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Thursday, December 29, 2016

Humor 12 29 2016 A

Humor 12 29 2016A

That straight A kid you taught to make farting noises with its brain is going to grow up to be a drug addicted adult onset retard.

Now the not so funny!

What is Alzheimer's? It is retroactive mental retardation! Satans way of finally catching up to where it should be in life!

How can you tell who is going to get it? They live under the Greek satanic philosophical principle of creating FURY! In politics they think of things to say to invoke hatred for them, such as; “A white woman raped by a drug addicted black man must keep that baby!” It is an uncanny predictor of who will get retroactive mental retardation and you are not a sick person to enjoy watching Satan mentally degrade after asserting a lifetime of its spoiled will!

You will also notice that all of those who placated them will have early symptoms of the same poetic fate! It is foretold of in the Dead Sea Scrolls and it is indeed Gods will for it to happen!

We should be ready to discredit and annul any changes a person like that was able to make to our countries laws once the diagnosis has irrevocably established itself in them!

“What's that you say you can't wait to write the article in the village paper about the next odd looking Jewish family who is going to move to our village and live in our home after you evict us for not being able to pay property taxes because we were disabled by hearing ooh so mysterious voices?”

“What's that you say you are going to take away all of America's guns and place us all on psychiatric medicine?”

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And when they say matters of Fury to you they always act like they "Thunk real hard about it " before they say it and they pontificate the point as if they are pointing at you with a booger on the tip of their finger.

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