  False scientific research in the United States by nationalized English.

Russia:  Russian based organized crime in the United States, including spying and cyberattacks.  Putin threatening to draw and quarter us was enough, it should have happened then.  Russian currency declared to worth absolutely nothing in terms of U.S. dollars.

China: Unfair dealings in the stock market.  A Government that practices a Crime Against Humanity with regard to human rights at home.  ZERO!

Italy: established of Italian organized crime in the United States.  The Roman Catholic Church abusing thousands of United States children.  That money should never be allowed to be converted into U.S. dollars.

Saudi Arabia: launching a terrorist strike against the United States.

Israel: Subversively legitimizing and profiting from the medical fraud of the United States and promoting a religion that is a threat to our national values.  Monetarily rewarding all members of the religion through Federation profits whether they earned them or not thereby creating a economic threat to the hard working and normally developed American.  Promoting homosexuality.  Propagandizing torture (water boarding) in the United States, what a horror you are!

Germany and other profiteers who have pharmaco companies that produce the "antipsychotic" and market schizophrenia as a personal illness and not technology facilitated demonic possession.

Jamaica: Drug profiting into the United States.  "Owned by England."

That is all that I can think of for now.  There are a great many other nations who are not up to snuff but these are the ones that initially stand out in my mind and memory.

Also any country that is in physical possession of United States Dollars should be required to surrender them back to the United States.  It doesn't belong to you and has no place in your country.  It represents something that you have no comprehension of the value of.  For you to possession of it is an act of War.

Also any United States citizen having a communist mindset should be deported back to their country of origin.

Thomas Paul Murphy © 2016
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Dateline Episode related to this link Remembering Erin 12 03 2016

Dateline Episode related to this link Remembering Erin  12 03 2016

<iframe src="" width="560" height="315" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

So I watched Dateline last night on 12 02 2016.  The episode was about a man named Chris who was a Marine who killed another Marines wife in the dessert and put her 140 down in  a mineshaft with a valve open propane tank.

What I didn't really understand was what Chris's true motive for killing Erin was?  What as the motive?  There was an alibi given but it seemed false and therefore not the motive to me.  So what was the motive?   So what was the motive?  Was it money?

Was it something like this.  Chris saying to Erin.  I am going to Alaska.  But I need money to get there?  And once he got the money he didn't go to Alaska but killed her?

I had to wonder if he was a hit man for the mafia too!

One of Chris's friends who mysteriously bailed on going with him in the desert that day stated that Chris talked about burying a body upright, so that ground penetrating radar couldn't see it.

So this is what he learned in our armed services?  How to perfect murder?

Initially I also believed his motive might be alcohol related.  When one drinks they open themselves up to the influence of the Devil?

But that body was 140 feet down in a narrow hole.  And it was placed to the side of the bottom of the hole?  Which means someone had to have gone down in that hole on a rope to put it there. 

It was 90 degrees and stuffy in that hole.  Could one man have climbed down 140 feet and back up.  Perhaps but I don't think they would want to chance it alone!  Not wanting to pass out?

Why was the torch not lit?

But why didn't he blow the mine hole?  Because he had planned on putting more people in it!!!!

{Psychiatry is 'Paranoia Accusational' and has made the United States defenseless against the actions of what amounts to the born mentally defective/criminal minded living devil among us!!!!}

Why not light the torch?  Because Chris got to the bottom of that shaft and smelled gases?  He knew he would be blown up if he did?

How many people have had their bodies put down in mineshafts and the shafts blown up with propane tanks?

Just about everyone in the story looked culpable except the husband.  Who looked to be honest although perhaps a little slow.

So was there money transfer?  Was there money transferred and then hidden.  Is there no money trail because banks were never used by participants.  Was there money missing from her accounts?  Did she have something of value she gave to him????  Gold ring perhaps?  Perhaps an expensive wedding ring?

Or was his motive for killing her more than she knew something criminal, hence a witness knowledge type motive?

I don't believe he went down in that hole without having someone to pull him up out of it!  So could that have been his wife with the truck?  They would have needed a mounted pully above the hole?  Or perhaps a different way to reduce friction on the rope used?

Accusational Psychiatry and Accusational Religion:  They are about the exact same.  Fear of being accussed of being a bad person for questioning something that doesn't seem right to you.  Accusational Psychiatry and Accusatioanal Religion cost Erin her life!

What am I getting at?  When her husband or her mother was asked a question by the investigators as to why they didn't think a certain thing.  Their answers were based on belief systems indoctrinated through Accusational Psychiatry and Accusatioanal Religion!

A common religious principle is to forgive.  And the husband erred in forgiving the man who his wife cheated on him with who ended up killing his wife.  He stated that accusational religious indoctrinated principle "Everyone deserves a second chance."

Accusational Religion is:  You are believing in yourself rather than Jesus Christ!  What an absolute horror someone who would preach that to you is!  Again in this case the living devil used that technique in order to lessen the personal defenses of his victims.

Often the criminal minded chide and toy with the concept of accusational psychiatry to loosen the defenses of their intended victims too.  Comments like "That is funny farm thinking." etc.  You know what I am talking about.  "You must be a tin foil hat person."

Accustational Psychiatry and Accusational Religion are tools of the Devil.

A psychiatrist will say "Who doesn't like you?"  The answer is very simple just read the newspaper everyday and you will see people do horrific things to people.

It seems any member of the health care community will divert to Accustational Psychiatry.  Also it seems to be unified to the academia system too.

There is indeed a reason the United States vowed to stop European Expansion!

Did I mention that you can't put someone off to the side in the bottom of a mineshaft unless you go down in it?

The only thing that brought a tear of this horrific individual was when he realized that he had booby trapped fire and rescue personnel who were likely former Marines too?  There was a false bottom in that mine shaft!  So that is your core?  A core being what two or more people have in common?  Like runts suckling on a pigs teats.   The thought that he might have harmed a fellow suckling brought the living devil to tears.  Can't get much more odd than you!

An invincible army man in times of peace; can't get much more of a contradiction to the United States Constitution than that, what we believe in in the United States, what we fight for in the United States, what we risk blood, life and limb for!  What we have fought throughout the history of this country for!


Had a few more points but I will stop here.

© 2016 Thomas Paul Murphy

Post Script.  What did I just flush out here with regard to an unconstitutional army in times of peace?  Why did the great founders of our Country hate that idea?  Because it is giving a Communal (ie Communist) mind to the mentally retarded in lei of Euthenization.  And it is a great threat to our Democracy and therefore human freedom worldwide!

The only emotions that Chris had were Communal emotions from bonding with men (homosexuality like) in the service in times of peace.

Inventions Needed Modular Additive Laptop Hard Drive 12 03 2016

Inventions Needed Modular Additive Laptop Hard Drive  12 03 2016

Okay so they put 2 Terabytes of storage space on what is about the exact same size as the inserted end of a plug on a usb cable.  It cost about $12 on Ebay.

That is a reality.  But because that is true what should also be true is that the hard drive on a laptop could be configured with that much storage space and also cost $12.  But it doesn't that amount of storage would likely cost you $1000.oo for a solid state laptop drive.  So apparently they are different technologies?

So what would then be needed would be a laptop drive that allowed you to incrementally increase the storage of such drive by adding small memory cards to it that cost $12 per 2 Terabytes.  In effect on a 2.5" form factor laptop drive you could put perhaps two or three layers of those and about 3 by 4.  Which would be 12 x 3= 36.  36 spaces times 2 Terabytes equals 72 Terabytes of hard drive space on a laptop.  The cost being 36 x `$12 =$432 for 72 Terabytes of data.

For photographs and music and movies that you created.  It seems like the pixel capture rate on Cameras keeps going up giving you more quality.

But what else could you accomplish with such a laptop drive?

Immediate duplication of data whereby if your computer became infected a second copy of you "Computer files" could immediately be up and running while the first was being formatted and replaced with the second copy good ones!

But why else would this be good?  You could upgrade your computer without ever having to upgrade the hard drive of it.  Swap it in the new one when the features of the new one got better and the that technology caught up or just improved.  Sometimes computers just wear out because of typing and screen bulb failure and main board failure.  And sometimes we like a new one just to have a fresh start one that isn't as beaten up and shabby.

PC's are not getting faster today.  However they are getting more energy efficient.

Copyright 2016 Thomas Paul Murphy
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Monday, November 28, 2016

Smoking and Drinking; why they do it. 11 28 2016

Smoking and Drinking; why they do it. 11 28 2016

A person takes a smoking break at work. Why?

To hide how unhappy they are at work. (Their is some legitimacy to that in our current limited liability legal form of business structure, ~Who wants to enrich those who are not capable of working or thinking for themselves?) Is it fair for me to assume that everyone I see in a low level job isn't capable of anything greater? When I see that they smoke and drink that assumption is indeed backed up for me!

A person drinks. Why? It numbs their mind and suppresses it? Why? Because they don't like how they think and express themselves? They can't stand the emotional pain of that? Well let me tell you that that emotional pain is needed in order to mentally develop, mature, learn and grow. So for some reason they are unable to learn or have been convinced that they are unable to learn?

They don't like how people see them? Hence they drink and smoke later to deal with that? And here we have been given a bunch of sore losers haven't we! How were they created? By a false idol structure! All you have to do to be successful in life is play professional sports and you don't even need to play them fairly to be considered a professional! And that sore looser mentality, trickles right down to be a burden to every son and daughter in the world doesn't it! Not everyone is going to make those millions even though you don't have to play fair to make them! But the sore loser still equates themselves to being one of those million dollar cretins! Really insightful point on that coming up considering the psychology of the sore loser based on false idolatry.

As long as you have a clear conscience you should like yourself and not care what other people think of you.

They smoke and rink to fake fitting in the role that they are in in society? What have we been conditioned to do? When we achieve success to drink alcohol in order to celebrate? Are we to believe that that somehow reinforces that success or achievement? That is milestone marks it? I would assert that it detracts from it! In effect it is a construct of the mind of the thief being instilled in us! “I made it hah hah hah, now I am going to numb my mind of that achievement with alcohol!” Now if you cheated in the process you need that alcohol in order to self legitimize don't you!” I so want to take that away from you!

To suppress hatred and envy of others because they know they themselves to have nothing to be proud of!

Why do they smoke and drink? Perhaps this belief system is an indoctrinated form of demonic possession in itself! Do you see it? Controlled by a bad parent all their lives equates to demonic possession because of the belief system forced upon them?

Why do they smoke and drink?

The smoker and drinker never has any human conscience as to children who were abused, neglected and abandoned by the smoker and drinker! To not have a human conscience defines you as not being human as far as I am concerned! The embodiment of a crime against humanity!

So why do they smoke and drink? So they can feel like some star they see on television. (I won't capitalize the word television anymore; it does not deserve that respect!)

Now here is the real illness I alluded to earlier. ~ TO DEFEND AN IDOL AS IF YOU ARE THEM BECAUSE YOU CAN'T BE ANYTHING YOURSELF!

Out of fear the rest of us end up saying, “Yes Chris that Quarterback would make a great civic leader.”

The male who is promoting that stuff to us thinks like a woman doesn't he! And he attempts to imprint it on us. Why? The pain he would experience in life of him not doing so would be much greater. He has been conditioned to be that way! Brutally emotionally abused and beaten up by his rag of a woman mother and then wife. ~We tend to marry women who are like our mothers. Or perhaps having memories of how he was when he didn't comply with such woman at some point in his life? Perhaps seeing the negative example of those who were ruined by such women was enough to make a weak minded man of him.

But do you see how the hag of a woman benefits from false idols?

(You could shut up with the voices any day for good and I wouldn't be compelled to write this.) You believe that me writing this is only what makes it true. And that is wrong, reality doesn't work that way. It is true whether I wrote it or not! And people you claim to love are victimized by it! So it is best that someone articulate it for YOU! Even though you hate it!

Again do you see how the hag of a woman benefits from false idols? She likes to offer them as a negative comparison of you; to you! A certain way of her to compare you negatively to someone else. And if you were born a jughead right from the start how else is she supposed to raise you? Right there might be a reason women should never be allowed to vote!

It is big business! The retard is the business!

She likes to offer a false idol to you in comparison because it makes the retard use more alcohol and tobacco in order to compensate for lack of happiness.

And who controls our belief systems in the world today? With regard to normalization of homosexuality as was the topic of a prior article I wrote today? Those with the most money control our belief systems. And who are they? They are the alcohol and tobacco companies!!!!


And when she negatively compares you she elevates her emotional self and empowers herself over you!

“So what if I don't play the game as well as that defensive back; he is cheating on every play.” {Might be your personal defense as you are sucked in the void to watch that. And do you know what I think? There is no better place than a jughead to be; glued right to that television set rather than being out and about and causing a potential danger to mankind.}

Hence the hag creates and fosters the criminal mind in you! “He is cheating in life, highly successful and not getting caught. So should you!”

Again, the hag has just lessened men!

What does the jughead know already? That anyone who defies the hag is subjected to the unholy grail of demonic voices! He wants no part of that, hence his life and persona is really one of a dog that walks with its tail tucked between its back legs!

The hag wants everyone to think under her domain or not at all!

Look at how the coven berates a man who can think for himself. “That is what will happen to you too Anthony, if you attempt to think for yourself. Tony junior you take note too! Now help us curse this man Tony Junior!”

Right there she is making a miserable queer out of him!

Much worse than just penis envy this retard has envy of human beings that can think for themselves as much as the hag woman does!

The Eugenics Movement and Prohibition came together!

Let's just say there was nothing more beautiful than Prohibition to the human race!

Every time I mention that hag and hagmen seem to pop up everywhere that I go next spitefully promoting alcohol in ostensible manner!


A little off topic. A hag sees a switchblade and say's it is scary even though it is far safer than a kitchen knife because it quickly retracts the sharp blade into its own enclosed handle; and therefore protects everyone from the sharp blade. No somewhere in there, there is symbolism of male fertility isn't there?

I have seen very few if any made with a six inch out the front German steel blade. Puzzles me. Cost of a cast handle? Likely 10 cents. Cost to produce a German steel blade likely $1. Shouldn't cost a person who lives in a country with the Second Amendment Right $400 retail, if they were even made!

Make it with graphite handle inserts and there you have something nice and great again. Our Supreme Law says you have the right to have such things. That Supreme Law also directly means we are not to be oppressed by those born mentally defective!


The hag curses you with voices because you are human. What are the odds that beast will victimize you or your born normal child in any way possible? 100%

The normal children might curse a hag because she is as per above evil and a threat to them! But she soaks that up like a sponge! She takes ownership of that! She waits and thinks along with it. Until you are just about ready to entire the real working world after college! Then boom! The coven curses you and you develop what is labeled schizophrenia. It is the hag and hagson that was with you all along soaking up the product of your human mind like a sponge; as if it were their own!

The normal child does not curse out of envy like the hag does. Why not? Because the normal child doesn't know the meaning of it!!!! It is foreign to them! They were born and raised in love!

However that is the first thing the hag teaches her children; no matter how she attained them!

Any mousy sized runt the hag bears is the worst at it! A mousy coveting miserable little tobacco stained skin kid with a shriveled placenta brain that takes great delight in negatively comparing you to false idols! Why? Because it makes him feel like one himself; rather than what he is! We were forced to accept the normalization of homosexuality concept because of that breed!

© 2016 Thomas Paul Murphy
It is a little bit of false propaganda “A man can hold his alcohol.” Just the opposite is true, men don't drink alcohol and have no reason to!

Sunday, November 27, 2016

I am a long eared dog with a big jaw 11 27 2016

I am a long eared dog with a big jaw 11 27 2016

“I am a long eared dog with a big jaw.

I am a long eared dog with a big jaw.

Hey booh booh bear, you want to lower the interest rate soes you can sell bonds at a profit you lowers the interest rate soes you can sell bonds at a profit.

Hey booh booh bear, you want to raise the interest rate soes you can buy back you do so.

You wants to raise the price of stocks soes you can sell one you don't own you raise the price of it.

You want to then lower it soes you can buy back for profit you do so booh booh bear

You want to feel someones balls you feel someones balls

You want to feel someones pussy you feels someones pussy booh booh bear.

Oh oh got to go poopy in my pants again

Mah, mah, poopy pants

Mah, mah, poopy pants

Poopy pants

Poopy pants

Mah mah

Poopy pants

If you want to create a diversion in the classroom so that noone can learn because you can't you create a diversion in the classroom so no one can learn.

Ah, hah, now were talkin booh booh bear.

Booh booh bear you see someone eating a lunch you want to eat you just take it from them and eat it booh booh bear!

Tireds of chewin your gum and wants to stick it in someone elses hear you sticks it in someones buckwheats hairs.

Dont's likes someones looks at yous and you wants a hits em you just hits em

You feels like laying down in the isle of da store so Mr. Alright cant get his shopping cart past you lay down in the store.

Wants to eats thats can of beans on the shelf open it up rights there and do so.

Wants the drinks free at the bars you say's yous takes your clothes off afterwards.

Don't like someone in the store stick yous big black butt out soes they cant's get by it.

Makes sure to make a spooky face likes I tells you how whens you do so. Sticks yous Jaw out in front of yous, cock yous head and rolls yous widen eyes.

When you's get older just think and pretends yous someone else and not the bad person.”

© 2016 Thomas Paul Murphy

When they are imprinting the mentally retarded with your human mind you have to help build their human conscience in the process.

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Green Bay Packers 24 at Washington Redskins 42 game day Sunday 11 20 2016

Green Bay Packers 24 at Washington Redskins 42 game day Sunday 11 20 2016

So at tonight's game they showed how Vince started out at Green Bay and then coached at the Washington Redskins. He developed strong winning records at both teams.

But Lionel Aldrich developed schizophrenia while playing for Lombardi. Is it worth it for a team to win if one of its members is driving mentally ill to hear voices by, possibly the coach or his coven?

Would Green Bay have had that winning record if Lionel Aldrichs mind wasn't split? I doubt it!

But more to the point I want to know whose mind on the Washington Redskins team did Lombardi split or participate in splitting so that team had a winning record?

The oversized male likely to have cretinism and the mental retardation that goes with it? Hence the only way that they can learn anything is if a normal human beings mind is split for them?

But who helped split Lionel Aldrich's mind? I am just going to tell you that I met his wife once and talked to her. And she told me that the psychiatrists played some wicked mind games with him. Just nasty people. I would be willing to bet those psychiatrists were all of pure British/English nationality.

Vince Lombardi has boobs. And they aren't man boobs either. They were low hanging boobs. But what about the voice? What about Vince Lombardi's voice? I am willing to bet that if you exhumed his body and examined his DNA that you would find that he had a screwed up 23rd Chromosome! I am asserting it causes that whinny rat like voice!

Or was it just enough to split Lionel Aldrich's mind and it benefited the Washington Redskins team too? The Washington Redskins being located in the nations capital? Who else benefited from whose ever mind Lombardi split in the nations capital at that time?

The voices tend to want to gear me to be a White Supremacist. But when I remember the story of Lionel Aldrich I know it isn't about that! It is more the living retard versus man! Lionel Aldrich being the man.

Anyone else see the pattern develop? With athletic programs targeting and screwing up people? To use as scapegoats/saviors? How do they split human minds? Pure attrition and victimization! Sleep deprivation. Constant insults. And indeed while they are doing that they are inverse imprinting the minds of the mentally defective.

Look at what football is today? Just give him the money! They do not play fair! They grab face masks and the refs do not call it! But what about the passing game? It is complete nonsense! Contact between the receiver and the person guarding him and the play is called as if the receiver caught the ball when he didn't and the yards are given to that team!! Doesn't seem to matter that the person guarding him didn't play fair. Just give him the money too! You would not have any game whatsoever if they had to play the game fairly. And how much money do they give quarterbacks for not completing passes? Millions of dollars! And the talk about them like they are the greatest human beings that ever lived. For not being able to complete a pass. It doesn't seem to matter if the receiver was overthrown. Why can't they have someone guarding with talent whereby they either get to the ball first or they undercut the receiver? Or they jump up into the air and knock down the ball so there isn't a completed pass. All while making no contact? Because if you make contact you just give everyone millions and pretend they deserved it when they didn't!

So I would like to know about the history of mental health of the Redskins team while big woman's boobs and voice Lombardi was head coach there? Did any of them develop mental illness? Anyone on the sideline staff? I bet it is true.

But here is why!!! Once the beast drives a man out of his mind he can see forward in time based on that persons dislocated conscience! Hence someone like Lombardi with woman's boobs and woman's voice can see into the future and adjust his strategy to win.

I don't care if you don't believe it! I really don't care! I have biblical proof that it is true! After Jesus Christ baptism, and when they baptized people back then they held them under the water and made them fight to get up. Likely oxygen deprivation to the brain. But after that he was to be tempted by demons in the dessert. And that is the exact same thing that every person labeled schizophrenic experiences. Every single one of their thoughts are tempted by the demonic! But then what do we discover? That the scribes already knew when and how he was going to die and wrote it! They had indeed had future knowledge just like I am asserting Lombardi did! The Bible uses the terminology of when the cock strikes three times or something. In describing when Jesus was going to die as written by the scribes. I am asserting that they were able to learn that because they had been cursing his oxygen deprived mind while he was in the dessert and dislocating it in time.

In my opinion Lombardi wasn't a hero he was a wiccan witch doctor/warlock. Whatever you want to call it! The Puritans who founded this country hung them! Broken necks in nooses! God bless them!


The running and passing game of the Redskins was more strongly consistent than the Green Bay packers. They had a much stronger running back with momentum! After first contact with the defense he ran for 7 to 10 yards. Ran straight into the end zone.


Black people think that all white people like each other? NO WE DON'T! And all white people are not the same! I really don't believe in interracial marriages, but not because I am a racist. Because I believe it creates someone whom like what I am asserting Vince Lombardi was! I believe that the genetic encoding is delayed because of it attempting to sort out the white black genes and see which should be expressed and because of that delay a brain defect occurs. Likely to the hippo-campus, caudate nucleus or an exterior gap in the prefrontal cortex that those labeled schizophrenia do NOT have! Get it? Those who are labeled schizophrenic don't have a hole in their brains!

Someone asked me if I liked Mike McCarthy's hat? A military fleck camo pattern bill with a charcoal gray tactical look to it with the Green Bay logo. My answer is this. I don't like the equivocation of the Green Bay Packers being war hero's!


Now if on game day I sat down to watch the football game with the voices silent I would not write any of this!


Looked up Vince Lombardi on Wikipedia. His wife developed alcoholism after she married him because he verbally abused her! Lombardi was for Gay rights! Any player who said something bad about a gay player/ staff type person would be fired from the team. So it implies that their were gay's on the teams back then. Who were they?

It states on Wikipedia that he had a Father Tim Moore take a confession right in his office. And that once Lombardi came out of the office wearing Priest cloths.

Looks like he was at Washington in 1969.

They way I read this is that the Green Bay Packers have their origin of success in homosexuality.

This is what his wife said about him,

 'I wasn't married to him more than one week', she later related, 'when I said to myself, Marie Planitz, you've made the greatest mistake of your life.'" per wikipedia.

I don't judge him by his success with the Packers I judge him by that above quote.

For the love of God, why does someone like that every marry a woman?

So who is it who has a temper and verbally abuses people and act aloof about it? That in itself might be termed associative personality disorder? I would just call it plain psycho!

Who is it that has to go to church and pray that they can control their own temper? What kind of self delusion is that? You can't control your own temper and you blame it on God? It's not your own fault? The phrase should not be a man can handle his alcohol it should be more like, if you can't control your own temper you are not a man. But is it really a temper when it is occurring all the time during the day? It is something much worse isn't it! It is self hatred projected outward!

Personally I know that temper comes from alcohol. Why? The oxygen deprived brain hangover making simple things difficult. Hence no patience. Start your day at church every day with a nip of wine and then keep drinking? I can't stand that 21st Amendment or FDR.


Lot of yards gained quickly by both teams in tonight's game.

Cook just lost the football! Norman hit that ball out of his hands with a right hook punch!


Less that two minutes left and the score is 42 to 24 in favor of Washington and the Green Bay Packers put in number 7 as the QB. Whatever happened to make it happen at the end when you are down big points and get the win? At least Favre who played while on narcotics could make that happen? An opiate today is the most prescribed drug there is. I wonder what the statistics were before Favre? How many Americans know that about Favre? I want to say what a horrible influence Professional Football has had on the United States!

What has it bread in ubiquity in the United States? A bunch of sore loser cretin meat balls! What does meatball do when you tell one they did something wrong? They look at you with that big dumb meatball smile. Like you'll just have to get used to them being more successful than you? Meatball. Big fat faced retard. It's in the cheeks. The facial geometry. It is either Down's Syndrome or Autism.

You know what I like? That no one writes stuff like this but me! :)

Washington had a more confident stride to their moving the ball.

Washington won the final score.

Green Bay 24 Washington 42

Last word.  Would Lionel Aldrich have developed schizophrenia if he had just turned to Vince Lombardi and said, "You God D@mn3d H0m0 don't you ever talk to me that way again."  So indeed Lionel's right to free speech was threatened by his employer??  But more to the point.  We should never have to put up with the Vince Lombardis. 

Italians each individually believe that they own the Catholic Church and what they say amounts to the word of God no matter how much it contradicts the Bible?  Lombardi went to church every day and fired anyone from a team who made a derogatory comment concerning a homo on the team.  The Catholic Bible goes a lot farther than that.  It states they are to be killed.

In answer to the first question in that last paragraph.  Perhaps not.  Perhaps the diminutive little tyrant goes home and takes his temper out on himself for a change and drinks himself to death.

I guess what I don't like is those who use the Bible to promote themselves as an authority; while at the same time contradicting the Bible?  That really has no place in a democracy and that which is not a democracy has no place on earth?

Amen to that!

Disclaimer. This isn't hate speech. Hate speech is what the person labeled Schizophrenic hears in their head 24/7. God Bless your good soul Lionel Aldrich!

Copyright 2016 Thomas Paul Murphy
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Saturday, November 19, 2016

Worth Remembering:

And Jesus said unto him, Why callest thou me good? there is none good but one, that is, God.
Mark 10:18
King James Bible
So Jesus is equating the word Good with the word God and saying that only God is Good. It looks therefore there was an attempt to disambiguate the word into two different meanings? But more to the point. Jesus is considered the God of the Catholic Church. And also all Christianity based religions? But in the above quote he is saying that he is neither good nor God! But to be a God you had to have performed miracles? How did he heal the sick? Tell young members of his religion not to curse them in their heads anymore? The Dead Sea Scrolls does indeed tell us that the Essene Jews raised their children to be evil. ~They were raised by an Evil master that was juxtaposed to an exiled priest. Exiled priest seems to mean imprisoned to me. To put someone in jail for what the Constitution says that you cannot put them in jail for, is going on a lot today. There was a Jewish Rabbi called Mathias who was said to be able to cure the demonically possessed. How come we don't hear of that today? Did they lose that skill? But Jesus Christ could cure the demonically possessed to. And what does the Bible tell us about who was demonically possessing people? That Jesus knew them! He was indeed shunned by his family when he brought back a lot of money once. It looks to me as if a religion was built up falsely around someone? But perhaps the reason being because the message is there, it can be deciphered. No matter how much they attempt to make it mean something different. There is enough and will always be enough there to figure it out? Unless you get rid of it altogether! As in China not wanting Bibles around! And the English burning all the Irish literature. I had to continue on with the point someone else made here. And this is relevant because schizophrenia is indeed demonic possession.

But why was Jesus Christ taking note of them calling him good/God and objecting to it right away? Because he knew that if he went along with it that they would eventually blame things on him, blame everything on him, for being a God? And that is exactly what the Pagan Christian religion is! Blame an individual as a Good/God/Scapegoat/Savior! And once they declare that a Savior is responsible for their actions it means they don't have to be responsible for their own actions. And what does not being responsible for your own actions in life create: VICTIMS! Best piece of antipaganism that I have ever written. I am not antireligious, but rather antipaganism. The Pagan believes that the Good equate to the God which serves as your scapegoat which is then glorified with the term Savior.

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Halloween: Halloween 2016 in Whitefish Bay Wisconsin 10 30 20...

Halloween: Halloween 2016 in Whitefish Bay Wisconsin 10 30 20...: Halloween 2016 in Whitefish Bay Wisconsin 10 30 2016 There is a small park where I live in Whitefish Bay right across from the Whitefish ...

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Religion is providing a false sense of happiness in the afterlife or a second life to those born mentally defective in this life

Religion is providing a false sense of happiness in the afterlife or a second life to those born mentally defective in this life directly due to the pagan drug of religion alcohol.

If they didn't promise you happiness later on they would not be able to fend off the retribution of causing you to be mentally retarding in this life.

So what happens to those born mentally defective in this life?  What do they need and desire?  They need a REFERENCE to what happiness will be like in an afterlife or second life.  So who do they choose?  Someone that was born normal in this life!  Someone who made all the requirements to a right of passage to manhood or womanhood!  And they label that person a schizophrenic.

A false sense of reference is created in this manner:  "That man there."..."Or that boy there." ..."Is what you will be like in the afterlife or a second life Johnny!" said the single mother or dolt father.

But what else do they do that is degrades the human race?  They state that we are all born in sin, and that Jesus died for all of our sins past present and future.  Now what does that provide for?  An endless stream of profits to the legal system by those who were tempted by it and those who were born confused and mentally defective again, from the drug of religion alcohol.


So Sarah in the Bible took slaves to replenish her life.  How does that work?  The beast of a person watches everything you do in its minds eye because it can't form its own conscience.  And why does it like to bother you while you are working?

Because if you are happy and relaxed while you are working it becomes miserable because it feels like it is working!  And it must be absolutely unbearable to them!  Every second of every day!  When you relax while you are working it, the living beast, no longer feels a sense of ownership of you or possession of you.  (Another word for that form of possession is demonic possession!) It no longer has that sense false sense of REFERENCE of happiness in the afterlife or a second life!  Delusion built upon delusion.  And that is very dangerous to that person.

It amazes me how a lowly employee for a brewery can afford to live in Whitefish Bay Wisconsin, but they do and in large houses too!  Someone like that, someone who promotes a life of painful mental retardation pagan sin, shouldn't make more money than a teacher.  And Rabbi is indeed the word for teacher.

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At some point in their lives, perhaps intuitively they always know, that happiness is never going to come their way.  So what do they resort to?  Victimizing that person of reference!  And that is why someone labeled schizophrenic in medical fraud is up to 13x times more likely to be a victim of violence than a perpetrator of it.  But that person who is taught to live off the mind of that person of reference might even believe themselves to be a real normal human being victimized in schizophrenia!  Not even close!  But I wonder if some of them claim to be disabled because of that?  And indeed that is listed in the DSM, having thoughts in your head that are not your own.  Believe you me I would like to keep my thoughts private to myself.  I would never try and graft or imprint them on a mentally defective person against that persons will.  I didn't do this to you the alcohol religion did!

But when the truth cannot provide a sense of personal happiness Satan is necessitated to believe in delusion of self based on delusion of self.  Eventually all of those dead ends in that persons life lead it to the confused state of Alzheimers. And indeed there is reference to that happening in the Dead Sea Scrolls.  But wouldn't it be great if we had a way to prescreen them to keep them out of the government of our democracy and the management of our workforce and the education of our citizens and the adjudication of our people, and the Healthcare of them?