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Monday, December 12, 2016

So why would the medical community tell you that you can't change your blood oxygen level by changing your breathing; because you can! 12 12 2016

So why would the medical community tell you that you can't change your blood oxygen level by changing your breathing; because you can!  12 12 2016

Believe me when I tell you that you can!  If you breath through your abdomen you can increase your blood oxygen level by 2 percent in less than a minutes time.

So why would they tell you that you can't?  Why would they profess research that say's you can't?

Because it is very healthy for you!  When you do it helps you metabolize chemicals.  The increased oxygen nourishes cells.  It vitalizes the mitochondria.

So why would they tell you that you can't?

The implications of that are pretty horrific.

How do I know that you can?  Because I never believed that you couldn't and I bought an oximeter a long time ago and prove it all the time.

So why don't they want you to take deep breaths, increase your blood oxygen content and relax?

I worked with someone in the Investment Business and one of his favorite idealisms is that if you can't trust someone on the specific you can generalize and say they are lying about everything?  Something like that.


What this also makes me wonder is how the idea applies to cigarette smokers?  Is a cigarette smokers blood oxygen level generally less than one that isn't?  Do you see how the above gives one the inclination to believe that it doesn't matter if you smoke or not?

Here is a quote to links about that.

What does it seem to propagandize into existence?  Zombie nation!

But think about it.  What else don't they want you to know?  This paint or this chemical will decrease on average your blood oxygen content by such and such percent.

Do you know that protecting the health and welfare of the United States Citizen is the fabric of this nation?

So indeed every product that does decrease your blood oxygen content should have the percent it decreases blood oxygen content by.

Which brings me to the next point, inebriation and driving.

Alcohol lowers blood oxygen content too or they would not want to add it to alcohol to make you sober up quicker.

What is all that like?  What is that high like?  Seems like suffocation to me.  Again Zombie nation!

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But what does it tell us? 

1. There are a lot of people dumber than that can of varnish that has been in your garage for over two decades.
2. They want to bring you down to that level.

3.  Why do they want to bring you down to that level?  Because they are extremely sensitive about it!  In fact fragile because they live the life of perdition of a mentally retarded person?


Who wants to be around a person that reaches for a substance that partially suffocates themselves every time they feel comparatively lesser?  That in and of itself is a psychotic self harming behavior.

Sure they want to give you research that states alcohol doesn't cause any brain damage.  And then they also tell us they can't figure out why plaque forms in a persons brain as in Alzheimer's?  What are those dead pockets in the brain in Alzheimer's.  Oh no they have nothing to do with low blood oxygen content causing substances do they.

You know what the best part about that is?  When someone who is the pied piper propagandizing those things cause no harm ends up in that state of perdition from the effect of their own, willful, spoiled, unsubstantiated advice.  That has to be the best of just go along with what everyone tells you to do and you will be okay in life.  They NEVER see the poetic justice of that coming their way.  NEVER!


I don't like to bash Trump because I want him to do great things for this country.  But the Secretary of State issue has prompted me.  So his father believed in Eugenics.  However as it concerns his very own son that principle doesn't apply does it or he would not have sent him away to the New York Military Academy.  If I hold my tongue I get sick.  Our Constitution does not want you to hold your tongue either.  But read the above and ask yourself who wants you to hold your tongue?  What character profile can you draw up on someone like that?


So I glance at the television on my way to the kitchen sometimes and what do I see?  Those old farts who are supposed to be authorities on everything on the news shows look dumber than that can of varnish that has been in your garage for over two decades.

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