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Monday, December 5, 2016

More on Teams 12 05 2016

More on Teams  12 05 2016

You are in an Army Troup.  You look around the room right away and you know who is going to get all of you killed.

The team should decide who is not on the team.  But what happens when the "Army" team decides you should not be on the "Army" team because you said someone else should not be on the "Army" team?

Then you get kicked out of that!  Either.

1.  You go home and are freed from service for asserting your Constitutional right to Free Speech, what everyone is fighting for in this country as part of the Supreme Law.

2.  You end up being allocated to a new Army team.  And what happens?  That first Army team you were on will not have your back in war.  In fact they might even be shooting at it; because of what you said about "Tilly?"


Let's say that I am the coach of your Football team and I call you a derivation of the word Negro (whether you are black or white) because you tried to poke an opposing team members eyes' out.

Now you become mentally ill from depression because I asserted my free speech and said it to you.  Did I cause your mental illness?  No!  You were already predisposed to it because you were the type or person that doesn't know how to play a simple game without poking someone's eye out.  You were screwed up long before we crossed paths!

© 2016  Thomas Paul Murphy

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