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Saturday, December 3, 2016

Want to end Schizophrenia and get better Health Care in the United States 12 03 2016

Want to end Schizophrenia and get better Health Care in the United States 12 03 2016

Dispute every single payment that you make to a Doctors office.

You went in for pain.  They were not able to even find the cause or treat it.  Dispute that payment!!!

Every single United States Citizen that ever was FORCED to pay one cent for psychiatric treatment for hearing and being disabled by cursing voices should get a refund of that money plus treble damages for fraud!  No money like this or banking fines should not go into the General pot they should come to the Citizens affected by the crime!

Fine a bank and what happens?  That money just goes right back to the Bank; The Federal Reserve!  What a mockery of our freedom and values!

Do you get your home back?  No!  Monkey mouth gets a new Mercedes!

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So a warehouse party fire in Oakland California?  Were they smoking, vaping?  To light that vape you need to use a lighter.  I say you fine the tobacco company in strict product liability for those deaths!  No the taxpayer should not have to pay when a building goes up in smoke because someone was smoking a cigarette the tobacco company should.  The taxpayer pays for that today because Insurance companies foot the bill to us when they are merged with banks and the banks go bankrupt and we the taxpayer bail them out.  It is the business of promising someone money that you don't have in order to take some of the money they are paying you for that promise while at the same time deferring that ultimate balance sheet liability to the taxpayer in the perpetual Ponzi scheme above!  This comes from European expansion into the United States!

"I dispute this psychiatric bill again!  The psychiatrist declared that the voices were of my own brain/mind and I know that isn't true!  I do not hate myself like those voices are intent on me believing!"

So you want to provide that to me for free?  You are not allowed to lay one hand on me!  My Constitutional Rights protect me from that!

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