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Saturday, December 3, 2016

Congress Needs to Declare the Value of the Following Foreign Currencies Worthless 12 03 2016

Congress Needs to Declare the Value of the Following Foreign Currencies Worthless 12 03 2016

It is written in our Constitution that Congress has the power to set the value of foreign currencies in the United States.  It is about time we had a man step up to the plate and assert the difference!

Columbia: Being complacent with drug production, profiteering and transfer into the United States where many U.S. deaths have been caused by heroin poisoning.

Mexico: Same as Columbia.  But also pot!  Pot leading to mental retardation and therefore the criminal mind in many young Americans.

England: Spying on United States Citizens and a constant threat to the United States throughout our history.  Gun control propaganda in the United States stemming from the monarchy.  False scientific research in the United States by nationalized English.

Russia:  Russian based organized crime in the United States, including spying and cyberattacks.  Putin threatening to draw and quarter us was enough, it should have happened then.  Russian currency declared to worth absolutely nothing in terms of U.S. dollars.

China: Unfair dealings in the stock market.  A Government that practices a Crime Against Humanity with regard to human rights at home.  ZERO!

Italy: established of Italian organized crime in the United States.  The Roman Catholic Church abusing thousands of United States children.  That money should never be allowed to be converted into U.S. dollars.

Saudi Arabia: launching a terrorist strike against the United States.

Israel: Subversively legitimizing and profiting from the medical fraud of the United States and promoting a religion that is a threat to our national values.  Monetarily rewarding all members of the religion through Federation profits whether they earned them or not thereby creating a economic threat to the hard working and normally developed American.  Promoting homosexuality.  Propagandizing torture (water boarding) in the United States, what a horror you are!

Germany and other profiteers who have pharmaco companies that produce the "antipsychotic" and market schizophrenia as a personal illness and not technology facilitated demonic possession.

Jamaica: Drug profiting into the United States.  "Owned by England."

That is all that I can think of for now.  There are a great many other nations who are not up to snuff but these are the ones that initially stand out in my mind and memory.

Also any country that is in physical possession of United States Dollars should be required to surrender them back to the United States.  It doesn't belong to you and has no place in your country.  It represents something that you have no comprehension of the value of.  For you to possession of it is an act of War.

Also any United States citizen having a communist mindset should be deported back to their country of origin.

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