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Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Who Shorted the 1929 Stock Market Crash and why? 12 28 2016

Who Shorted the 1929 Stock Market Crash and why?  12 28 2016

It is a Zero Sum game in the stock market.  Meaning when you buy a stock a market maker short sells it if he doesn't own it.  When it goes down he makes money when he buys to cover.

A tremendous amount of money had to have been made in the 1929 Stock Market Crash.

FDR made some of it per my research.  But it would be great if a government agency could validate who made money in that crash.  Who shorted that market?

So you have a U.S. political family doing something very unpatriotic and unamerican.  In fact funding their campaign for President with the proceeds made from robbing the American public.  But look at the other side of the issue here.  A foreign country is standing up to stock market corruption at that very same time aren't they!  In effect that foreign country and its leader were really standing up for the American people in doing so?

So you have a foreign country declare War on our Country and our Countries leadership because they are participating in Stock market corruption just like the other countries that country is at War at?  (And just take all the party names out of it and country names and look at the generic gestalt of it.)

Was the United States building up its military with money made from the 1929 market crash?

FDR really wanted to defeat Prohibition!!!  But why?  It has to do with alcohol being the number one cause of mental retardation in the Western Hemisphere.  It has to do with the retards becoming very wealthy because they can only learn via the stolen soul of a normal human being?

It has to do with the 21st amendment being invalid because it was not valid as to the intent and purpose of the U.S. constitution.  (FDR got the rights to sell foreign whisky in the U.S. in the background of him creating the 21st amendment.

It has to do with FDR being English and England up to that point considered to be the greatest enemy of the United States.

It has to do with England being a Wiccan nation we declared our independence and religious freedom from.

It has to do with a sceance being part of wiccan religion and the desire of it being to join with a higher conscious.

It has to do with FDR's wife being a lesbian.  And here we go.  There is research that indicate that homosexuality is caused by a defect to the gene that regulates serotonin.   Serotonin is responsible for how one feels they attain happiness.  If it is screwed up you don't attain it from personal achievement?  A defect to that gene would seem to be the hallmark of mental retardation.  And I have always believed the homosexual to be mentally retarded.  It is my belief and I have a right to believe it and express it, and scientific evidence supports it.

But FDR was into Eugenics.  And Nazi Germany was into it too.  They were also into high tech forms of torture.  They were also into psychiatry.  We don't know what our soldiers found over their in those medical records because it was sealed.

But if you can't attain personal happiness through achievement because you have defective gene that regulates serotonin how do you attain happiness?  Through the use of alcohol!  And that is why they wanted it.  Don't really care what you do to get money when you can have a drink afterwards do you.  Completely numbs the human conscience of any wrongdoing at all doesn't it!  And hence you can't have organized crime without it can you!  Because without it there would be no absence of human conscience.  Hence you couldn't short the market make billions and run for President of that country at the same time.

There are those who can talk a blue streak and are verbally manipulative they are thought to be highly intelligent but some of them have low IQ's as in Wilsons Syndrome.

Now contrast that to someone who is diagnosed with autism.  They are thought to be highly intelligent however cannot verbally express themselves well.  Some even have schizophrenia too.  I am telling you that it is the mentally retarded who are sponging that soul away from them.  Verbally manipulate means knowing when to well place an insult in order to prevent an intelligent person from asserting themselves and asserting their inalienable rights.  I am telling you that the autistic are demonically possessed by the retarded.

But lets go to Biblical times and the story of the type of woman named Lilith.  She is stated to be able to steal the soul of a human baby while still in the womb?  How can someone do that?  I will explain that to you right now.  Lets say that you grew up learning verbal ability by listening to the mind of a man or woman being tormented with voices.  You wouldn't really develop your own cognition would you.  In fact your mind would be pure programmed to eavesdrop wouldn't it.

Now lets say that when that persons Holy Spirit ejaculated from them you found it to be a great rush to you!  Why?  Because it was like a concentrated form of what you had been gleening from hitting you.  Lets say your race learned to just wait and learn from that which we will call the Holy Spirit. 

You would be very attenuated to who had that Holy Spirit among us and who didn't.  The Holy Spirit really amounting to who had a normal brain and the energy pattern and life energy pattern of that person.  Normal meaning a hippo campus involved in memory and learning not being deformed at birth from alcohol at all.  Normal meaning to genetic brain abnormality from inbreeding.  Normal meaning no missing parts to the caudate nucleaus or no extra gap in the exterior front of the brain.  What would a Holy Spirit of a person like that be to you?  Pure energy!  Euphoria!  The Gravy train.  The goose that laid the golden egg.  And in Biblical times I will assert that those who were born normal and could figure things out like a normal person can were called Prophets.  And there were said to be over a million of them and they were all Jews!!   But that is what the schizophrenic is today.

I am asserting that that which talks to the schizophrenic and also gleens from its disseminated holy spirit easily has the ability to sponge a soul away from a prophet baby meaning normal baby.  In fact I can remember being in the baby carriage and facing a demon voice attack by a Lilith type woman somewhere.  Deafening and mean.  And indeed some Russian/Slavic women have been found to be able to project magnetic waves from their heads.  If my parents had not moved from that downtown Milwaukee apartment when I was about 1 years old I too would likely be autistic today; because of that beast.  By the grace of God there go I! 

Is there a way to eke out of an autistic child if a voice is talking to them?  I bet I could figure out a way to do it whereby the child would not be lying in answer.

But that beast see's that human baby about the same as it does your normal holy spirit ejaculated from you, something to feed off the energy of.

So is there biblical evidence that supports my belief?  How did the three asian wise MEN know where the prophet Jesus Christ would be born?  Again it has to do with have a blank predatory brain that therefore picks up on human thinking because that part of its own brain does not function properly.  Much of mental retardation from fetal alcohol syndrome being caused by a defect to the hippo-campus which is responsible for memory and learning.  What does it mean?  It means they can't form their own conscience.  So how do you get by without your own?  You live off the conscience of someone who has one.  You curse and split that soul.  You displace it in time and space with voices so it can't think for itself.  And when it can't think for itself you are indeed reading its future!  And that is how the gambling houses are able to set the odds.  And that is how the blue bloods who never changed the oil on a car even once are able to pick stock prices.  And that is who made a killing in the 1929 stock market crash and why.

Anyone notice that Germany took its money and gold out of the United States stock market a few years ago, and lots of it, took it back to Germany?

But again I would like to know who made a lot of money in that crash.  Some people are quoted as bragging about it in history books.  Would we have been in a Great Depression if it didn't happen?

But what I am also asserting here is that FDR discovered technology that allowed the wealthy to split and displace a human soul with very little effort, microwave displacement.  A microwave signal from a magnetron generator being modulated by a voice speaking into a microphone negating the synapses of someones human thought process.  And when they do that, distract and molest that thinking I am asserting that the mentally retarded are inverse imprinting their minds from it as well as reading that persons future and taking all it has to offer.  But what you don't realize is that when they steal one persons future they have also stolen the whole future of humanity at the same time!

If you look at all the horror in this world and find it incomprehensible so do I and I am asserting who is to blame in this article.

Copyright 2016 Thomas Paul Murphy
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