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Saturday, December 10, 2016

Invention Needed: 1/2" x 28 teeth thread onto the muzzle front gun sight 12 10 2016

Invention Needed: 1/2" x 28 teeth thread onto the muzzle front gun sight  12 10 2016

There are so many attachments that you can screw on a threaded rifle or handgun barrel but not one of them is the one that makes the most sense; a gun sight with a peep hole in it!

It really bothers me!  They can put defective scope on AR-15 and send young men off to die with them because they don't center the outer ring, when indeed the purpose of that specific type of sight is that you should not have to center the outer ring with it when you aim.

Just a simple threaded end barrel protector with a peep sight protruding from it.

How many American lives would that have saved?  It would have only cost about $3.

The reason no one (DOD etc.) thought of it is because they didn't have the human conscience to care about American peoples safety.  Perhaps their motive was to the contrary.

Fixed front and rear sights with perhaps a magnifier if desired.

It is deer hunting season so I start to think about this stuff more.  I was an Expert Marksman on the Whitefish Bay High School Rifle Team!!!  A Letterman!

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Post Script.  Some of the kids didn't think that the Rifle Team was as good as worthy as the football, basketball team, etc to receive those Letters on the jacket.  To that I reply I once asked a big kid why he wasn't on the High School Football team, he told me that his father wouldn't let him because it would ruin his knees for life.  Then later in life when I worked at an Investment Firm one of the favorite quotes I heard someone say is, "The biggest problem we have today is what to do with those big dumb jocks."  So you have bad needs and you would not have had the personal integrity and merit to be responsible for a rifle at that age?

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